September '09 recap!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

s1 – Tito Jarom's birthdaaaaay

s2 Stong Orientation: really, the most boring day of my life! I'm not used to being in an environment where I don't know being alone really makes me really moody and sad. Anywho, I sat through the tutorial (honestly, there was no need, I learned that all in their manuals and whatnot). I was already falling asleep, and this wasn't even a Uni I started thinking up choreography for the Cotillion least that kept me occupied.

s3Hang out!! Daniel came over first, and we got him on a head-start with the new moves Laura and I came up with. Jonel came over next, which actually was a surprise cause I didn't know he was going to come over. Then Richard came next. Watched youtube videos (nastiness Laura >_<), and then we headed over to Pizza Pizza :) Yum yum....came back with the Filipinos coming along, then watched Evan Almighty!! hahaha that movies doesn't really get old. Then we headed to the church for Cotillion Practice. Whoo...that was crazy...cuz we were teaching the new moves. We were all over the place. After practice, the familia headed over to Shay's Birthday Party! Wow, I feel like I haven't seen my cousins in FOREVERRRR. So it was nice to chill with them for a while.

s4 – Nathan leaves for Uni. BOO HOO :'( My Sundays will never ever be the same :(

s5 – Free Willy's birthdaaaaay!

s6 – Hannah's birthdaaaay! & Richard leaves for Uni. BOO HOO

s7- Sheenz' birhtdaaaay! & BBQ at the Lim's!! Woot woot! We eneded up practicing the waltz in their front lawn since so many of the Cotillion members were there.

s8 - Cotillion dress shopping. YAY we were able to find a white gown for me :) but we searched forever for cotillion dresses and couldn't find something we all liked, was the right colour, and fit our budget.

s9First day of School. Not bad, not bad. I only had one class, so it was a nice adjustment switch from high school...but it was EVOLUTION blehhhh.

s10Mutual! We did a get-to-know-you game. Not all that fun, in my opinion. Cuz we had to get toilet paper, and for each square we had, we had to say something about ourselves. The only interesting thing was the stuff Erenlee said to Jared. & also when I said "I want to marry an RM and a worthy priesthood holder in the temple", and people thought I said "someone's" name, when of course, I didn't.

s11 – Elder Swalberg & Usman's birthdaaaaay!

s12 – Cotillion Practice

s13 – Mission President Fireside...which i couldn't go to :(

s16 – Danny-kins birthdaaaaay!

s18 Fab Friday: Opening Social BBQ - This is when I handed out most of them invitations. Haha it was kinda hard trying to hide it and handing them over to people :P Christine and Simmin came to visit and I was SO HAPPY to see them cuz I only saw them once over summer vacation...and now we're in uni, so i don't get to see them at all :( They played the YLC 08 video; people were screamin all over the place XD

s19Cotillion Practice! yesss we worked on lifts and a little on formation...starting to look good!!! & Tichaon's birthdayyyyy!

s20 – SYC! - seriously, where did everybody go? There were only a few show-ups. BOO Nathan was supposed to come cuz he's the SYC YM rep in our ward :(

s21 – Kimeeeeee & my bro Arrius' (Elder Raccioppo's) birthdaaaay!

s22 – Steff & Awanti's birthdaaaaay!

s23 – Luke's birthdaaay! Where is that boy?

s24Mutual: Temple Trip!!! Yay! I was so happy to go cuz I haven't been to the temple in sooo long since I missed the last one in May cuz of PROM!

s25Cotillion Practice! YAY we look good! Some of the YSA even clapped LOL; Institute was pretty good "What is your desire". & YSA...Career Dance...haha it was pretty good! C'mon, the youth dances don't have chicken wings and pizza! And the drink wasn't watered down! haha, (Don't get me wrong, i LOVE youth dances.) and to my surprise, NATHAN was there :D i was so happy to see him! I knew he was coming back for the weekend for his sister (WOOT! Anna just got back home from her mission!), but I wasn't expecting to see him there haha so that made me really happy.

s26 - Cotillion Practice! omgsh we look pretty awesome! and we finally got through the whole song!! (well at least 6 of us did :P)

s28 – Alice & Vaisny's birthdaaaaaaay!

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