Moon Cake Party

Monday, October 19, 2009

Yeah, this post is kinda was in my draft folder >_<

So 2 Saturdays ago, Daniel invited Laura, William, and I to come to his ward for their Moon Cake Party. I haven't been to anything like that before, so I wanted to go. My sister had some bio test to study for, so she was going to ditch me. After cotillion practice, I asked Jezreel if she'd want to come with me instead. So she said yes, and that got Andrew to come along, which got Rouzine to come along, which got Jared to come along. Dante, Bryan, and Hadrian all were coming too. So we all ended up going, and i was pretty sad my sister wasn't so we all made a sadface at her and we all started breaking hearts with our fingers, so ha dee ha ha, we convinced her to come.

So we headed off to Don Mills station first. Haha, we were such a large group we had to count heads just to make sure we didn't leave anyone behind (we have short people, you must always look out for them :P). We went down to the station, and i've never been on the Don Mills subway line before, so i was on the lookout. Rouzine isn't really used to riding the subway, so her and i stuck together.

When we got to Bayview and got to the staircase, we were all like WOAHHH. The staircase was HUGEEEEE. But we all ran up it. Haha, by the time i finished the 3rd set of stairs, i thought it was done, and when i looked up there was like 2 more sets to go. When we arrived at the top we're all like wooooyaaah!! *accomplisment*

We found Ting near the exit of Bayview, so we all walked with her to the Bayview chapel. I feel pretty lame saying this, but i was excited...cuz everytime i'd ever have to go to the Bayview chapel, my dad would drive me. So this was my first time going there by bus. PLUS, i've never attended another ward's party, not to mention, a party that is based around a culture tradition.

We got there a tad bit early, but Ting had told us earlier that she had to get ready for the fashion show. So while all the Bayview yw were getting ready for that, we kinda invaded the cat walk to kill time. Haha we each got of the catwalk and strut it down the isles, posed, and then took a photo.

There was still so much time to kill, so Jezreel and I started being girls and took pictures in the washroom mirror. I shall say now that it's so funny trying to find a washroom in that building. The building hallway is just one circle, so when finding something, you either go right or left. So happens, the washrooms were on the right of us, but we decided to go left, and walked all the way around before we found the washrooms XD

When we came out of the washrooms, Daniel said that I just missed a certain someone cougcough. He showed us where they went, and we kinda just chilled outside, near where they were. Jezreel, Rouzine, and I started taking model poses. LOL there was the chair rack, which we climbed on to take pictures. I took some model poses of Andrew too with him wearing my scarf and sunglasses...I gotta say they looked pretty sick...that's what you call master photographer! :)

When we got bored of taking photos, we started to walk around. We followed Daniel to where the yw were getting ready for the fashion show. He got one of them to show us theu music he was planning to play during the fashion show. Haha, everytime he clicked a song, all of us would sing along...and he kept cutting us off each time when he put a new one on.

Well we made friends at Bayview ward. I already knew some of them, like Angela (room mate at YLC 08), Michelle (girls camp!), and Marina (Daniel's sister). But i've never talked to them all that much. So we got to while we were there. I didn't even recognize Marina (I wasn't waering my glasses). She was so pretty! Her hair and makeup looked so good. I give credits to whoever did it for her. We made friends with this new member, Wendy. She's pretty cool, and really pretty. I loved the dress she was wearing during the fashion show. And apparently, she lives near Andrew, Rouzine, and Bryan, so she's techinally in our ward, but she goes to Bayview ward instead for her mom.

When we finished mingling with them, we headed back to our "waiting" area. Someone opened up the ping pong table, so we started to play. I got bored of it really quick, so i just sat and listend to whatever songs Laura was playing from Jared's cell phone. When "No One Else Comes Close" came on, I freaked, and I grabbed Rouzine and pretended to slow dance with her. And when we turned around, this missionary was looking at us. I was like 0____0 and sat down, then Laura and I were like, "uh oh AWKWARD TURTLE!!" Elder Cokrin, one of my fav missionaries, was there. I was like YAAAY!

The activity was going to start soon, so we took our seats. After the prayer, it was time to eat. Everything was said in Chinese, so we had no idea what was going on. Daniel ran over to us and told us to go line up for food, but we didn't want to go right away, just because it wasn't our ward and we didn't wan to seem like pigs. But eventually we did (man, we were so hungry and waiting for the activity to start for so long!). The food was really good. And they had Soy Bean Pudding (or "TAHO" as what we Filipinos call it)!!! Yeah, it sounds kinda gross, but it's really good. Espeically when you warm it up in the microwave and put syrup. Yummy.

After eating, the fashion show started. First the Young Women went up. Then the Young Men, then some ladies from Relief Society who wore some traditional Chinese clothing. It was pretty cool. The next presentation was Kaia. Omgdness, so the story behind her is she's this cute little girl who's like a quarter Chinese, a quarter Japanese, a quarter Russian, and like something else. She came with her grandparents to YW Camp like 2 years ago, and we tried to get her to talk to us, and eventually she did. She's the cutest thing. So yeah, she went up and sang a song from the Phantom of the Opera. It was SO CUTE! She has the highest little voice, and i thought it was so precious.

After Kaia, the missionaries went up to do their presentation. Like i said before, everything was said in Chinese, so we couldn't understand the narration of the story. But i was still laughing SO HARD. Wendy and Michelle attempted to translate for us. But even though i couldn't understand, i still found so many things SO FUNNY. Like there was this one part where all the missionaries backs were turned towards the audience, then Wendy said that the narrator said "they were the HOTTEST guys around". All of a sudden they stripped off their jackets...and on their backs were pictures of the sun. HAHAHA i found that funny. And then they turned around and started acting all cool and hot and acting like they're the hottest guy around and i was DYING from laughter. Since I knew two of them, Elder Corkin and Elder Sowards, it made it all the funnier. Then there was this scene where one of the missionaries started fighting with all the others. And he used chopsticks to's so Asian, i love it. And there were these other scenes with the Book of Mormon, and everytime a missionary would open it up, there'd be 4 missionaries in the background singing "Hallelujah"...HAHAHAHAHA...reminded me of "The Best Two Years", which is like an AWESOME missionary movie [ I recommend it to anyone. It's the movie that made we want to do missionary work and serve a mission ].
The next presentation was the primary kids. They were so cute. Once again everything was in Chinese, but I didn't need a translation to say AWW to how cute they were.

So yeah! That's pretty much how it went. I had a tres fun time just being there with friends and getting to see how other wards/cultures have their parties. I'm inviting everyone to our Filipino Christmas party next! Teehee. So as everyone was cleaning up, Daniel played some songs, and Jezreel and I kinda danced to it on the spot [LOL my sister got so embarrassed :P]

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