Webcam Hackers

Friday, December 4, 2009

So yeah, to continue with my boredom of today...
as i was browsing webcam pics,
i have come to realize how awesome my friends are.

they have totally HACKED my computer
& have taken crazy pictures of themselves
when i wasn't looking.
i love my friends <3

I'm assuming this was taken during Cotillion Practice.
Clearly, Tichaon had better things to do....HAHAHA

what the heck? HAHA that's pretty sick, i gotta admit. that's Andrew, Arielle, Holly, Rouzine
....and i have NO idea who's suited arm that is on top
Yeah...we were taking snapshots...and this was the only good one x)
Laura & Erenlee & Rouzine

This was taken while waiting for Cotillion members to arrive.
Obv, im in this picture.
But my sister made me.
This is why Laura is my bestest friend forever&eternity (:

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