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Friday, October 30, 2009

A man filled with the love of God,
is not content with blessing his family alone,
but ranges through the whole world,
anxious to bless the whole human race.
- Joseph Smith Jr.

it's a BITTERSWEET feeling...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 25th 2009 - Semi-Annual Stake Conference

"....will go down in history".

Well i think President Wong was right.
Prior to stake conference, my family heard the shocking news that our current Bishop, Bishop Racioppo, was being released, and that my dad was going to be called the new Bishop of our ward. My sister and I did not understand. But my parents knew why. Of course they couldn't tell us because no one should know until they announce it at stake conference.

So this is a summary of what went down...

1) They asked all member of the Beaches ward to stand. Then they released Bishop Brown of the Beaches ward. That was a shocker. Bishop Brown has been Bishop for 10 years! And we all thought he had many more years to go.

2) They realeased the bishop of Don Valley ward.

3) Then they asked all Don Mills ward to stand. I obviously knew what was going to happen. And I'm glad I was told before hand otherwise I would've had a mental break down right there and then. They realeased Bishop Racioppo. I almost cried. The Bishop has been bishop for 8 yrs, and I thought he was going to go longer too. In the time span that I've been in the Sunnybrook/Don Mills ward, I have only known 3 bishops. Bishop Armstrong, Bishop Rowen, and Bishop Racioppo...and Bishop Racioppo has been the longest of the three. So to my ward it was just so shocking.

4) This is where the even more shocking news comes in. They announced that they were DISCONTINUING the Beaches ward. My mouth dropped open. I think it was 2 years ago at another stake conference where they discontinued the Broadview branch and the Cedabrae ward. That was a surprise, but not as shocking as this. Cedabrae shared a chapel with Scarborough, so the church was still being used. Broadview shared a chapel with Beaches, so that was still being used. But now that Beaches ward is dis-continued, we have NO IDEA what is going to happen to that building. Oviously the stake has some plans for it because i've also heard that they've been planning this for two years. TWO YEARS. I couldn't believe it. For two years it was planned that Beaches ward was going to be discontinued. Unbelieveable. They then posted the new boudaries for the Toronto, Don Valley, and Don Mills ward.

5) So now we know why our Bishop was released. This is the most saddest thing I've ever heard in my life...the Bishop was released because they are no longer within the boudaries of our ward. I was tearing. I couldn't cry. But I was sure wiping my eyes cuz they were so wet! My sister on teh other hand was bawling behind me. Along with the Bishop, almost half my ward was leaving as well. My heart completely broke. They asked the members of the each ward to stand, including the members that were to be moving. It was so heartbreaking.

Now, as sad as it may be, it IS the Lord's will. The Stake Presidency has made this decision under the counsel of the Lord. So we must just have faith that there if a reason for all of this.

What a bittersweet feeling....

BITTER: Bishop Racioppo was released. Enough said. That's sad enough.

SWEET: My dad got called as Bishop. That's pretty awesome!

BITTER: Half my ward is leaving. It's so hard to let them go. When you've grown up learning to love these people as your family for the past 13 years, it's just so heartbreaking to have to get rid of this attachment you have with them. No more seeing them on Sundays, no more being together during ward activities. Really, these people are my family. These are the people I am used to being around. These are the people I love and am going to miss dearly. I can always see them whenever, but just not being able to be around them every week is just really sad.

SWEET: Due to half my ward being gone, we got almost the whole Beaches ward! It's new faces which is kind of scary, but it's quite exciting. Also, I used to be a member of the Beaches ward when I was younger. So this is like a childhood reunion...the Limas', Casselss', and Brown's back together. Haha, all we need are the Galangs, Davis, Clifton, and Almasi's, and we shall be complete :)

BITTER: Don Valley is getting the majority of the most awesome people they'll ever meet (people who used to be in my ward). I'm really jealous.

SWEET: Don Valley finally gets a bigger ward. Haha, they're chapel is kinda small though...I don't know how that's going to work XD

But yeah, i can go on and off about the good and bad. After stake conference, there was a whole lot of crying and hugging within my ward. Between Toronto, Don Valley, and Don Mills...we have it the worst. Toronto and Don Valley both just agined people, while Don Mills totally split. I can't imagine what the members of the Beaches ware are feeling. They aren't just split, but their ward just doesn't exist anymore. It pretty hard to take in.

After church, I couldn't really cry with everyone else. I was just sad, and said it, and expressed it. But later at night, during my prayers before I went to bed, I started sobbing. It acutally surprised me. Tears were streaming down my face and my sobs were as hard as hick-ups. It didn't hit me harder than it did that night of how much I would miss my family. You see, at church, I didn't realize how many people were leaving. But at home I over-heard my paretns talking about how many people were leaving. How many callings were going to be left empty cause most of our leaders have moved. I also over-heard my mom saying that at least we'll all see each other at my party, so it'll be like a reunion. That was just so sad. Of all people that were coming to my party, church people were the ones I would'nt have counted on as seeing them my party would be a reunion, just cuz i see them more often than family and school friends.

It really hit me hard how much I cared and loved these people, how attached I became to them. I just prayed hard that night that all those who moved would adjust to their new ward, and those of us who were left would be able to cope without them.

YLC 2009 - Day 4

during General Assembly...

Be strong
And of good courgae
Be not afraid
Stand firm in the faith
For the Lord will be with us
Wherever we go
Be strong
Be one
Be strong
i felt the spirit so strongly when we sang that. it was taught to us by a guy who was working on the new youth 2010 cd. it was going to be given to youth all over the world, to remind them, that they're not alone. cuz it's hard to be a member of the church, especially when there are not many members in the area to help you make living the Gospel easier. we sang it so many times, and each time our voices grew louder and stronger...and eyes got tearier. each time he told us to think of the youth, then of our friends, the of someone we know who is struggling, then of our families. i think that's what got a lot of people so emotional. when we were done, even our presiding leader was crying. all you could hear in the auditorium was sniffling.

it was not a sad moment, but a noble one.

all of us standing as youth, with our testimonies burning brighter than ever.

Grateful for the GOSPEL

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yesterday as I was riding the subway home from school, an elderly lady comes up to me and offers me a small pamphlet. Right away I knew she was doing her own missionary work for her church. Being with the LDS missionaries for when tracting, I know how it feels like to not be given a chance. So politely, I took the pamphlet. Why not, she's a fellow Christian.

So I looked at the back of the pamphlet and it read...

" can be saved right now! It's not up to you! Just bow your head and pray to God in your own words, and admit to Him that you are a guilty sinner who deserves hell, but that with all your heart, you believe Jesus Christ can save you from hell and change your way of life."

After I read that, I had this sick gut-feeling in my stomach. When the paragraph started, I was thinking well 'yea, that's how you're supposed to repent...they're just like our church". But when it continued to say "to admit to Him that you are a guilty sinner who deserves hell", it gave me the sickest feeling ever.

Growing up in the church, i've never ever been taught that that was the way to confess to God. I know that when you've made a sin, you kneel humbly down in prayer and ask for God's forgiveness and ask Him to help you repent.....NOT to tell God you deserve hell.

I can't imagine all those people out there who have no idea what comes after this life. Also the love that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for them, that there is a way to find they're way to eternal life through the Atonement.

Well after that experience, I was just so grateful that I had the gospel in my life. I can't imagine my life without it....and after the realization of how little people in the world must know, then I must go out and do like what the song says, "I will not be still". I need to get out there and do some missionary work!

"For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ:
for it is the power of God
unto salvation to every one that believeth..."
- Romans 1:16 (scripture mastery!)

Axe Canada's Ridiculously, Ridiculously Good Summer Gig

Monday, October 19, 2009

Okay, so im sitting in the hallway blogging and some guy comes up to me to tell me about this thing called:


Haha, so i thought it was just gonna be something i'd turn down, but after he told me stuff, i actually really wanna do it. only problem is you have to be between 19 to 25.

so basically, one girl and one guy is chosen to stay in a condo somewhere downtown. then they get invited to all these events happening in Toronto. all they have to do is go to all the events, blog about it on your computer, and then you get $10 000.

honestly, who wouldn't want to do that? it sounds amazing. i mean, im already jealous that i cant do it, cuz i blog anyways, and im always looking for something interesting to go to just so i can blog about it. so i suggest if you wanna do it, then GO DO IT!

Soooooo if anyone out there is interested and wants to do it, here's the website for more details:

[ yeah, the guy said to advertise, since im not old enough -_-" BOO ]

Moon Cake Party

Yeah, this post is kinda was in my draft folder >_<

So 2 Saturdays ago, Daniel invited Laura, William, and I to come to his ward for their Moon Cake Party. I haven't been to anything like that before, so I wanted to go. My sister had some bio test to study for, so she was going to ditch me. After cotillion practice, I asked Jezreel if she'd want to come with me instead. So she said yes, and that got Andrew to come along, which got Rouzine to come along, which got Jared to come along. Dante, Bryan, and Hadrian all were coming too. So we all ended up going, and i was pretty sad my sister wasn't so we all made a sadface at her and we all started breaking hearts with our fingers, so ha dee ha ha, we convinced her to come.

So we headed off to Don Mills station first. Haha, we were such a large group we had to count heads just to make sure we didn't leave anyone behind (we have short people, you must always look out for them :P). We went down to the station, and i've never been on the Don Mills subway line before, so i was on the lookout. Rouzine isn't really used to riding the subway, so her and i stuck together.

When we got to Bayview and got to the staircase, we were all like WOAHHH. The staircase was HUGEEEEE. But we all ran up it. Haha, by the time i finished the 3rd set of stairs, i thought it was done, and when i looked up there was like 2 more sets to go. When we arrived at the top we're all like wooooyaaah!! *accomplisment*

We found Ting near the exit of Bayview, so we all walked with her to the Bayview chapel. I feel pretty lame saying this, but i was excited...cuz everytime i'd ever have to go to the Bayview chapel, my dad would drive me. So this was my first time going there by bus. PLUS, i've never attended another ward's party, not to mention, a party that is based around a culture tradition.

We got there a tad bit early, but Ting had told us earlier that she had to get ready for the fashion show. So while all the Bayview yw were getting ready for that, we kinda invaded the cat walk to kill time. Haha we each got of the catwalk and strut it down the isles, posed, and then took a photo.

There was still so much time to kill, so Jezreel and I started being girls and took pictures in the washroom mirror. I shall say now that it's so funny trying to find a washroom in that building. The building hallway is just one circle, so when finding something, you either go right or left. So happens, the washrooms were on the right of us, but we decided to go left, and walked all the way around before we found the washrooms XD

When we came out of the washrooms, Daniel said that I just missed a certain someone cougcough. He showed us where they went, and we kinda just chilled outside, near where they were. Jezreel, Rouzine, and I started taking model poses. LOL there was the chair rack, which we climbed on to take pictures. I took some model poses of Andrew too with him wearing my scarf and sunglasses...I gotta say they looked pretty sick...that's what you call master photographer! :)

When we got bored of taking photos, we started to walk around. We followed Daniel to where the yw were getting ready for the fashion show. He got one of them to show us theu music he was planning to play during the fashion show. Haha, everytime he clicked a song, all of us would sing along...and he kept cutting us off each time when he put a new one on.

Well we made friends at Bayview ward. I already knew some of them, like Angela (room mate at YLC 08), Michelle (girls camp!), and Marina (Daniel's sister). But i've never talked to them all that much. So we got to while we were there. I didn't even recognize Marina (I wasn't waering my glasses). She was so pretty! Her hair and makeup looked so good. I give credits to whoever did it for her. We made friends with this new member, Wendy. She's pretty cool, and really pretty. I loved the dress she was wearing during the fashion show. And apparently, she lives near Andrew, Rouzine, and Bryan, so she's techinally in our ward, but she goes to Bayview ward instead for her mom.

When we finished mingling with them, we headed back to our "waiting" area. Someone opened up the ping pong table, so we started to play. I got bored of it really quick, so i just sat and listend to whatever songs Laura was playing from Jared's cell phone. When "No One Else Comes Close" came on, I freaked, and I grabbed Rouzine and pretended to slow dance with her. And when we turned around, this missionary was looking at us. I was like 0____0 and sat down, then Laura and I were like, "uh oh AWKWARD TURTLE!!" Elder Cokrin, one of my fav missionaries, was there. I was like YAAAY!

The activity was going to start soon, so we took our seats. After the prayer, it was time to eat. Everything was said in Chinese, so we had no idea what was going on. Daniel ran over to us and told us to go line up for food, but we didn't want to go right away, just because it wasn't our ward and we didn't wan to seem like pigs. But eventually we did (man, we were so hungry and waiting for the activity to start for so long!). The food was really good. And they had Soy Bean Pudding (or "TAHO" as what we Filipinos call it)!!! Yeah, it sounds kinda gross, but it's really good. Espeically when you warm it up in the microwave and put syrup. Yummy.

After eating, the fashion show started. First the Young Women went up. Then the Young Men, then some ladies from Relief Society who wore some traditional Chinese clothing. It was pretty cool. The next presentation was Kaia. Omgdness, so the story behind her is she's this cute little girl who's like a quarter Chinese, a quarter Japanese, a quarter Russian, and like something else. She came with her grandparents to YW Camp like 2 years ago, and we tried to get her to talk to us, and eventually she did. She's the cutest thing. So yeah, she went up and sang a song from the Phantom of the Opera. It was SO CUTE! She has the highest little voice, and i thought it was so precious.

After Kaia, the missionaries went up to do their presentation. Like i said before, everything was said in Chinese, so we couldn't understand the narration of the story. But i was still laughing SO HARD. Wendy and Michelle attempted to translate for us. But even though i couldn't understand, i still found so many things SO FUNNY. Like there was this one part where all the missionaries backs were turned towards the audience, then Wendy said that the narrator said "they were the HOTTEST guys around". All of a sudden they stripped off their jackets...and on their backs were pictures of the sun. HAHAHA i found that funny. And then they turned around and started acting all cool and hot and acting like they're the hottest guy around and i was DYING from laughter. Since I knew two of them, Elder Corkin and Elder Sowards, it made it all the funnier. Then there was this scene where one of the missionaries started fighting with all the others. And he used chopsticks to's so Asian, i love it. And there were these other scenes with the Book of Mormon, and everytime a missionary would open it up, there'd be 4 missionaries in the background singing "Hallelujah"...HAHAHAHAHA...reminded me of "The Best Two Years", which is like an AWESOME missionary movie [ I recommend it to anyone. It's the movie that made we want to do missionary work and serve a mission ].
The next presentation was the primary kids. They were so cute. Once again everything was in Chinese, but I didn't need a translation to say AWW to how cute they were.

So yeah! That's pretty much how it went. I had a tres fun time just being there with friends and getting to see how other wards/cultures have their parties. I'm inviting everyone to our Filipino Christmas party next! Teehee. So as everyone was cleaning up, Daniel played some songs, and Jezreel and I kinda danced to it on the spot [LOL my sister got so embarrassed :P]

firestation visit !

Saturday, October 17, 2009

For Fab Friday, we had our annual Potluck, Food drive, and Firestation Visit!

We started off with devotional in the chapel. After a couple of youth speakers, Sis. Verdasca gave us the opportunity to bear our testimonies if we wanted to. After, Sara and I did our musical presentation. Before I started, I felt that I should bear my testimony about why i chose the song for the theme of Thanksgiving. I Know That My Redeemer Lives. I started crying...but YES...i feel so accomplished, i didn't sob like a maniac like i usually do.

after the devotional, we all headed to the gym for the potluck. wow, this year there wasn't as much food. usually, the youth were only in charge of bringing dessert and some things for the food drive, but this year, the youth were in charge of bringing the main dish too. so i guess that's probably why we didn't have much.

and of course, when we sat down to eat, we were that table, as Holly calls it..."the LOUD table who gets dirty looks"... ohhh yeaaaa. Hahahaha we were pulling in extra chairs (cuz we're so cool, and everyone wants to join our table :P) and we were laughing so loud! Like me and dante were explaining how some guys walks...and then i told this story about the taxi cab driver and the nun. the table was laughing so loud, then one of the other tables started mocking us my mimicking whatever me and holly did....LOL helaman XD

after eating, since there wasn't all that much food for the food drive, we skipped the group picture in front of the stage with the food and just headed straight to the firestation. we got there and the first thing we did was take a group pic (of whoever came).

after the photo, one of the firemen showed us some of their equipment. they answered q & a, and one of the firewomen slid down the pole for us! we got so excited! we all wanted to slide down the pole too, but they didn't let us. when the q & a were done, one of our leaders asked this tall (kinda cute) firefighter to slide down the pole for us. since i didn't get a better picture of the lady, i went to the front to attempt to get a better picture this time. everyone was like SHAMELESS! and all the girls were coming up too. im like oh boy, you guys, it's not what you think!!!!

so after that last slide, we all headed back to our cars. but me and holly wanted to get a picture with the we stayed back. me and holly started to pose with the firewoman and the (cute) fireman, and a whole bunch of girls were like "can we come in the picture too?!" Hahahahahahaha and then a few more girls started running into the picture...oh WOW

after that photo, i realized the older fireman who gave us the info about the firestation wasn't in the picture, so when he finished talking to one our leaders, we asked him if we could get a photo with him. then cute fireman guy offered to take the picture for us :) teehee

fairy makeup .

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yesterday before mutual, Jezreel, Laura, and I headed to the mall to go look for costume ideas.

A fact about me is that I love to dress up and go all out, BUT another fact is that I'm also broke, so I won't spend my money on buying an awesome costume *sadface*. So what i end up doing is looking for a whole bunch of items for cheap, look at what i already have, and try to create something out of it. For example, last year I had a tiara from a bridal shower i went to, and i had this awesome pink plaid tie with a crown on it. so i decided that i would dress up as a school girl zombie. yeah something like that. haha it turned out pretty awesome. the only thing i ended up buying to complete the outfit was some white pasty make-up and knee-high socks.

this year, i decided that i wasn't going to go trick-or-treating, therefore i didn't think of a costume. but then later on i found out that in mutual we're having a halloween party AND for ysa we're having a costume ball. so i had to think up a costume last minute (2 weeks is last minute when it comes to costume planning for me). so i said i wanted something with either ears (like a cat), or wings (like a butterfly).

so we headed to the Dollarama first to see what i could find. i did find a set of wings, but they were for a bumblebee outfit. i did find a bunch of wands. jezreel and i bought a pair of blue star wands. we then headed up to Zellers. Wow, it's weird how much of a kid i can be...cause once we got to the 2nd floor to where all the costumes were, i started freaking out when i saw the fairy wings. so i bought myself and jezreel a pair. then we got some glitter make up to go along with it...i wasn't too sure how i was going to use it though.

so im all excited about this fairy princess costume.
but im not using actual fairy clothes (no duh).
i've decided to wear the white pants i have, then wear this pink mini skirt i bought like 3 yrs ago. [no i never wore that mini skirt by itself...that's immodest!]

so all i had to worry about know was the make-up. i tried searching online for some mak-up tips and holloween makeup ideas. and i came across this website with a whole bunch of designs for different fairy types:

so on the website, there was this one tutorial video of this make-up artist who showed you how to do some kind of gothic/fallen-angel look:

my colours were like a bright blue and pink...and my wings were a darkish purple and green. so i thought i'd use her idea, and try to put my own kinda thing on it. cuz like i said, im broke, so i dont have the supplies i i tried to use whatever i had, and came up with this:

So here are my own steps on how to get this...just incase i forget by the time i need it XD

step 1: so i bought an extra bottle of the white halloween foundation makeup. so i put that around my eye and upper cheek area, just to create a base. it sort of looked like a mask when i put it on. I wanted all the makeup i put on to seem light, so therefore the white base would work. and it's easier to draw on pencil eye-liner when you have the base on your face.

step 2: next, i worked on the eyeliner. i put black liner on my top and bottom lid. from there i went through them again, and this time, instead of ending at the corner of my eye, i continued different strokes upward and downward for those black streaks on my face.

step 3: next i worked on the eyeshadow. i used this glittery dark blue eyeshadow. when i started spreading it upwards towards my brow, i started to include blush pink and white eyeshadow, just to make the dark blue seem a little lighter. when i went towards the corner of my eye, i stopped with the dark blue eyeshadow, and used a light purple colour instead. then i faded it with the blush pink colour. when that was done, i took the light purple and brushed all over my eye. after, i brushed on top of the black strokes, just so that the black wouldn't look so bold and more soft.

step 4: next i opened up the glitter bottle i bought. i took a regular paintbrush i had and dipped it. i then started followng the black strokes of eye-liner with the paintbrush, just to make it seem less of a "dark angel" look. the dark blue eyeshadow was still too dark for me, so i painted sparkles on my eyelid and beneath my eye as well.

step 5: after all that, i thoght i was done, so i moved on to my lips. i used a dark lipstick first, then i covered it with a really really light pink lipstick (i used a brush for this part). i put extra of the light pink on the line of my lips, just to create a fading colour on my lips.

step 6: so when i compared my eyes to my lips i thought they still looked really dark to me. so i had the best idea everrrrr. i decided, why not try putting the light pink lipstick on top my eyes. i know, crazy, cuz lipstick is not for the eyes, but im like what the hey, it cant do any harm. so i took the brush, and started to outline the black eye-liner strokes with pink....and yay i totally brightened up the scene (on my face)! i continued with putting the pink lipstick over my eyeliner (above and underneath my eye). and that is when i became satified.

so a little note to self, next time i'm putting the pink before the glitter, because that would work so much better.

i also put on some mascara last, which wasn't such a great idea...i think i should've done that sooner.

then a little foundation and blush should finish it off :)

& just a note to all of you. i am no make-up artist. it's actually a house rule that i'm not allowed to wear make-up until im 18. so no nail-polish, no eye-liner, no foundation...NOTHING. so i'm pretty suckish with putting all that stuff on, cause i don't wear it at all. but i also think putting make-up on before going anywhere takes so much time...when i am allowed to start wearing it, i using it for special occassions i get pretty excited with halloween and stuff, cuz i get to go all out with coming up with a make-up design for my face :D

woot woot...i am excited. hehe and i get to try this on Jezreel before i do mine, cuz this is the 2nd year we're dressing up like twins XD teehee

i`ll put up a blog post of the halloween party and the costume ball! (:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I know I'm loved because of the people I have in my life :)

Thanksgiving is the appointed time
for focusing on the good in our
In each of our days,
we can find small blessings,
but too often
we overlook them,
choosing instead to spend our time
paying attention to
We give our energy
to those who cause us trouble
instead of
those who bring peace.
Starting now,
let’s be on the lookout
for the
bits of pleasure in each hour,
and appreciate the people who
bring love
and light to everyone
who is blessed to know them.
You are one of those
On Thanksgiving,
I’m thankful for you.
Happy Thanksgiving!

By Joanna Fuchs

YLC 2009 - Day 3

Saturday, October 3, 2009

.[Be an Example of the Believers].

Dun Dun was the last full day of Conference...and the night of the Formal...the night everyone waits for. Branches and twigs usually make a big deal. Guys will ask girls if they could escort them to the formal before hand; some twig leaders will have the guys prepare a song for the girls; some have roses or corsages prepared for their girls....yeah it's a big deal.

Anywho, today started off with a General Assembly. I came outside and the usual guys weren't there: Daniel, Rick, I went off to join a group of girls whom I sorta made friends with the night before during variety night. When our leaders called the guys to go get an escort so we can head over to the hall for general assembly, David randomly comes through and he's like ok let's go! Whew, at least I didn't get left behind. LOL with Daniel, Rick, and Jonel not there I was wonderin who was going to escort me XD

During General Assembly, it was David, me, Daniel, Rick, and Brady sitting together. I will say now that the rest of the row were all guys. All the girls were sitting in the row behind. We started by singing the EFY Medly. Like I said before, that songs gives me chills; this time it gave me chills + I laughed. I couldn't help it! When all the guys stood up to sing Army of Helaman, I was like this dent in the row! Hahaha! But wow, their voices were so powerful. Did I mention how attractive that is? Worty young men singing Army of Helaman? Anyway...when it was the girls turn to stand up, I could barely hear myself sing since I was the only girl in the row. But still, the song was sweet as ever.

The first speaker was Caitlin Thompson, a girl who was one of my housemates last year. Today's theme was Be an Example through FAITH. She said that faith comes by righteousness and that it is kindled by other people's testimonies.

The 2nd speaker was Mark Opper, this guy in my branch. He reminded us that people are always watching what we do by saying this simple rhyme: "Someone is watching you, that's a fact. Someone is watching the way you act."

There was a musical number by this girl with a beautiful voice. I remembered her from one of last year's Genereal Assembly when she sang "Someone Needs Your Star" by Jenny Philips. This year, I'm guessing she sang a song from the new Jenny Philips CD for the theme of 2009, Light Keepers. I'm not 100% sure what the title of the song is, so I'm searching it right now...and I really don't know wich song it is...maybe it's not from that CD. But she sang the words "lantern light" a few times during the song, so yeah...if any one else cant tell we that would be great, cause it's really bugging me now that I don't know the song. But it was BEAUTIFUL. She started crying and she couldn't finish the song, so she spoke them under her tears. It was so touching. I recommend to anyone any of Jenny Philips CD's. Her songs are absolutely moving. Check our her stuff at

Elder W.T Murray, a member of the 70 talked as well. One of the things I had written down was a line from one of the hymns that he mentioned..."I BELIEVE IN CHRIST, COME WHAT MAY". It made an impact on me, cause I've never really viewed the hymn lyrics like that before. As long as we have faith in Christ, then we can fight anything. He put up a quote, which I attempted to copy down as quick as I could, but wasn't able to get the whole thing. Nevertheless, I shall share it: "From the parables I would like to suggest that if we are really to be a chosen generation, we have the responsibility to be prepared, to be productive, to be faithful, and to be fruitful as well. What we need as we journey along through the period known as mortality, is a compass to chart our course, a map to guide our footsteps, and a pattern whereby we might mold and shape our very livees. May I share with you a formula that in my judgement will help you." So yeah, that was a talk by President Thomas S. Monson in the Marh 1996 Ensign, if anyone wants to search up the rest. Other notes; Joseph Smith calls this work, "a Work that God and Angels have contemplated with Delight". Elder Murray also said, "Dwelling in the world is part of our moral test. The challege is to live in the world yet not partake of the world's temptation which will lead us away from our spiritual goals". He quoted Elder Robert D. Hales, "the war that started in heaven has not ended yet and we shall not end until everyone has proved the extent of his ability to resist Satan".

Our key note speaker for today was Robert Tibbs. He gave us a bunch of scriptures, if any one would like to see them: AofF3; Alma 42:4, 13, 27-28; Alma 34:15-16; Alma 19:15-16; D&C 19:15-19. He talked about baptism and how "it is so important that it is performed not only for the living but also for the dead" (Ensign, May 1998, 46).

Our first workshop today was the Morman Girl workshop by Meagan Sandor. She's a director, and she created the movie herself. It was a documentary on 3 Mormon Girls who all had different lives. The first one, Chloe, a really pretty girl who was actually in my twig, was the girl who fell away from the church, but then cam back. A few notes I took on what she said were:
- not looking for something to make her happy -> church; living the Gospel is happiness
- when you're happy you're free
- we are just kids who have found the right way to live

The 2nd girl in the video was Mallory. She was the girl who tried to live the gospel, but it was easy for her to fall. A note I took of what she said was that when someone tells you not to do something, you want to try it to see why you can't. To be honest, it's true in terms of myself. But when I know it's not, then I wouldn't.

The 3rd girl was Jessica. I don't think she was in my branch, but she was in one of the groups with us when we watched the video. Jessica is the girl that follows the gospel and has never had that point in her life where she fell away. In the video, she compared the gospel to the main trunk of a tree. She said when we go and make choices, it's like we get lead away to a branch, then a twig...and then eventually that twig stops and you're stuck. She said that she never wants to put herself in a position where you end up alone. We don't have to worry about world tings when you have an eternal perspective (I have to keep that more in mind!)

At the end of the video, we discussed things here and there...and a couple of more notes:
- it's a choice to live
- work on weakness by doing opposite of what people did
- "I know I'm not that girl who's looking for a way to be happy" (because the Gospel brings happiness)
- Look at little things to make us happy ("by small and simple thing, great things shall come to pass" YEYAH!)
- accept the Atonement into our lives

Yeah, I really enjoyed that workshop. I must remind myself to buy that Mormon Girl DVD.

Our next workshop was with Bro. Martinez and Bro. Lemon! I was excited for this one, because I've been to their workshops before, and they're so GOOD! So the topic was Rock & Rice. What the heck, right? Haha. Well, Bro. Martinez explained that the Rock is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When you put rice in a bucket first, it's hard to put rocks in afterwards. When you put the rocks first (or our foundation in Christ), then everything flows around that testimony (when the rice was poured, it went around rocks). At the beginning of the workshop, they told us to take a stone from the bucket and he told us to examine it. Near the end, he got 2 volunteers to come up. He took their stones and mixed them with a few different ones. He asked them to get their stones back. When they did, he asked them how do you know that was your stone. Each person gave a distinct description of their stone and that was how they knew. Bro. Martinez told us that our Heavenly Father knows who we are, just like how we know our stone. He knows every single bump in out lives. He told us that when he comes home, his sons always come up to him and say "yay Daddy's home". Then he said that he can't wait for the day that he gets to go to our Heavenly Father and the Father will say 'welcome home'. WOAH Chills!! He also shared a short story called "The File Room". It will give you a hit of realization of what kind of lives we live and the sacrifice that Christ has made for us. I've heard the story before cause of forwarded emails, so if you would like to see this moving story, just click this link:

When all workshops were done, we all headed back to our houses, cause it was our group's turn to do the service project. Noah (my group), Isaiah (my sister's group), and another branch all ended up doing the outdoor service project. We got changed into sports attire (yeyah bball shorts!) and then meet outside in the centre. The leaders handed out these jerseys we had to wear. OMGDNESS...I've AWLAYS wanted to wear one of those yellow "Mormon Helping Hands" jersey! AH! Like I see youth wearing them in pictures in the New Era, and now I finally got to wear one =)

So our service project was pulling weeds from the campus. I've never pulled weeds before cause I don't own a garden, so I thought this was going to be interesting. We headed to the first area of weeds, and blehhhh I found it so hard to pull out the small weeds. It was hard to grasp them and some of them had thorns. Later on we were givin gloves, which helped a lot. I found it more fun pulling out the larger weeds, cause that way we got to dramatically pull them out and fall...which was funny. I'm not too sure how long we were pulling weeds for, but it didn't feel all that long. By the time we were done, the tree areas looked so much cleaner cause we took them weeds out!

After the service project, we headed back to the houses to get ready for DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN...the FORMAL! My sister came over to my room to do my hair. Haha, me and my sister missed each other so much, we were talking non-stop the hour and a half she was at my house. When all was done and ready, my house-mates and I took photos downstairs in our dresses. When it was time to get outside and get our escorts, we were like huddling in the cornere...AWKWARD. Haha it's always really weird getting your escort for the formal. Daniel wanted to escort someone, and I wanted someone to escort me, but we both didn't get what we wanted (grr), so we ended up going together. It's so sad, he made a joke about having to escort me all the way up until November since he's my escort for my debut XD

Dinner wasn't all that good. It looked good: lasagna, garlic bread, salad, & pie for dessert....but I had NO appetite whatsoever to eat for some reason. A whole bunch of us couldn't finish the food, and we sorta hid it all when we went to throw it. Poor Sara didn't have anything good to eat for a while now, and this dinner didn't help. Man, was she ticked. After dinner, we headed outside, taking pictures with everyone in all their good-looking, formal attire. When we found my sister and whoever else she was chilling with, we decided to just chill there too. We were waiting for the dance to start, and at one point we were like "Oh! Let's practice the walktz!" (the waltz for my debut). A leader came up to us a while later and asked us if we were practicing for the dance, cause the dance was about to begin!

We headed downstairs to where the dance was being held. When we entered, there were a bunch of white pipe cleaners on the table...I shall never understand why. But right away, everyone started playing around with them, bending them into shapes to create props for themselves. Holly had a set of wings...and devil's horns...or at least I think they were devil horns. And Richard made a set of glasses....which we both wore and were officially nerdin. I really enjoyed the formal dance. YLC 07 was insanely fun. As for YLC 08, I didnt think it was all that great. I barely danced at that one cause I was uncomfortable in the dress I was I could barely move my arms. This year, it's stats went way up high there. Aside from the dinner, and the whole "our escorts didn't get us anything this year", the formal was really fun. I LOVED my dress (my prom dress!) and so did a whole bunch of other people. It's really flowy, so it's easy to move in and it swishes prettily everywhere :) The music was good...haha they played Boom Boom Pow! I mean, I didn't know it was appropriate to play at a church dance, but I dance anyway, cause I like the beats to that song. Haha when it played we all jumped up and where everywhere dancing like crazy. During the dance, I was giving Richard dancing lessons (LOL), and congrats to him, he found out how to move his hips. I didn't get all moody like the first dance (I don't think I mentioned that in "YLC 2009 - Day 1" post). Slow dance count: 1 song with Rick; 3 songs with Richard.

By the time the night was done, I was pooped out. But I was tres happy that that was how we eneded our last night at YLC cause it was super fun. When we were being escorted back to our houses it was: Rick and I, Daniel and Krizalyn, and Holly and her escort, Larry, came to join us. We all clung on together and randomly started skipping and singing "Follow the yellow brick road" HAHA.

We got back to our houses for twig devotionals and we bore our testimonies/shared experiences. When the guys left, us girls stayed up later than usual just munching on chips and talking about the most random things. My room mates are too funny. Some random lady knocked on our windom, and she started telling my house leader that there was girl with this beautiful dress that sparkles under the lights. My leader was like yeah! She's right here! Haha, I got up, and there were like a billion sparkles all over the chair..I leave them wherever I go :P. The rest of my room mates decided to stay up and talk since it was the last night, but I was way too tired to do any of that. I went straight to bed with the biggest smile on my face.

YLC 2009 - Day 2

Friday, October 2, 2009

.[ Be an Example of the Believers ].

We had General Assembly first and today's theme was to be an example in charity. Our opening hymn was the EFY Medley; sigh I love that song. I get chills x100000000! Especially when the YM stand up and sing Army of Helaman...awesomenss.

So the first speaker was a girl named Katie and she said "charity is not an aact, but a way of self being". She reminded us that we need to look past the out ward appearance and see people the way God seems them (1 Samuel 16:7 - Scripture Mastery!!) When we have a Christlike attitude when looking at people, then tat is being an example of the believers.

The 2nd speaker was Roni, a guy in my twig...also known as the "Crump Kid" at our youth dances. He said that we only get back what we put in. And I think it's true...and you can believe it either the "carma" way, or the "Lord's blessings" way. He reminded us that we must have the pure love of Christ at all time. And like Katie, he mentioned that charity is not just an action or thought, it's the way to live.

Our next speaker was the General YM 2nd Counselor. To be honesty, I didn't take any notes except for Moroni 7:41.

4th speaker was, once again, Elizabeth Craig! She told us a story about how at prom, the girl who wins prom queen is usually a popular, blonde cheerleader. But this one year, a not-so-popular girl with brunette hair who played soccer won Prom Queen. Sis Craig said she was surprised, so she said she'd "investigate" (LOL stalker moment!). So She followed this girl around to see why people loved her so much. As she followed her around school, she then realized why. Everyone loved this girl because she loved them first. Everywhere this girl went, she had something nice to say to everyone. She'd congratulate one person on how well they did on the chess team, and commend someone else who won at a baseball game. Everyone loved this girl because SHE LOVED THEM FIRST. Sis Craig told us to focus our energy into loving others. In her ward, the YW made up a name for themselves, "SAS"!! Meaning 'Secret Acts of Service'. The YW would go around do things for other people...secretly. Now, the YM wanted to do it too, but they didn't way "SAS" as a name...c'mon it's girly. So Sis Craig came up with "SWAT", meaning 'Service Without a Trace'! Hahaha how awesome is that?

After General Assembly, we headed back to our houses to change for sports! Woot Woot! In 07, everyone played seperate sports...I didn't think worked very well cause there were a billion people playing does that work? In 08, we had seperate sports/games and went against other branches and I thought that was tres fun. And we did it again this year! :) Our first game was pretty funny; Krizalyn and I were laughing, watching all the guys go before us. We had to take 2 toilet plungers and try to pick up a ball with it. And of course, our team won against both teams we went against. The second game we did was putting water in a ladle then pouring it into a bucket. People started cheating and spitting in the bucket while they poured the water. This one girl in our group put water in the ladle AND her mouth, then put it in the bucket. Our last game had something to do with hula hoops and sponge footballs. It was really disorganized, so we started goofind around. David Lee would have all the balls and throw them towards us, then we'd attempt to catch them. Haha, then we threw them all back at him at the same time XD

After lunch, we had our first workshop with Bro. LeFrance and it was on the Atonement. He gave the most amazing talk. It send chills down my back; I was totally amazed. I will say now that it was really hard to get back into feeling the spirit, just cause a few minutes after the class started, one of the leaders told me and Jonel to follow him. I was being obedient, and I did. But turns out he took us out of the workshop to skip it and attend Sis. Craig's workshop again. It took me a while before I said that I'd really like to get back to the Atonement workshop. Sara had told me about how good it was, and I personally wanted a better understand of the Atonement. When Jonel and I entered the class again, it totallyl ooked like the two of us were fooling around somewhere and got into trouble. So yeah, that's my little rant of how I lost the spirit. ANYWHO, Bro. LeFrance talked a lot about what happend to him during his mission in the Philippines (OH YEAH!). One of the stories he told us was about his companion and his patriarchal blessing. I'm just going to repeat his story, because it will effect you one way or another. (I may not remember all exact details, so this is just approximately what he said ;P)

So Bro. LeFrance and his companion [I shall call him Bro. John, just cause I don't remember his name] decided that they would read each other's patriarchal blessings. Bro. John was shocked that Bro. LeFrance's was pages long while his was only one. Bro. LeFrance read Bro. John's patriarchal blessing and it said something about Bro. John in pre-mortal life. In the war in heaven, Bro. John was in the 3rd row, 16th down. He was on the verge of being pulled into going to join Satan's side. As the blessing went on, it said that Bro. John was saved by someone in the 3rd row, 17th down; and that in the mortal life, that same person will come save him again.

Years later, Bro. LeFrance is sleeping in his bed when he gets a phone call. To his surprise, it's his old companion, Bro. John. So they talk and catch up. Bro. John tells Bro. LeFrance about how when he got home from his mission, things sort of went downhill and he started falling away from the Gospel. One night, he was at a bar, and a lady walks in and her car has a flat-tire. The bar tender asks her if she'd like a drink and she answers no. Bro. John sarcastically says "what are you, a Mormon?" To his surprise, she was. He said he was too, but she didn't believe him. He offered to give her his spare wheel and just follow her home so that he can get it back from her. She said no at first, but eventually agreed. When they got to her house, her father thanked him and asked him to come inside and stay for dinner. After that night, Bro. John and this girl started dating, Bro. John started coming to church again and eventually they got married in the temple.

Now, Bro. John then asks Bro. LeFrance on the phone if he remembers his patriarchal blessing. Of course Bro. LeFrance remembers it. Bro. John continues on saying that he would like to share his wife's patriarchal blessing with Bro. LeFrance. Apparently, Bro. John's wife's patriarchal blessing said that in the premortal life, she was standing in the 3rd row, 17th down during the war in heaven and that she saved someone 16th down. It continues on saying that the person she saved then, she would save again in mortal life, and that person would end up being her eternal companion.

WOW I got chills up and down my spine when I first heard that, and I got chills just now all over my body from typing that up. It's so amazing how the Lord works.

Our next workshop wasn't really a workshop. It was our preperation time for the Variety Show that night. We all thought we were doing the Hoedown Throwdown (because that's what Roni told us), but we ended up doing some song from the Karate Kid..."The Best Around"...or something like that. I thought our dance moves were really cheesy, cuz it wasn't really dancing. HAHA, like nothing beats last year...last year was AWESOME. Even though I didn't think our song las year was all that great (I Will Survive), we came up with the most awesome moves to tell our story. It was so much fun. But I got really moody during variety show practice cause I was so bored and wasn't doing anything. So I sorta just sat there while people were getting parts. Even when I did volunteer a part, the lady totally skipped me. Oh was fun watching all my guy friends dress up though XD

After dinner, we went out to watch the variety show. Since I was in the older group, we stayed in the hall where we had to watch the performances on the screen. We were totally fooling was TOO funny! One moment everyone was banging their tables to the tune of "Rock You", and the next there was a wave going throughout the whole room! It looked SO COOL! Haha, that's the Mormons for ya :)

So we were just sitting down, and I have to admit, I didn't enjoy the first few. I think it was just cause it was the first years...or the songs...I really DONT KNOW. Like all the songs were so random and unknown. Last year, we had a theme...Disney movies. This year, we were kinda all over the place. I was sitting with Daniel and Rick, and Brady, David, Ross, and Matt were all somewhere on the table behind us. When the Pokemon theme song, everyone went INSANE. The good thing about being in the room with the screen is that we can make as much noise as we want and NOT disturb the performers. So yea, I don't LIKE Pokemon...I never have. But it was one of the only songs I actually knew the lyrics too, so I enjoyed singing along with everyone! When the younger kid presentations were done, it was our turn. OH YEAH! So we headed over to the other hall...and I gotta say, I enjoyed the older group's portion so much more. I think it's just cause I knew more of the songs, and I knew more of the people performing. Like, they did the Hoedown Throwdown, they did Ice Cream Freeze...which is a song I don't know but totally liked. And there was a group that did a song to "Once there was a snowman" from the Children's Songbook, and it was sung by Acapella...a group I absoloutly ADORE. They're so cool! They sing the song in so many different ways! So the group that had that had a really cool presentation. Then my sister's group did "A Night to Remember" from HSM3. I totally love that song...PROM...=) & their dancing was pretty good. Our group did fairly well...I was all over the place, but it was fun hehe.

After the variety show, we all headed back to our houses. Me and Daniel did some photo stalking and taking pictures of our friends and their escorts XD teehee.

YLC 2009 - Day 1

.[Be an Example of the Believers].

I think any YLC youth would agree with me when I say that the best 4 days of my life were about to begin.

Well getting to YLC was pretty fun, just Laura, dad, and I driving in the new van, listening to music...and then GETTING LOST. That was actually pretty fun, just cruising around and finding our way back to the right road. When we got to the campus, the nervousness began. Laura and I sat in the car, getting all excited about what was going to happen the next 4 days.

As we got out to head over to the registration desk, we saw a couple of friends from our stake. Daniel just got out of his car as well and we told him to come with us. As we opened up our registration packages, I started jumping up and down with excitement cause Daniel and I ended up being in the same group...NOAH! This made me tres happy, since last year I didn't know anyone in my group and I was just really lonely. And as I went to my house, it just kept getting better and better. What more could I want...for once, I lived in the townhouses, and they were actually REALLY nice! They were air-conditioned, they had pretty big rooms, and VOILA to my surprise, Tracy Palmateer was my house leader, just like last year! She's awesome. Last year she made us fruit shakes and baked us cookies...what more could I ask for. And my room mates all seemed pretty nice.

We then had Twig Orientation. And HOW WEIRD (or what a coincidence)...the Sunday before YLC, my familia and I went to Weston ward, just to visit. One of the speaker's was this young man named Pedro Guevera, and he gave a talk on missionary work. I wanted to talk to him after to tell him his talk was good, but I never got the chance. Here's the weird part...he ended up being in my TWIG 0_0...i was like "what are the odds"?

When it came to Branch Orientation, we did the introduction's just like in YLC 07...which i thought was very good. The introductions for 08 were bad...we played games, and we didn't really get to know people..or at least I didn't. But yeah, I was very enthusiastic about introducing myself to all the guys...and to my surprise we did the same to the girls as well. Anywho, back to thie Pedro person....when I introduced myself to him, to my surprise he said "I gave a talk at Weston Ward on Sunday, and you laughed at me!" I was shocked. Like how does he know I was laughing. He kept saying later on in the day that I was sitting in the back, and in the middle, so he was just automatically just facing me and could see my laughing at him with my sister when he said "seminary work" instead of "missionary work". Hahaha....yes I thought it was funny, but I thought it was cute, that's why I was laughing!

During General Assembly we had some really great talks. The theme for todays was being an example through word and conversation. The first speaker, a girl named Sara, said that when 1 negative thing is said to a person, it needs to be made up by saying 20 positive thing back.

The 2nd speaker, a guy named Travis, said that people are always watching us and judge us by the language we use.

Our key-note speaker was Elizabeth Craig...and she's a WONDERFUL speaker! She's so funny! I love her. She reminded us that Christ trys to get the BEST out of everyone. It was really uplifting. She also said something that I've heard a million times before, but is always a good reminder: IF YOU DON'T STAND FOR SOMETHING, YOU'LL FOR ANYTHING. It's a great reminder to us youth that in this world we live in, when we aren't strong in what we believe in, we can easily fall into satan's traps because he knows our strengths and weaknesses. The adversary won't waste his time...he knows what exactly will set off our weakness...and it's our job to fight the temptation. Sis Craig also told us a story about a football player and how he didn't follow the ways of his other football friends. I quote her as she quotes him when he says "It's not cause I'm better than them, I'm just better than THAT". She then asked us if we turned off all the lights and lit up one candle, how many people would we be able to see well? The point of that was to be an example, because one person can make a difference. She then closed by saying that this one girl she knew would always put uplifting comments on her Facebook status, and one time it said "WHY WOULD YOU TRY TO FIT IN WHEN YOU WERE MADE TO BE DIFFERENT ANYWAY?" I thought that was just amazing. You hear so many times that you're different, be unique, etc. But that really hit me cause it's so true. Heavenly Father made us and we are special in different ways, but also special because we are sons and daughters of a King.

Next, we had a workshop on Living the Book of Mormon. The speaker told us to work at finding scriptures that bring us comfort. He quoted Sis Elain Dalton and said,
"one young women or one young man with the courage to live these standards and walk out of an inappropriate situation gives others the courage to follow".

In our 2nd workshop, our speaker reminded us to tell somebody who has made a difference in our life "thank you". And also told us to tell our Heavenly Father how much we love him. He closed by telling us that you know someone is a true Christian by the way they treat their neighbour. "Love thy neighbour as thyself" - Leviticus 19:18 (Scripture Mastery)

So after workshops, we headed over to dinner. I was STARVING. So I gobbled down my pizza. Ross took a picture of me doing so, and I looked bad. HAHA but I didn't care...I was so hungry. After dinner, I rushed back to my house, got changed into casual clothes, and went over to Jazzy's to talk and stay with her as she got ready. Then we headed to le DANCE! WOOT WOOT!Another reason I was tres excited for the YLC was cuz Flipside (my dance group) would all be there!! Rouzine was finally old enough to join the rest of us :) The dance was WAY fun. We totally were all over the place. It was REALLY hot inside, so the Flipside girls went outside for a bit to cool ourselves off. We were up there for a little too long cuz the Hoedown Throwdown and Jai Ho played, and those were the 2 songs we wanted to dance to since we had choreography...oh well. 2 counts for slow dances...One with Jonel...(i actually find it funny how we just became friends in a snap at YLC just from talking a bit about YLC months before), and the last song with Richard (first time ever...and how long have i known him for?). So yeah it was a FUN and TIRING night :) My legs were killing afterwards...but that's okay :)

September '09 recap!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

s1 – Tito Jarom's birthdaaaaay

s2 Stong Orientation: really, the most boring day of my life! I'm not used to being in an environment where I don't know being alone really makes me really moody and sad. Anywho, I sat through the tutorial (honestly, there was no need, I learned that all in their manuals and whatnot). I was already falling asleep, and this wasn't even a Uni I started thinking up choreography for the Cotillion least that kept me occupied.

s3Hang out!! Daniel came over first, and we got him on a head-start with the new moves Laura and I came up with. Jonel came over next, which actually was a surprise cause I didn't know he was going to come over. Then Richard came next. Watched youtube videos (nastiness Laura >_<), and then we headed over to Pizza Pizza :) Yum yum....came back with the Filipinos coming along, then watched Evan Almighty!! hahaha that movies doesn't really get old. Then we headed to the church for Cotillion Practice. Whoo...that was crazy...cuz we were teaching the new moves. We were all over the place. After practice, the familia headed over to Shay's Birthday Party! Wow, I feel like I haven't seen my cousins in FOREVERRRR. So it was nice to chill with them for a while.

s4 – Nathan leaves for Uni. BOO HOO :'( My Sundays will never ever be the same :(

s5 – Free Willy's birthdaaaaay!

s6 – Hannah's birthdaaaay! & Richard leaves for Uni. BOO HOO

s7- Sheenz' birhtdaaaay! & BBQ at the Lim's!! Woot woot! We eneded up practicing the waltz in their front lawn since so many of the Cotillion members were there.

s8 - Cotillion dress shopping. YAY we were able to find a white gown for me :) but we searched forever for cotillion dresses and couldn't find something we all liked, was the right colour, and fit our budget.

s9First day of School. Not bad, not bad. I only had one class, so it was a nice adjustment switch from high school...but it was EVOLUTION blehhhh.

s10Mutual! We did a get-to-know-you game. Not all that fun, in my opinion. Cuz we had to get toilet paper, and for each square we had, we had to say something about ourselves. The only interesting thing was the stuff Erenlee said to Jared. & also when I said "I want to marry an RM and a worthy priesthood holder in the temple", and people thought I said "someone's" name, when of course, I didn't.

s11 – Elder Swalberg & Usman's birthdaaaaay!

s12 – Cotillion Practice

s13 – Mission President Fireside...which i couldn't go to :(

s16 – Danny-kins birthdaaaaay!

s18 Fab Friday: Opening Social BBQ - This is when I handed out most of them invitations. Haha it was kinda hard trying to hide it and handing them over to people :P Christine and Simmin came to visit and I was SO HAPPY to see them cuz I only saw them once over summer vacation...and now we're in uni, so i don't get to see them at all :( They played the YLC 08 video; people were screamin all over the place XD

s19Cotillion Practice! yesss we worked on lifts and a little on formation...starting to look good!!! & Tichaon's birthdayyyyy!

s20 – SYC! - seriously, where did everybody go? There were only a few show-ups. BOO Nathan was supposed to come cuz he's the SYC YM rep in our ward :(

s21 – Kimeeeeee & my bro Arrius' (Elder Raccioppo's) birthdaaaay!

s22 – Steff & Awanti's birthdaaaaay!

s23 – Luke's birthdaaay! Where is that boy?

s24Mutual: Temple Trip!!! Yay! I was so happy to go cuz I haven't been to the temple in sooo long since I missed the last one in May cuz of PROM!

s25Cotillion Practice! YAY we look good! Some of the YSA even clapped LOL; Institute was pretty good "What is your desire". & YSA...Career Dance...haha it was pretty good! C'mon, the youth dances don't have chicken wings and pizza! And the drink wasn't watered down! haha, (Don't get me wrong, i LOVE youth dances.) and to my surprise, NATHAN was there :D i was so happy to see him! I knew he was coming back for the weekend for his sister (WOOT! Anna just got back home from her mission!), but I wasn't expecting to see him there haha so that made me really happy.

s26 - Cotillion Practice! omgsh we look pretty awesome! and we finally got through the whole song!! (well at least 6 of us did :P)

s28 – Alice & Vaisny's birthdaaaaaaay!
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