YLC 2009 - Day 4

Thursday, October 29, 2009

during General Assembly...

Be strong
And of good courgae
Be not afraid
Stand firm in the faith
For the Lord will be with us
Wherever we go
Be strong
Be one
Be strong
i felt the spirit so strongly when we sang that. it was taught to us by a guy who was working on the new youth 2010 cd. it was going to be given to youth all over the world, to remind them, that they're not alone. cuz it's hard to be a member of the church, especially when there are not many members in the area to help you make living the Gospel easier. we sang it so many times, and each time our voices grew louder and stronger...and eyes got tearier. each time he told us to think of the youth, then of our friends, the of someone we know who is struggling, then of our families. i think that's what got a lot of people so emotional. when we were done, even our presiding leader was crying. all you could hear in the auditorium was sniffling.

it was not a sad moment, but a noble one.

all of us standing as youth, with our testimonies burning brighter than ever.

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