Happy Birthday Holly-ster!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To my EGG;
To my Deeks #2;
To a beautiful and talented daughter of God;
'Ello Holly-ster! Just want to wish you a very happy birthday (even though you're birthday isn't for another few days). But you're birthday party has happened, so why not do this for you inbetween your party and your actual bday. Wish you all the best. You deserve it! You're party was tres fun. YEYUH....."sober Mormons burning up that dance floor!" Haha. So this is like part 2 of your gift from moi :) Part numero trois is coming the day of and will be posted on FB! Dun Dun Dunnnn! Don't worry it's nothing ALL that embarrassing. Teehee. Um, like you said, I wish we could've known each other longer than we have. But let's just be glad we did. We've become so close in the shortest amount of time! And I don't have as many inside jokes with anyone else! HAHA....i can name a LIST of things that you and some other few people will only understand. Example?
"Meow Meow"
"There's THE Meow"
"He makes the cats fo MEOW MEOW"
"Gender Confusion D:!"
....and you know there's like a billion more!

Stay beautiful .

Love yous!

.[ december 9, 2009 ].

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