YLC 2009 - Day 1

Friday, October 2, 2009

.[Be an Example of the Believers].

I think any YLC youth would agree with me when I say that the best 4 days of my life were about to begin.

Well getting to YLC was pretty fun, just Laura, dad, and I driving in the new van, listening to music...and then GETTING LOST. That was actually pretty fun, just cruising around and finding our way back to the right road. When we got to the campus, the nervousness began. Laura and I sat in the car, getting all excited about what was going to happen the next 4 days.

As we got out to head over to the registration desk, we saw a couple of friends from our stake. Daniel just got out of his car as well and we told him to come with us. As we opened up our registration packages, I started jumping up and down with excitement cause Daniel and I ended up being in the same group...NOAH! This made me tres happy, since last year I didn't know anyone in my group and I was just really lonely. And as I went to my house, it just kept getting better and better. What more could I want...for once, I lived in the townhouses, and they were actually REALLY nice! They were air-conditioned, they had pretty big rooms, and VOILA to my surprise, Tracy Palmateer was my house leader, just like last year! She's awesome. Last year she made us fruit shakes and baked us cookies...what more could I ask for. And my room mates all seemed pretty nice.

We then had Twig Orientation. And HOW WEIRD (or what a coincidence)...the Sunday before YLC, my familia and I went to Weston ward, just to visit. One of the speaker's was this young man named Pedro Guevera, and he gave a talk on missionary work. I wanted to talk to him after to tell him his talk was good, but I never got the chance. Here's the weird part...he ended up being in my TWIG 0_0...i was like "what are the odds"?

When it came to Branch Orientation, we did the introduction's just like in YLC 07...which i thought was very good. The introductions for 08 were bad...we played games, and we didn't really get to know people..or at least I didn't. But yeah, I was very enthusiastic about introducing myself to all the guys...and to my surprise we did the same to the girls as well. Anywho, back to thie Pedro person....when I introduced myself to him, to my surprise he said "I gave a talk at Weston Ward on Sunday, and you laughed at me!" I was shocked. Like how does he know I was laughing. He kept saying later on in the day that I was sitting in the back, and in the middle, so he was just automatically just facing me and could see my laughing at him with my sister when he said "seminary work" instead of "missionary work". Hahaha....yes I thought it was funny, but I thought it was cute, that's why I was laughing!

During General Assembly we had some really great talks. The theme for todays was being an example through word and conversation. The first speaker, a girl named Sara, said that when 1 negative thing is said to a person, it needs to be made up by saying 20 positive thing back.

The 2nd speaker, a guy named Travis, said that people are always watching us and judge us by the language we use.

Our key-note speaker was Elizabeth Craig...and she's a WONDERFUL speaker! She's so funny! I love her. She reminded us that Christ trys to get the BEST out of everyone. It was really uplifting. She also said something that I've heard a million times before, but is always a good reminder: IF YOU DON'T STAND FOR SOMETHING, YOU'LL FOR ANYTHING. It's a great reminder to us youth that in this world we live in, when we aren't strong in what we believe in, we can easily fall into satan's traps because he knows our strengths and weaknesses. The adversary won't waste his time...he knows what exactly will set off our weakness...and it's our job to fight the temptation. Sis Craig also told us a story about a football player and how he didn't follow the ways of his other football friends. I quote her as she quotes him when he says "It's not cause I'm better than them, I'm just better than THAT". She then asked us if we turned off all the lights and lit up one candle, how many people would we be able to see well? The point of that was to be an example, because one person can make a difference. She then closed by saying that this one girl she knew would always put uplifting comments on her Facebook status, and one time it said "WHY WOULD YOU TRY TO FIT IN WHEN YOU WERE MADE TO BE DIFFERENT ANYWAY?" I thought that was just amazing. You hear so many times that you're different, be unique, etc. But that really hit me cause it's so true. Heavenly Father made us and we are special in different ways, but also special because we are sons and daughters of a King.

Next, we had a workshop on Living the Book of Mormon. The speaker told us to work at finding scriptures that bring us comfort. He quoted Sis Elain Dalton and said,
"one young women or one young man with the courage to live these standards and walk out of an inappropriate situation gives others the courage to follow".

In our 2nd workshop, our speaker reminded us to tell somebody who has made a difference in our life "thank you". And also told us to tell our Heavenly Father how much we love him. He closed by telling us that you know someone is a true Christian by the way they treat their neighbour. "Love thy neighbour as thyself" - Leviticus 19:18 (Scripture Mastery)

So after workshops, we headed over to dinner. I was STARVING. So I gobbled down my pizza. Ross took a picture of me doing so, and I looked bad. HAHA but I didn't care...I was so hungry. After dinner, I rushed back to my house, got changed into casual clothes, and went over to Jazzy's to talk and stay with her as she got ready. Then we headed to le DANCE! WOOT WOOT!Another reason I was tres excited for the YLC was cuz Flipside (my dance group) would all be there!! Rouzine was finally old enough to join the rest of us :) The dance was WAY fun. We totally were all over the place. It was REALLY hot inside, so the Flipside girls went outside for a bit to cool ourselves off. We were up there for a little too long cuz the Hoedown Throwdown and Jai Ho played, and those were the 2 songs we wanted to dance to since we had choreography...oh well. 2 counts for slow dances...One with Jonel...(i actually find it funny how we just became friends in a snap at YLC just from talking a bit about YLC months before), and the last song with Richard (first time ever...and how long have i known him for?). So yeah it was a FUN and TIRING night :) My legs were killing afterwards...but that's okay :)

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