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Monday, October 19, 2009

Okay, so im sitting in the hallway blogging and some guy comes up to me to tell me about this thing called:


Haha, so i thought it was just gonna be something i'd turn down, but after he told me stuff, i actually really wanna do it. only problem is you have to be between 19 to 25.

so basically, one girl and one guy is chosen to stay in a condo somewhere downtown. then they get invited to all these events happening in Toronto. all they have to do is go to all the events, blog about it on your computer, and then you get $10 000.

honestly, who wouldn't want to do that? it sounds amazing. i mean, im already jealous that i cant do it, cuz i blog anyways, and im always looking for something interesting to go to just so i can blog about it. so i suggest if you wanna do it, then GO DO IT!

Soooooo if anyone out there is interested and wants to do it, here's the website for more details:

[ yeah, the guy said to advertise, since im not old enough -_-" BOO ]

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