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Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 25th 2009 - Semi-Annual Stake Conference

"....will go down in history".

Well i think President Wong was right.
Prior to stake conference, my family heard the shocking news that our current Bishop, Bishop Racioppo, was being released, and that my dad was going to be called the new Bishop of our ward. My sister and I did not understand. But my parents knew why. Of course they couldn't tell us because no one should know until they announce it at stake conference.

So this is a summary of what went down...

1) They asked all member of the Beaches ward to stand. Then they released Bishop Brown of the Beaches ward. That was a shocker. Bishop Brown has been Bishop for 10 years! And we all thought he had many more years to go.

2) They realeased the bishop of Don Valley ward.

3) Then they asked all Don Mills ward to stand. I obviously knew what was going to happen. And I'm glad I was told before hand otherwise I would've had a mental break down right there and then. They realeased Bishop Racioppo. I almost cried. The Bishop has been bishop for 8 yrs, and I thought he was going to go longer too. In the time span that I've been in the Sunnybrook/Don Mills ward, I have only known 3 bishops. Bishop Armstrong, Bishop Rowen, and Bishop Racioppo...and Bishop Racioppo has been the longest of the three. So to my ward it was just so shocking.

4) This is where the even more shocking news comes in. They announced that they were DISCONTINUING the Beaches ward. My mouth dropped open. I think it was 2 years ago at another stake conference where they discontinued the Broadview branch and the Cedabrae ward. That was a surprise, but not as shocking as this. Cedabrae shared a chapel with Scarborough, so the church was still being used. Broadview shared a chapel with Beaches, so that was still being used. But now that Beaches ward is dis-continued, we have NO IDEA what is going to happen to that building. Oviously the stake has some plans for it because i've also heard that they've been planning this for two years. TWO YEARS. I couldn't believe it. For two years it was planned that Beaches ward was going to be discontinued. Unbelieveable. They then posted the new boudaries for the Toronto, Don Valley, and Don Mills ward.

5) So now we know why our Bishop was released. This is the most saddest thing I've ever heard in my life...the Bishop was released because they are no longer within the boudaries of our ward. I was tearing. I couldn't cry. But I was sure wiping my eyes cuz they were so wet! My sister on teh other hand was bawling behind me. Along with the Bishop, almost half my ward was leaving as well. My heart completely broke. They asked the members of the each ward to stand, including the members that were to be moving. It was so heartbreaking.

Now, as sad as it may be, it IS the Lord's will. The Stake Presidency has made this decision under the counsel of the Lord. So we must just have faith that there if a reason for all of this.

What a bittersweet feeling....

BITTER: Bishop Racioppo was released. Enough said. That's sad enough.

SWEET: My dad got called as Bishop. That's pretty awesome!

BITTER: Half my ward is leaving. It's so hard to let them go. When you've grown up learning to love these people as your family for the past 13 years, it's just so heartbreaking to have to get rid of this attachment you have with them. No more seeing them on Sundays, no more being together during ward activities. Really, these people are my family. These are the people I am used to being around. These are the people I love and am going to miss dearly. I can always see them whenever, but just not being able to be around them every week is just really sad.

SWEET: Due to half my ward being gone, we got almost the whole Beaches ward! It's new faces which is kind of scary, but it's quite exciting. Also, I used to be a member of the Beaches ward when I was younger. So this is like a childhood reunion...the Limas', Casselss', and Brown's back together. Haha, all we need are the Galangs, Davis, Clifton, and Almasi's, and we shall be complete :)

BITTER: Don Valley is getting the majority of the most awesome people they'll ever meet (people who used to be in my ward). I'm really jealous.

SWEET: Don Valley finally gets a bigger ward. Haha, they're chapel is kinda small though...I don't know how that's going to work XD

But yeah, i can go on and off about the good and bad. After stake conference, there was a whole lot of crying and hugging within my ward. Between Toronto, Don Valley, and Don Mills...we have it the worst. Toronto and Don Valley both just agined people, while Don Mills totally split. I can't imagine what the members of the Beaches ware are feeling. They aren't just split, but their ward just doesn't exist anymore. It pretty hard to take in.

After church, I couldn't really cry with everyone else. I was just sad, and said it, and expressed it. But later at night, during my prayers before I went to bed, I started sobbing. It acutally surprised me. Tears were streaming down my face and my sobs were as hard as hick-ups. It didn't hit me harder than it did that night of how much I would miss my family. You see, at church, I didn't realize how many people were leaving. But at home I over-heard my paretns talking about how many people were leaving. How many callings were going to be left empty cause most of our leaders have moved. I also over-heard my mom saying that at least we'll all see each other at my party, so it'll be like a reunion. That was just so sad. Of all people that were coming to my party, church people were the ones I would'nt have counted on as seeing them my party would be a reunion, just cuz i see them more often than family and school friends.

It really hit me hard how much I cared and loved these people, how attached I became to them. I just prayed hard that night that all those who moved would adjust to their new ward, and those of us who were left would be able to cope without them.

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