...Mythology Tutorial?

Friday, December 4, 2009

...yeah unfortunetly.

.......but today's class is going better than expected. i usually dont participate, and when there's only 11 out of 25 people who have come, it gets pretty silent and awkward =/ but we got into pairs to do some analyzing of passages in Aeschylua' The Oresteia...which i haven't started reading yet D:

but looky, at least i made a new friend :) haha

......and as a result of this boredom....(cause apparently at the moment, my teacher is talking about FACEBOOK
...can you SEE how tired i look?

OH YEAH (: haha .....this is my boredom
WOOT WOOT! Utah Utes
Evelyn called us over yesterday, and she said she had a BYU sweater for me. LIES. haha kidding! She gave the BYU sweater to Jared, and gave me the Utah Utes ones.

(SHHHHHH...her excuse was that the BYU sweater was an uglier colour hahahha "dont tell Jared" )!

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