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Saturday, October 17, 2009

For Fab Friday, we had our annual Potluck, Food drive, and Firestation Visit!

We started off with devotional in the chapel. After a couple of youth speakers, Sis. Verdasca gave us the opportunity to bear our testimonies if we wanted to. After, Sara and I did our musical presentation. Before I started, I felt that I should bear my testimony about why i chose the song for the theme of Thanksgiving. I Know That My Redeemer Lives. I started crying...but YES...i feel so accomplished, i didn't sob like a maniac like i usually do.

after the devotional, we all headed to the gym for the potluck. wow, this year there wasn't as much food. usually, the youth were only in charge of bringing dessert and some things for the food drive, but this year, the youth were in charge of bringing the main dish too. so i guess that's probably why we didn't have much.

and of course, when we sat down to eat, we were that table, as Holly calls it..."the LOUD table who gets dirty looks"... ohhh yeaaaa. Hahahaha we were pulling in extra chairs (cuz we're so cool, and everyone wants to join our table :P) and we were laughing so loud! Like me and dante were explaining how some guys walks...and then i told this story about the taxi cab driver and the nun. the table was laughing so loud, then one of the other tables started mocking us my mimicking whatever me and holly did....LOL helaman XD

after eating, since there wasn't all that much food for the food drive, we skipped the group picture in front of the stage with the food and just headed straight to the firestation. we got there and the first thing we did was take a group pic (of whoever came).

after the photo, one of the firemen showed us some of their equipment. they answered q & a, and one of the firewomen slid down the pole for us! we got so excited! we all wanted to slide down the pole too, but they didn't let us. when the q & a were done, one of our leaders asked this tall (kinda cute) firefighter to slide down the pole for us. since i didn't get a better picture of the lady, i went to the front to attempt to get a better picture this time. everyone was like SHAMELESS! and all the girls were coming up too. im like oh boy, you guys, it's not what you think!!!!

so after that last slide, we all headed back to our cars. but me and holly wanted to get a picture with the we stayed back. me and holly started to pose with the firewoman and the (cute) fireman, and a whole bunch of girls were like "can we come in the picture too?!" Hahahahahahaha and then a few more girls started running into the picture...oh WOW

after that photo, i realized the older fireman who gave us the info about the firestation wasn't in the picture, so when he finished talking to one our leaders, we asked him if we could get a photo with him. then cute fireman guy offered to take the picture for us :) teehee

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