YLC 2009 - Day 2

Friday, October 2, 2009

.[ Be an Example of the Believers ].

We had General Assembly first and today's theme was to be an example in charity. Our opening hymn was the EFY Medley; sigh I love that song. I get chills x100000000! Especially when the YM stand up and sing Army of Helaman...awesomenss.

So the first speaker was a girl named Katie and she said "charity is not an aact, but a way of self being". She reminded us that we need to look past the out ward appearance and see people the way God seems them (1 Samuel 16:7 - Scripture Mastery!!) When we have a Christlike attitude when looking at people, then tat is being an example of the believers.

The 2nd speaker was Roni, a guy in my twig...also known as the "Crump Kid" at our youth dances. He said that we only get back what we put in. And I think it's true...and you can believe it either the "carma" way, or the "Lord's blessings" way. He reminded us that we must have the pure love of Christ at all time. And like Katie, he mentioned that charity is not just an action or thought, it's the way to live.

Our next speaker was the General YM 2nd Counselor. To be honesty, I didn't take any notes except for Moroni 7:41.

4th speaker was, once again, Elizabeth Craig! She told us a story about how at prom, the girl who wins prom queen is usually a popular, blonde cheerleader. But this one year, a not-so-popular girl with brunette hair who played soccer won Prom Queen. Sis Craig said she was surprised, so she said she'd "investigate" (LOL stalker moment!). So She followed this girl around to see why people loved her so much. As she followed her around school, she then realized why. Everyone loved this girl because she loved them first. Everywhere this girl went, she had something nice to say to everyone. She'd congratulate one person on how well they did on the chess team, and commend someone else who won at a baseball game. Everyone loved this girl because SHE LOVED THEM FIRST. Sis Craig told us to focus our energy into loving others. In her ward, the YW made up a name for themselves, "SAS"!! Meaning 'Secret Acts of Service'. The YW would go around do things for other people...secretly. Now, the YM wanted to do it too, but they didn't way "SAS" as a name...c'mon it's girly. So Sis Craig came up with "SWAT", meaning 'Service Without a Trace'! Hahaha how awesome is that?

After General Assembly, we headed back to our houses to change for sports! Woot Woot! In 07, everyone played seperate sports...I didn't think worked very well cause there were a billion people playing does that work? In 08, we had seperate sports/games and went against other branches and I thought that was tres fun. And we did it again this year! :) Our first game was pretty funny; Krizalyn and I were laughing, watching all the guys go before us. We had to take 2 toilet plungers and try to pick up a ball with it. And of course, our team won against both teams we went against. The second game we did was putting water in a ladle then pouring it into a bucket. People started cheating and spitting in the bucket while they poured the water. This one girl in our group put water in the ladle AND her mouth, then put it in the bucket. Our last game had something to do with hula hoops and sponge footballs. It was really disorganized, so we started goofind around. David Lee would have all the balls and throw them towards us, then we'd attempt to catch them. Haha, then we threw them all back at him at the same time XD

After lunch, we had our first workshop with Bro. LeFrance and it was on the Atonement. He gave the most amazing talk. It send chills down my back; I was totally amazed. I will say now that it was really hard to get back into feeling the spirit, just cause a few minutes after the class started, one of the leaders told me and Jonel to follow him. I was being obedient, and I did. But turns out he took us out of the workshop to skip it and attend Sis. Craig's workshop again. It took me a while before I said that I'd really like to get back to the Atonement workshop. Sara had told me about how good it was, and I personally wanted a better understand of the Atonement. When Jonel and I entered the class again, it totallyl ooked like the two of us were fooling around somewhere and got into trouble. So yeah, that's my little rant of how I lost the spirit. ANYWHO, Bro. LeFrance talked a lot about what happend to him during his mission in the Philippines (OH YEAH!). One of the stories he told us was about his companion and his patriarchal blessing. I'm just going to repeat his story, because it will effect you one way or another. (I may not remember all exact details, so this is just approximately what he said ;P)

So Bro. LeFrance and his companion [I shall call him Bro. John, just cause I don't remember his name] decided that they would read each other's patriarchal blessings. Bro. John was shocked that Bro. LeFrance's was pages long while his was only one. Bro. LeFrance read Bro. John's patriarchal blessing and it said something about Bro. John in pre-mortal life. In the war in heaven, Bro. John was in the 3rd row, 16th down. He was on the verge of being pulled into going to join Satan's side. As the blessing went on, it said that Bro. John was saved by someone in the 3rd row, 17th down; and that in the mortal life, that same person will come save him again.

Years later, Bro. LeFrance is sleeping in his bed when he gets a phone call. To his surprise, it's his old companion, Bro. John. So they talk and catch up. Bro. John tells Bro. LeFrance about how when he got home from his mission, things sort of went downhill and he started falling away from the Gospel. One night, he was at a bar, and a lady walks in and her car has a flat-tire. The bar tender asks her if she'd like a drink and she answers no. Bro. John sarcastically says "what are you, a Mormon?" To his surprise, she was. He said he was too, but she didn't believe him. He offered to give her his spare wheel and just follow her home so that he can get it back from her. She said no at first, but eventually agreed. When they got to her house, her father thanked him and asked him to come inside and stay for dinner. After that night, Bro. John and this girl started dating, Bro. John started coming to church again and eventually they got married in the temple.

Now, Bro. John then asks Bro. LeFrance on the phone if he remembers his patriarchal blessing. Of course Bro. LeFrance remembers it. Bro. John continues on saying that he would like to share his wife's patriarchal blessing with Bro. LeFrance. Apparently, Bro. John's wife's patriarchal blessing said that in the premortal life, she was standing in the 3rd row, 17th down during the war in heaven and that she saved someone 16th down. It continues on saying that the person she saved then, she would save again in mortal life, and that person would end up being her eternal companion.

WOW I got chills up and down my spine when I first heard that, and I got chills just now all over my body from typing that up. It's so amazing how the Lord works.

Our next workshop wasn't really a workshop. It was our preperation time for the Variety Show that night. We all thought we were doing the Hoedown Throwdown (because that's what Roni told us), but we ended up doing some song from the Karate Kid..."The Best Around"...or something like that. I thought our dance moves were really cheesy, cuz it wasn't really dancing. HAHA, like nothing beats last year...last year was AWESOME. Even though I didn't think our song las year was all that great (I Will Survive), we came up with the most awesome moves to tell our story. It was so much fun. But I got really moody during variety show practice cause I was so bored and wasn't doing anything. So I sorta just sat there while people were getting parts. Even when I did volunteer a part, the lady totally skipped me. Oh was fun watching all my guy friends dress up though XD

After dinner, we went out to watch the variety show. Since I was in the older group, we stayed in the hall where we had to watch the performances on the screen. We were totally fooling was TOO funny! One moment everyone was banging their tables to the tune of "Rock You", and the next there was a wave going throughout the whole room! It looked SO COOL! Haha, that's the Mormons for ya :)

So we were just sitting down, and I have to admit, I didn't enjoy the first few. I think it was just cause it was the first years...or the songs...I really DONT KNOW. Like all the songs were so random and unknown. Last year, we had a theme...Disney movies. This year, we were kinda all over the place. I was sitting with Daniel and Rick, and Brady, David, Ross, and Matt were all somewhere on the table behind us. When the Pokemon theme song, everyone went INSANE. The good thing about being in the room with the screen is that we can make as much noise as we want and NOT disturb the performers. So yea, I don't LIKE Pokemon...I never have. But it was one of the only songs I actually knew the lyrics too, so I enjoyed singing along with everyone! When the younger kid presentations were done, it was our turn. OH YEAH! So we headed over to the other hall...and I gotta say, I enjoyed the older group's portion so much more. I think it's just cause I knew more of the songs, and I knew more of the people performing. Like, they did the Hoedown Throwdown, they did Ice Cream Freeze...which is a song I don't know but totally liked. And there was a group that did a song to "Once there was a snowman" from the Children's Songbook, and it was sung by Acapella...a group I absoloutly ADORE. They're so cool! They sing the song in so many different ways! So the group that had that had a really cool presentation. Then my sister's group did "A Night to Remember" from HSM3. I totally love that song...PROM...=) & their dancing was pretty good. Our group did fairly well...I was all over the place, but it was fun hehe.

After the variety show, we all headed back to our houses. Me and Daniel did some photo stalking and taking pictures of our friends and their escorts XD teehee.

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