YLC 2009 - Day 3

Saturday, October 3, 2009

.[Be an Example of the Believers].

Dun Dun was the last full day of Conference...and the night of the Formal...the night everyone waits for. Branches and twigs usually make a big deal. Guys will ask girls if they could escort them to the formal before hand; some twig leaders will have the guys prepare a song for the girls; some have roses or corsages prepared for their girls....yeah it's a big deal.

Anywho, today started off with a General Assembly. I came outside and the usual guys weren't there: Daniel, Rick, I went off to join a group of girls whom I sorta made friends with the night before during variety night. When our leaders called the guys to go get an escort so we can head over to the hall for general assembly, David randomly comes through and he's like ok let's go! Whew, at least I didn't get left behind. LOL with Daniel, Rick, and Jonel not there I was wonderin who was going to escort me XD

During General Assembly, it was David, me, Daniel, Rick, and Brady sitting together. I will say now that the rest of the row were all guys. All the girls were sitting in the row behind. We started by singing the EFY Medly. Like I said before, that songs gives me chills; this time it gave me chills + I laughed. I couldn't help it! When all the guys stood up to sing Army of Helaman, I was like this dent in the row! Hahaha! But wow, their voices were so powerful. Did I mention how attractive that is? Worty young men singing Army of Helaman? Anyway...when it was the girls turn to stand up, I could barely hear myself sing since I was the only girl in the row. But still, the song was sweet as ever.

The first speaker was Caitlin Thompson, a girl who was one of my housemates last year. Today's theme was Be an Example through FAITH. She said that faith comes by righteousness and that it is kindled by other people's testimonies.

The 2nd speaker was Mark Opper, this guy in my branch. He reminded us that people are always watching what we do by saying this simple rhyme: "Someone is watching you, that's a fact. Someone is watching the way you act."

There was a musical number by this girl with a beautiful voice. I remembered her from one of last year's Genereal Assembly when she sang "Someone Needs Your Star" by Jenny Philips. This year, I'm guessing she sang a song from the new Jenny Philips CD for the theme of 2009, Light Keepers. I'm not 100% sure what the title of the song is, so I'm searching it right now...and I really don't know wich song it is...maybe it's not from that CD. But she sang the words "lantern light" a few times during the song, so yeah...if any one else cant tell we that would be great, cause it's really bugging me now that I don't know the song. But it was BEAUTIFUL. She started crying and she couldn't finish the song, so she spoke them under her tears. It was so touching. I recommend to anyone any of Jenny Philips CD's. Her songs are absolutely moving. Check our her stuff at

Elder W.T Murray, a member of the 70 talked as well. One of the things I had written down was a line from one of the hymns that he mentioned..."I BELIEVE IN CHRIST, COME WHAT MAY". It made an impact on me, cause I've never really viewed the hymn lyrics like that before. As long as we have faith in Christ, then we can fight anything. He put up a quote, which I attempted to copy down as quick as I could, but wasn't able to get the whole thing. Nevertheless, I shall share it: "From the parables I would like to suggest that if we are really to be a chosen generation, we have the responsibility to be prepared, to be productive, to be faithful, and to be fruitful as well. What we need as we journey along through the period known as mortality, is a compass to chart our course, a map to guide our footsteps, and a pattern whereby we might mold and shape our very livees. May I share with you a formula that in my judgement will help you." So yeah, that was a talk by President Thomas S. Monson in the Marh 1996 Ensign, if anyone wants to search up the rest. Other notes; Joseph Smith calls this work, "a Work that God and Angels have contemplated with Delight". Elder Murray also said, "Dwelling in the world is part of our moral test. The challege is to live in the world yet not partake of the world's temptation which will lead us away from our spiritual goals". He quoted Elder Robert D. Hales, "the war that started in heaven has not ended yet and we shall not end until everyone has proved the extent of his ability to resist Satan".

Our key note speaker for today was Robert Tibbs. He gave us a bunch of scriptures, if any one would like to see them: AofF3; Alma 42:4, 13, 27-28; Alma 34:15-16; Alma 19:15-16; D&C 19:15-19. He talked about baptism and how "it is so important that it is performed not only for the living but also for the dead" (Ensign, May 1998, 46).

Our first workshop today was the Morman Girl workshop by Meagan Sandor. She's a director, and she created the movie herself. It was a documentary on 3 Mormon Girls who all had different lives. The first one, Chloe, a really pretty girl who was actually in my twig, was the girl who fell away from the church, but then cam back. A few notes I took on what she said were:
- not looking for something to make her happy -> church; living the Gospel is happiness
- when you're happy you're free
- we are just kids who have found the right way to live

The 2nd girl in the video was Mallory. She was the girl who tried to live the gospel, but it was easy for her to fall. A note I took of what she said was that when someone tells you not to do something, you want to try it to see why you can't. To be honest, it's true in terms of myself. But when I know it's not, then I wouldn't.

The 3rd girl was Jessica. I don't think she was in my branch, but she was in one of the groups with us when we watched the video. Jessica is the girl that follows the gospel and has never had that point in her life where she fell away. In the video, she compared the gospel to the main trunk of a tree. She said when we go and make choices, it's like we get lead away to a branch, then a twig...and then eventually that twig stops and you're stuck. She said that she never wants to put herself in a position where you end up alone. We don't have to worry about world tings when you have an eternal perspective (I have to keep that more in mind!)

At the end of the video, we discussed things here and there...and a couple of more notes:
- it's a choice to live
- work on weakness by doing opposite of what people did
- "I know I'm not that girl who's looking for a way to be happy" (because the Gospel brings happiness)
- Look at little things to make us happy ("by small and simple thing, great things shall come to pass" YEYAH!)
- accept the Atonement into our lives

Yeah, I really enjoyed that workshop. I must remind myself to buy that Mormon Girl DVD.

Our next workshop was with Bro. Martinez and Bro. Lemon! I was excited for this one, because I've been to their workshops before, and they're so GOOD! So the topic was Rock & Rice. What the heck, right? Haha. Well, Bro. Martinez explained that the Rock is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When you put rice in a bucket first, it's hard to put rocks in afterwards. When you put the rocks first (or our foundation in Christ), then everything flows around that testimony (when the rice was poured, it went around rocks). At the beginning of the workshop, they told us to take a stone from the bucket and he told us to examine it. Near the end, he got 2 volunteers to come up. He took their stones and mixed them with a few different ones. He asked them to get their stones back. When they did, he asked them how do you know that was your stone. Each person gave a distinct description of their stone and that was how they knew. Bro. Martinez told us that our Heavenly Father knows who we are, just like how we know our stone. He knows every single bump in out lives. He told us that when he comes home, his sons always come up to him and say "yay Daddy's home". Then he said that he can't wait for the day that he gets to go to our Heavenly Father and the Father will say 'welcome home'. WOAH Chills!! He also shared a short story called "The File Room". It will give you a hit of realization of what kind of lives we live and the sacrifice that Christ has made for us. I've heard the story before cause of forwarded emails, so if you would like to see this moving story, just click this link:

When all workshops were done, we all headed back to our houses, cause it was our group's turn to do the service project. Noah (my group), Isaiah (my sister's group), and another branch all ended up doing the outdoor service project. We got changed into sports attire (yeyah bball shorts!) and then meet outside in the centre. The leaders handed out these jerseys we had to wear. OMGDNESS...I've AWLAYS wanted to wear one of those yellow "Mormon Helping Hands" jersey! AH! Like I see youth wearing them in pictures in the New Era, and now I finally got to wear one =)

So our service project was pulling weeds from the campus. I've never pulled weeds before cause I don't own a garden, so I thought this was going to be interesting. We headed to the first area of weeds, and blehhhh I found it so hard to pull out the small weeds. It was hard to grasp them and some of them had thorns. Later on we were givin gloves, which helped a lot. I found it more fun pulling out the larger weeds, cause that way we got to dramatically pull them out and fall...which was funny. I'm not too sure how long we were pulling weeds for, but it didn't feel all that long. By the time we were done, the tree areas looked so much cleaner cause we took them weeds out!

After the service project, we headed back to the houses to get ready for DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN...the FORMAL! My sister came over to my room to do my hair. Haha, me and my sister missed each other so much, we were talking non-stop the hour and a half she was at my house. When all was done and ready, my house-mates and I took photos downstairs in our dresses. When it was time to get outside and get our escorts, we were like huddling in the cornere...AWKWARD. Haha it's always really weird getting your escort for the formal. Daniel wanted to escort someone, and I wanted someone to escort me, but we both didn't get what we wanted (grr), so we ended up going together. It's so sad, he made a joke about having to escort me all the way up until November since he's my escort for my debut XD

Dinner wasn't all that good. It looked good: lasagna, garlic bread, salad, & pie for dessert....but I had NO appetite whatsoever to eat for some reason. A whole bunch of us couldn't finish the food, and we sorta hid it all when we went to throw it. Poor Sara didn't have anything good to eat for a while now, and this dinner didn't help. Man, was she ticked. After dinner, we headed outside, taking pictures with everyone in all their good-looking, formal attire. When we found my sister and whoever else she was chilling with, we decided to just chill there too. We were waiting for the dance to start, and at one point we were like "Oh! Let's practice the walktz!" (the waltz for my debut). A leader came up to us a while later and asked us if we were practicing for the dance, cause the dance was about to begin!

We headed downstairs to where the dance was being held. When we entered, there were a bunch of white pipe cleaners on the table...I shall never understand why. But right away, everyone started playing around with them, bending them into shapes to create props for themselves. Holly had a set of wings...and devil's horns...or at least I think they were devil horns. And Richard made a set of glasses....which we both wore and were officially nerdin. I really enjoyed the formal dance. YLC 07 was insanely fun. As for YLC 08, I didnt think it was all that great. I barely danced at that one cause I was uncomfortable in the dress I was I could barely move my arms. This year, it's stats went way up high there. Aside from the dinner, and the whole "our escorts didn't get us anything this year", the formal was really fun. I LOVED my dress (my prom dress!) and so did a whole bunch of other people. It's really flowy, so it's easy to move in and it swishes prettily everywhere :) The music was good...haha they played Boom Boom Pow! I mean, I didn't know it was appropriate to play at a church dance, but I dance anyway, cause I like the beats to that song. Haha when it played we all jumped up and where everywhere dancing like crazy. During the dance, I was giving Richard dancing lessons (LOL), and congrats to him, he found out how to move his hips. I didn't get all moody like the first dance (I don't think I mentioned that in "YLC 2009 - Day 1" post). Slow dance count: 1 song with Rick; 3 songs with Richard.

By the time the night was done, I was pooped out. But I was tres happy that that was how we eneded our last night at YLC cause it was super fun. When we were being escorted back to our houses it was: Rick and I, Daniel and Krizalyn, and Holly and her escort, Larry, came to join us. We all clung on together and randomly started skipping and singing "Follow the yellow brick road" HAHA.

We got back to our houses for twig devotionals and we bore our testimonies/shared experiences. When the guys left, us girls stayed up later than usual just munching on chips and talking about the most random things. My room mates are too funny. Some random lady knocked on our windom, and she started telling my house leader that there was girl with this beautiful dress that sparkles under the lights. My leader was like yeah! She's right here! Haha, I got up, and there were like a billion sparkles all over the chair..I leave them wherever I go :P. The rest of my room mates decided to stay up and talk since it was the last night, but I was way too tired to do any of that. I went straight to bed with the biggest smile on my face.

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