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Friday, October 16, 2009

Yesterday before mutual, Jezreel, Laura, and I headed to the mall to go look for costume ideas.

A fact about me is that I love to dress up and go all out, BUT another fact is that I'm also broke, so I won't spend my money on buying an awesome costume *sadface*. So what i end up doing is looking for a whole bunch of items for cheap, look at what i already have, and try to create something out of it. For example, last year I had a tiara from a bridal shower i went to, and i had this awesome pink plaid tie with a crown on it. so i decided that i would dress up as a school girl zombie. yeah something like that. haha it turned out pretty awesome. the only thing i ended up buying to complete the outfit was some white pasty make-up and knee-high socks.

this year, i decided that i wasn't going to go trick-or-treating, therefore i didn't think of a costume. but then later on i found out that in mutual we're having a halloween party AND for ysa we're having a costume ball. so i had to think up a costume last minute (2 weeks is last minute when it comes to costume planning for me). so i said i wanted something with either ears (like a cat), or wings (like a butterfly).

so we headed to the Dollarama first to see what i could find. i did find a set of wings, but they were for a bumblebee outfit. i did find a bunch of wands. jezreel and i bought a pair of blue star wands. we then headed up to Zellers. Wow, it's weird how much of a kid i can be...cause once we got to the 2nd floor to where all the costumes were, i started freaking out when i saw the fairy wings. so i bought myself and jezreel a pair. then we got some glitter make up to go along with it...i wasn't too sure how i was going to use it though.

so im all excited about this fairy princess costume.
but im not using actual fairy clothes (no duh).
i've decided to wear the white pants i have, then wear this pink mini skirt i bought like 3 yrs ago. [no i never wore that mini skirt by itself...that's immodest!]

so all i had to worry about know was the make-up. i tried searching online for some mak-up tips and holloween makeup ideas. and i came across this website with a whole bunch of designs for different fairy types:

so on the website, there was this one tutorial video of this make-up artist who showed you how to do some kind of gothic/fallen-angel look:

my colours were like a bright blue and pink...and my wings were a darkish purple and green. so i thought i'd use her idea, and try to put my own kinda thing on it. cuz like i said, im broke, so i dont have the supplies i i tried to use whatever i had, and came up with this:

So here are my own steps on how to get this...just incase i forget by the time i need it XD

step 1: so i bought an extra bottle of the white halloween foundation makeup. so i put that around my eye and upper cheek area, just to create a base. it sort of looked like a mask when i put it on. I wanted all the makeup i put on to seem light, so therefore the white base would work. and it's easier to draw on pencil eye-liner when you have the base on your face.

step 2: next, i worked on the eyeliner. i put black liner on my top and bottom lid. from there i went through them again, and this time, instead of ending at the corner of my eye, i continued different strokes upward and downward for those black streaks on my face.

step 3: next i worked on the eyeshadow. i used this glittery dark blue eyeshadow. when i started spreading it upwards towards my brow, i started to include blush pink and white eyeshadow, just to make the dark blue seem a little lighter. when i went towards the corner of my eye, i stopped with the dark blue eyeshadow, and used a light purple colour instead. then i faded it with the blush pink colour. when that was done, i took the light purple and brushed all over my eye. after, i brushed on top of the black strokes, just so that the black wouldn't look so bold and more soft.

step 4: next i opened up the glitter bottle i bought. i took a regular paintbrush i had and dipped it. i then started followng the black strokes of eye-liner with the paintbrush, just to make it seem less of a "dark angel" look. the dark blue eyeshadow was still too dark for me, so i painted sparkles on my eyelid and beneath my eye as well.

step 5: after all that, i thoght i was done, so i moved on to my lips. i used a dark lipstick first, then i covered it with a really really light pink lipstick (i used a brush for this part). i put extra of the light pink on the line of my lips, just to create a fading colour on my lips.

step 6: so when i compared my eyes to my lips i thought they still looked really dark to me. so i had the best idea everrrrr. i decided, why not try putting the light pink lipstick on top my eyes. i know, crazy, cuz lipstick is not for the eyes, but im like what the hey, it cant do any harm. so i took the brush, and started to outline the black eye-liner strokes with pink....and yay i totally brightened up the scene (on my face)! i continued with putting the pink lipstick over my eyeliner (above and underneath my eye). and that is when i became satified.

so a little note to self, next time i'm putting the pink before the glitter, because that would work so much better.

i also put on some mascara last, which wasn't such a great idea...i think i should've done that sooner.

then a little foundation and blush should finish it off :)

& just a note to all of you. i am no make-up artist. it's actually a house rule that i'm not allowed to wear make-up until im 18. so no nail-polish, no eye-liner, no foundation...NOTHING. so i'm pretty suckish with putting all that stuff on, cause i don't wear it at all. but i also think putting make-up on before going anywhere takes so much time...when i am allowed to start wearing it, i using it for special occassions i get pretty excited with halloween and stuff, cuz i get to go all out with coming up with a make-up design for my face :D

woot woot...i am excited. hehe and i get to try this on Jezreel before i do mine, cuz this is the 2nd year we're dressing up like twins XD teehee

i`ll put up a blog post of the halloween party and the costume ball! (:

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