Sunday, December 26, 2010

I had the best Christmas Eve everrrrrr! Our usual tradition is to have my mom's parents and brother come up and join us for a late dinner and then we open up our presents from each other that night. But this year we decided to do something a little different.

A few weeks before Christmas my mom gave a lesson in Family Home Evening about feeling the Christmas Spirit and doing service during the holiday season. We were reading example stories from the Ensign which were really touching. My mom then asked us what we could do as a family to get into the Christmas Spirit of giving. My dad suggested that as a family we could go visit one of the less active families. He had a family in mind and we planned to make them dinner and drop it off at their place on Christmas Eve. My mom then said she had another idea: to have all the missionaries over for Christmas Eve dinner. Laura and I obviously thought that was a fabulous idea. My dad has been Bishop of the Don Mills ward for about a year now and we only found out a few months ago that we were allowed to have any of the missionaries over whenever we wanted to because my dad is the Bishop. We wanted to do both, but my mom said it would cost too much money, so we had to stick with one.

I don't know what happened, but she definitely changed her mind. Together, we decided that we'd have the all the missionaries over for 6pm, tell them the plan, then drive to the inactive family's house together. We thought it was brilliant. The family wouldn't answer the phone/door to any missionaries, so we were hoping this project would get them to come back to church or to at least have the missionaries talk to them.

The night of Chirstmas Eve, I was busy finishing up the missionaries' Christmas Cards and keeping in touch with all the missionaries to confirm times and stuff. Elders Lusk and Sjoblom were the first to arrive. I had to run and hide in my room so I could finish up their homemade cards. Hermanas Tillet and Wheeler were next to arrive. Elders Smith and Cabral weren't able to make it because they had prior appointments, so we were just waiting for the APs, Elders Lucero and Anderson. They were coming from Trent, so they were going to be late, so we planned they would just meet us at the family's place. Before we left our apartment, we had a group prayer and piled into the van.

We got to the apartment and my dad let us all out first while he went and found a parking spot. There we were, 6 missionaries and a family of 5, practicing singing and excitedly talking about Christmas. Many people passed by the lobby thanking the Elders for being so polite and holding the door open and stuff. We got into an elevator and took it up to the family's apt. We knew they weren't going to open up to the missionaries and my dad had a feeling they wouldn't open up to the Bishop either, SO, they sent Laura and I to knock. It was so funny. It looked like mission impossible, Laura and I knocking on the door as bait, then have my parents and the missionaries jump out from down the hall way to attack. Hahaha. Laura and I knocked and waved the presents in front of the peephole to grab their attention. AND THEY OPENED!!!!! All you could hear were the missionaries whispering "YES!!!" to each other. Laura and I greeted them Merry Christmas and everyone hiding down the hall came out and excitedly greeted them as well. They let us in and we sat there chatting to each other. They had two kids in primary so since I have a calling in Primary, I went over to talk with them. We sang them two Christmas songs: Angels we have Heard on High and Away in a Manger. Not to sound conceited or anything, but we sounded AWESOME. It was a legit choir! You had the Sopranos, Altos, and Bases goin' on!! I wish I could've recorded ourselves; we just sounded THAT good. They gave us some chocolate chip muffins and then we were off to my place.

Instead of going with my parents, Laura and I went in the car with the Hermanas. SO. MUCH. FUN. I can't believe I never used to be close with the sister missionaries...they are SO COOL. Earlier, right before we left my apt, Hermana Wheeler was complimenting my little sister's matching jacket and boots and said "loooooooooove it". Laura was like, "why does that sound familiar?". Then i gasped, "DRAGON TALES!!!". We all started shrieking like girls. Hahaha she couldn't believe we knew what it was. So while we were driving home the only thing we were talking about was The Swan Princess and Barbie movies. We were singing the opening song of The Swan Princess, "This is My Idea", in the car. I was so happy they knew what it was! Lucero and Anderson met us outside the building and as we went up in the elevator together, we asked them the same question: Do you know what SWAN PRINCESS is? And they both said yes!! Then I asked, "All three?". Anderson's like "chyeah". My face lit up and i'm like NO WAY GIMME HI FIVE. All Hermana Wheeler could say was "I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship". Hahaha, she got that right. As we got into the apt, the only thing we could ask each other was if we knew a list of other old movies/tv shows. Talk about blast from the past.

We sat and enjoyed spicy buffalo chicken wings, my mom's famous baked macaroni, ice cream and apple pie and fruit salad. YUM. Tis was fun times. We all agreed that it felt really good to do that bit of service for someone else and also serving the missionaries as well who work so hard to serve us all the time. So it was settled, we decided we'd make that our new family tradition. (:

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥ ☮ ♫
live well . laugh hard . love big .
dec 24, 2010

That's called Limas fam jammin'

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays !

Friday, December 24, 2010

To-do List... T_T

Friday, December 3, 2010

December is a little too over-whelming for me...hear me rant.

[1] Filipino Christmas Party (Dec 4)
I'm emceeing this party, so basically I have everyone coming to me for tasks. I've been emailing and discussing with people over the phone about certain assignments, meet-up times for set up, decorations, food, games, music, etc. It's a whole lot of work. You think being the emcee is just to entertain during the party?...not even. And during this party I have to find time to grab my sisters and our missionaries to take pictures for the surprise we do for them every year. If we don't, then I'm going to have to plan nice outfits for the rest of the month both for Sundays and regular days because i just don't know when I'll be able to grab people for the pictures (yeah, that's how much I'm wanted. i'm being called over the place that sometimes i don't get to be calling people to get my own things done -.-")

Things I'm missing because of this even:
- Holly's surprise 17th birthday party
- Tita Minday's Christmas banquet
- Aryana's YSA gathering (which is when we were supposed to celebrate mine and Nathan's birthday)
- Study Time.

[2] SUNDAY (Dec 5)
What's my to-do list on this day?
- Photocopy program
- Attend the 3 hrs of church
- Practice "Sing for Christ is Born" with Ida
- Play "Sing for Christ is Born" to practice the Relief Society
- Baptism
- Practice playing "Believe" for the Young Women
- Practice playing "O Holy Night" with the Trio
- Choir practice
- General Presidency Christmas Devotional
- Practice singing "'Twas a Silent Night" with Ensemble

[3] Modes of Fantasy EXAM (Dec 6)
...wait, when did i have time to study for this? O___O

[4] Drama EXAM (Dec 8)
...oh wow, ONE day to study -.-"

[5] Literary Theory EXAM make-up (Dec 10)
I've mentioned this before. I was supposed to have this exam on Sunday the 12th, but because of the Stake Christmas Musical Fireside I got permission from my Prof to write it on this day instead.


[6] Ward Christmas Party (Dec 11)
So I don't really know what's happening here. But I'm playing the piano for the Relief Society to "Sing for Christ is Born" and "Believe" for the Young Women. Do I have these piano pieces down? NOPE. For some reason, my fingers aren't working with me. I'm practicing them and they sound so flipping horrible >.<>

[7] SUNDAY (Dec 12)
To-do list?
THANK GOODNESS, NO MORE PLAYING THE TWO SONGS!!!! The Ward Christmas party is done and I won't have to practice them anymore!! YAY! But I still need to practice "O Holy Night" on the piano and practice singing "'Twas a Silent Night"...because TONIGHT IS THE STAKE CHRISTMAS MUSICAL FIRESIDE!!! :D I'm soooooooo excited for it. The music is going to be so amazing! Anyone reading're invited to come. Its FREE to come here the Spirit of Christmas (: Oh yeah, and one of my closest friend's boyfriend is being baptized this day. YAY! (but that means more work because I promised her to help out..aka musical presentation).

[8] FREE WEEK (Dec 13-17)
Ok. That's a lie. I'm only calling it a "Free Week" because I don't have any exams or school. But do you know what I need to accomplish this week?!?!?!?!
- Christmas shopping with Laura
- Baking Christmas cookies with Sara for our service project
- Finish up ALL the missionaries' Christmas cards (let me tell you, each one has so much detail, it usually takes a lot of time)
- Finish my Lit Theory essay due on the 17th (yeah, i have to travel ALL the way to school just to hand that in -.-")
- Make the Flipside Tshirts for the Missionaries
- Deliver Christmas cards to the missionaries that are either RMs or the ones abroad.

[9] Primary Christmas Party (Dec 18)
I'm in Primary...i HAVE to go.
But a bit of good news!!! Caleb and Jenna, aka Mary and Joseph from our Saviour of the World production this summer (I didn't blog about that experience...i probably should!) ARE GETTING MARRIED :D :D Congratulations to them! Its going to be such a nice story to tell their kids one day..."we met playing Mary and Joseph" hehe cutee (:

[10] Canadian History EXAM (Dec 20)
OH BOY. I don't even know how I'm going to survive this. I like my lecture, I hate those reading he makes us print out. blah.

[11] Children's Lit EXAM (Dec 21)
Yeah I better study well for this one. It's a term course so I have to pass this exam...there's no making up for it. This is the last thing ever from this class, then I'm done....until part II that is.

[12] SERVICE PROJECT (Dec 22 or 23)
Sara and I need to choose a day to give out those cookies we plan to deliver for our service project!!

[13] CHRISTMAS EVE!!! (Dec 24)
Ok, so UGH, Christmas is on a Saturday. So that means Laura and I got to give the missionaries our surprise the day after. This makes planning very difficult because I obviously won't have ANY time whatsoever on Christmas day to bake their cookies or finish up their cards. SO we have to do it on Christmas eve's DAY. And i emphasize day because on Christmas EVE we're going to be helping dad set up for Christmas Eve dinner....

[14] CHRISTMAS!!!!!
You know, the regular tradition....see the fam fam for lunch and dinner :D YAY!

[15] Sunday (Dec 26)
So Boxing Day happens to be on a Sunday. But oh well. I can't complain because A) I'm not tempted to go plan where we're going shopping and B) I can't afford to spend anymore money. But today's the day we give out all the missionaries' surprises!!! I hope I'm not getting too old for this. LOL. we've been doing it since 2007 (i was 16 back then) and now its so weird cuz the missionaries are now around my age, so its like me making things for people in my year. gross. hahaha. but i know the missionaries need to be cared and loved for, so that's why we do it. laura and i call it our little christmas service project. it might not seem much, but we put a lot of effort into those home-made cards. and seeing their reactions are always so priceless (:

[16] FREE WEEK!!! (dec 27-jan 2)
So YAY! I'm finally free!!! Kinda...
So no plans for this week but people want me for things. So this is the "almost planned, but not official" list for this 'free week':
- I have a Drama essay due Jan 5. But i most likely will be writing it like the night usual.
- It's Christine's birthday on jan 2...most likely i'll be called to do something for it
- Sara and I need to start getting together to talk about this book....
- I need to catch up on writing for my own book
- Head start on readings? IF POSSIBLE?
- New Year's Eve/Day: Obviously traditions of New Year's eve dinner (that means no YSA New Year's Eve dance for me), and another busy Saturday on New Year's Day.
- Simmin moved into a new place. They've been bugging me to come see it. Probably this week...

I'M SO SAD THIS YEAR IS OVER! It went by so fast (and its going by even faster with all the stuff for December). Good-bye 2010, you have been SO good to me :')

So clearly this list is really over-whelming. And this is only the stuff that is irregular from my schedule. This doesn't include: chores, baby-sitting, family time, church, piano, reading, scripture study, Institute, YSA, and all that other jazz. Its really hard. I like to talk to people to, and because I don't get to see many friends during the school days, when I see some of them on Sunday all we want to do is TALK. And sometimes I barely get time for that because I'm too busy running around trying to get things done. Here's an example:

Last Sunday i did the regular of doing the program. but instead of resting after, laura did my hair, and then we ended up attending the Korean ward cuz they had their primary presentation as well, and there are a few of the Korean kids that i love (Wendy, Eric, and Benjamin), so we went to watch them. when there's was done, we had to set up for ours and i had to get a little practice in. then i had to clean up the decorations from PREF night because i heard they were STILL up. thankfully nathan and bobby helped me take the stuff down. i got back down just when our meeting started. then la la la i had to play the piano for the primary. when Sacrament meeting was done, I was playing the prelude music as people were exiting the chapel. Elder Jung interrupts me because he needs me to open up the library. Its gone around that I'm one of the very FEW who has a code to get into the library, so whenever someone needs it opened, especially the missionaries, they come straight to me. I run up stairs, find that its already open, run back down to tell him, about to head back to the piano, interrupted by a friend's mom visiting the ward and you know, you gotta talk to she was complimenting me on my playing, so i didn't want to be rude. So i'm about to head back to the piano AGAIN, but some guy (who was hitting on me) starts talking and stuff. I'm not rude, so I talk nicely to the guy. By the time he's gone, my mom comes to me asking me what that was all about. When she's done talking, Laura, Rebecca, and Kim are already there about to talk to me. I don't even get the chance to talk long (which is horrible because I barely ever get to see Rebecca). I attempt to go play piano, but everyone exited so NO POINT. I get upstairs to Primary where everyone's already enjoying treats (which i partly missed). Then I forgot I had to make Elder Baker his bday card. I went to head down to Relief Society, but ended up talking to some of the adult filipinos outside. I then realize that i can't come back upstairs for primary for closing exercises because I have to be in Relief Society for closing exercises to practice the song. So i had to run back upstairs and ask the primary president for permission to stay in RS. I enter RS and they don't end early enough, so we DONT get to practice it as the closing him. But i had to stay to practice for it afterwards. (Mind you, that was the first time in a little while that i got to stay in ANY class for over 10 mins). After playing i had to dash back into the chapel for the baptism, which ALREADY started. Thank goodness for little secrets here and there because Jezreel told me she caught a certain someone staring and smiling at me (which eased my day up a bit..cuz, well, i barely got to talk to him that day cuz i was all over the place). after the baptism i was playing with baby asher on the piano and waht not. then after we had to go put away the trees and tables from the room we used for pref. Then FINALLY i got to sit down and just chill. OH MY GOODNESS. i got to use that chill time to talk to Stacy about the guy mentioned above (: then yeah, i had to go practice with the trio for O Holy Night. then run back out of the gym to the primary room where choir was. then we had to go down because we switched rooms. then after choir we had to stay extra long cuz all the ladies' learned a new song separate from the guys. then i had to stay longer to practice the ensemble with sara and the others. then i got to go home. my goodness, i DID NOT want to go to school the next day.

yeah that's my little rant. I'm just thankful for those people who recognize that i need to be many places at once, like Tita Imee, the Primary President, cuz they make my burden a little more easier and take some of the load off of me. I'm not complaining, cuz i like what i do, but i just needed to let out a little steam...its stressful.

Photos by Wendy G.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wendy G.

Officially my absolute most favourite photographer!

I love her creativity. I'd have to say that it's my most favourite part of her work. As an (amateur) photographer, I like to take my photos in a specific style. I actually admitted to some friends that if I were to get a photographer for my engagement or wedding photos, I might have trouble not bossing the person around that I want my pictures taken a certain way. BUT NOT WITH WENDY G. I don't care...if I have to go all the way to Utah (which won't be a problem for me cuz i love utah) to get my engagement photos taken, THEN I WILL. And if I have to pay a fortune to have her for my wedding, THEN I WILL. She's just THAT good.

Here's a link to her photo blog:

I love just browsing though and looking at her photography. Its amazing and I get addicted to looking at them. Mostly just because I hope to be as good as her one day :D

There are SO MANY i like. I wish i could copy and paste the pictures here, but her website doesn't allow that. So here are links to a few of my most favourite photoshoots she had done:

Kaci's Bridal photoshoot: Kaci is absolutely gorgeous. And I love how she was dressed for her this photoshoot. Really romantic stuff. I love the black and white photography, it looks so classic!

Goldhardt Kids photoshoot: I think this is the photographer's nieces and nephews. They're so cute!

Shane & Krista Preece wedding: One of my absolute favourite weddings. Everything about this couple's photoshoots I amazingly adored:
  • Engagement shoot 1: i love love love the one with the polaroid camera shots),
  • Engagement shoot 2: oh my goodness. theses are just beautiful. i love the silhouette dance photos. those are so LEGIT! I had this one photo of my silhouette taken at the temple...and i loved it. I LOVE THESE EVEN MORE
  • Bridal shoot 1: i love how she gets to put her ballet shoes into this.
  • Bridal shoot 2: i just love nature shots. i would personally go for a different looking garden, but meh, these are still good. I like the scenes with the waterfall and rocks a lot better though (:
Cate (baby shoot): OH MY GOODNESS. This is like the cutest baby alive!

Nielson Family shoot: This family is just too cute!!


Anyway yeah, those are some of my favourites. Check out her website and blog cause she has a ton more. I think another reason why she's one of my favourites is that she pays attention to detail. And i love detail (I'm an English major, it's what I do :P). Especially with the temple, every single detail of the temple is there to symbolize something. As I am not yet endowed or married, I do not know all the meanings of these symbols of the temple, but when I do get married I would very much like a photographer like Wendy G, because she takes your photos with the beauty of the symbolic meanings of the temple with it. I don't think I could ask for more.

And here's that photo of myself with my silhouette by the temple (:


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm 19.
Yeah, it's about time!

It's been a year since my huge debut party. I got to admit, I was having trouble thinking of anything that could possibly beat last year. I make the joke that the next big party I'm ever going to have is going to be at my wedding. Which is true! So within the upcoming hours of my birthday I re-posted some debut videos reminisce.

To be honest, I thought I would have the suckiest day. What are my reasons?

1) I had a History assignment due that day, so that means staying up late the night before. For the record, I was up till 3:30am.

2) I Only got 2.5 hrs of sleep. I had to be at school for 8:30am for my Canadian History lecture.

3) I had a 4 hour break. WHAT.

4) My Children's Lit of my more boring classes.

5) I get out of school at 4:30. It takes me and hour and 15 mins to get home. I would be missing the Temple Trip this night...which SUCKS because A) I haven't been to the temple since May and B) it was supposed to officially be my last youth activity. yea, not happening.

6) Last year my party was on Nov 7th. But on my actual birthday, I was talking to a "friend" about our relationship between each other, and we sorta decided that we officially had a mutual understanding. We liked each other but we couldn't date...this started around my birthday party, but it was only on the actual day of my birthday we discussed the serious stuff. Well, let's just say, it didn't even last a month. I hate bringing back those memories. Not pretty. It took me 3 months to get over it.

so you can understand i wasn't really looking forward to it. know there are so many little things a person can do that make me happy (:

1) My friend since the 4th grade, Rubab Aquil, was up while I was up writing my essay, and she was counting down to my birthday. And she made me this:

She made this her Facebook profile picture right on November 25, 2010 at 12:00am. And she wrote this as her caption:

To:laughing hyena aka skittle lover aka ari aka my best friend since grade 4
Happy 19th Birthday Darling♥
May you have a beautiful day..full of lots of surprises...may God bless you with All His blessings..May you get whatever you want in life...May you keep smiling always and forever♥
My Goodness Gracious how far do we go back..i dont even know (grade 3 lol but i wanted to say it) i can safely say i have more than a hundred memories with you♥:D You're my beautiful sunshine and i love you so much...till now we have kept our friendship firm and strong and etc etc...dude i love you ok thats all lol ..ok you keep commenting on the photo..but im too busy writing this...ahh i had so much to say man..ok well im just very thankful to God for giving me a friend like you<3you're>

Yeah, I have some of the greatest friends!

2) On my way to school, like super early in the morning, Jared calls me after their seminary class to greet me and they all sorta-ish sang me happy birthday. (I was to tired to remember if they did or not. Jezreel had to remind me afterwards).

3) I get to school and nothing interesting happens, but my friend Alex did give me a toonie to buy me a chocolate bar since she couldn't get me the cupcake. LOL.

During break, I guess I used all the time to reply back to everybody's messages on Facebook. It took up pretty much my whole break. Children's Lit starts, so I'm sitting there bored...

4) But near the end of the class my phone starts buzzing. Thank goodness I was able to pick us up because my prof let us go just that second. It was Shanelle, one of my closest friends at church and also a new member. So here's out convo:

S: Guess who called me?
A: Who? Rapper?
S: No...Elder Anderson.
A: Yea, so? What'd he say?
S: He called me asking where you were! He said you're not answering your phone and he's been trying to get a hold of you!
A: OH! (Yeah, YorkU has really bad reception...)

5) So I try to get to the buses ASAP so I could finally get off campus and get some good reception. And low and behold, as we're driving off campus my phone rings and its Elder Anderson! We talked for a while, then he said that he had a choir that wanted to sing to me. I was so confuzzled for a sec. Then he counted to 3 and all I hear are all these people singing (or more like yelling) Happy Birthday to me. This made me smile soooooo much. And i wanted to laugh so hard..but i tried to keep it in. Yeah, i looked like such an idiot on the full-packed bus. Elder Anderson was on switches and he was with Elder Dewey(!) and his companion, and one of the YSA, Aaron, in Churchville. I realized that my uni was in their area and they could have totally visited me, JUST SAYIN'. Then i got to talk to Elder Dewey for a bit (who was a greenie when he served in my ward), and then talked again with Anderson. This totally made my night...I was smiling the whole way home. Seriously, i love my missionaries. And Elder Anderson is the absolute best!

6) Jezreel and I planned to meet up at the subway station so we could take the bus together to my place. So there she was, waiting for me...and she had one of those McCain IceCream pies in her hand. :') i was so touched. No one else bothered buying me a cake!!! I love my twin :D So i told her what happened so far, and she has to admit, she got kilig. She knows she did. Hahaha.

7) We get to my place and my mom has my favourite Congee Star menu waiting for me on the table like promised (: We were originally going to go to Jack Astors cuz i wanted CALIMARI so badly! But I had tons of stuff to do and she had to go to Parent-Teacher interviews, so we decided take-out was best. Jezreel and I enjoyed the food and talked more.

8) Then Rubab calls and she came to stop by for a quick visit. How great is that? Well she just lives across the street, but still. I never usually get people visiting me on my birthday.

9) Right when Rubab knocks on my door, my phone starts buzzing. I pick up and someone starts singing Happy Birthday to me and all I can do was smile. It was Elder Lucero!! (Elder Anderson's companion). It was American Thanksgiving, so i guess that's how he remembered since we were talking about it on Saturday haha. As much as I love my American friends, I'm sorry Lucero, I'm proud to be Canadian!!!

10) I got so many messages from people...i couldn't help but feel being loved. Especially when you get those extra long ones from people you know who extra love Holly Deeks, Christine Laycock, Anthony Gomes, and Jed Layton. (: And these are my friends from far and wide. Christine's moved to Victoria, BC for law school and her message made me very happy. Anthony Gomes, i don't know where that boy is, but he is like my brother since we were in primary, and no matter how distant he is from the church, I'm glad he remembered me. And Jed, he's one of the RMs that had served in our ward...and he remembered my birthday! (':

11) OH YEAH. Christine texted me at midnight on my birthday! SHE HAS UNLIMITED TEXTING NOW!!! I was so happy! And she told me Simmin does too! This made me SOOOO happy. Those two are my closest friends from highschool and I go to a different university, so I never see them anymore. So i barely talk to them. AND NOW WE CAN TEXT. awesomeness.

ANYWAY, yup that's how my day went! I was definitely happy when I went to bed. And a good thing too, because the next day was going to be waaaaaaaay busy cuz of PREF. I only wished I got to see my sister more that day. She was out of the house before I woke up and had already left for the temple when I got home. BUT YEAH, I WAS TRES HAPPPY (:

Excerpt #6 - November 30, 2010

“Look at me. You’ll get over it ok? Trust me, you will. He doesn’t matter. What matters is that you try your best to fix that heart of yours. You can’t make anyone love you; all you can do is be someone who can be loved and the rest is up to the person to realize you’re worth it.”

Avalie played Mallorie’s advice over and over again in her mind. It’s been three years since Mallorie first said those words to her; when Ava decided to finally walk away from Vince. And she had used that advice all throughout the years. She thought that James would be that person. But once again she was wrong. And now Roo was here for her. He told her how much he loved her and how much she was worth. Roo was there for her, her best friend, the person she always confined in, the person who knew everything about her, and sometimes even knew her better than herself...but why was it so hard for her to allow herself to love him? She knew she did, but she was so scared to admit it.

*** meanwhile...***

Tanner turned toward Mallorie with a concerned look on his face. He struggled to get the words out, “you’s really hard to wait around for something that you know might never happen.”

As much as Mallorie loved Avalie, she didn’t like to see Tanner so stressed out either. “If you know you can’t have her, then why don’t you just let her go? What’s the point?”

Tanner looked down, then back up at Mallorie, this time with a smile on his face. He let out a little chuckle, “’s even harder to give up on something that you’ve always wanted”.

Touched, Mallorie’s solemn face brightened up in an instant. “If that’s how you really feel about Ava, then tell her.”

“I let her know all the time. I don’t think she realizes that as she’s been waiting for James, I’m been waiting just as patiently for her.”

Close to tears, Mallorie tried to comfort him, “just keep trying Tanner. Trust me, she does love you. It’s just hard for her to fully allow herself to”.

“But why?”

Mallorie heaved a sigh, “she’s just a little scared, I guess. She’s scared to get too close to anyone because everyone that promised to stay left”.

“Well she’s already broken half that statement of yours. She let me get so close. Maybe even too close. Do you know what that feels like? Every smile from her is torture because it’s a taste of something I can’t have.”

“I don’t know if this helps, but she truly does love you Tanner. She really, really does. I can tell. Ever since you guys became friends, she’s never been happier. With James gone, all she’s done was worry about him. But you have made a serious difference in her life.”

“You really think so?”

“I know so. And you know what confirms that? When you’re not around her there’s definitely something missing from her smile.”

Mallorie knew all Avalie had to do was allow herself to trust her own heart. Mallorie knew how Avalie felt deep down inside. “I’m not saying that I’m in love, I’m just saying that lately he’s all I’ve been thinking about”. Those were the words Avalie had said when Mallorie first approached her about Tanner. Maybe it was about time she helped her friend realize how she really felt.

PREF..and other weekend tid-bits (:

Monday, November 29, 2010

PREF went better than expected, thankfully. Here's a little background on that. So PREF is the Girls' preference dance where all the girls have to ask guys to this formal dance at church. The way we YSA do it is we gots to do something CREATIVE. Ok creative? Yeah, you got it. You know what crazy creative thing I did? Well, one of my friends, Arrius Racioppo, who I also call my big bro, was still on his mission...but he would be returning home two weeks before PREF. So I thought I'd send him a little package, in it includes a tie wrapped around a piece of paper with a rap on it asking him to PREF. Crazy, I know. Cuz whenever people hear what I did, they get a little shocked. Anyway...

So Friday, the plan was for Shanelle, Malkia, and I to meet up at the Stake Centre and start decorating the room. Malkia didn't show up and Shanelle and I had to work with whatever Shanelle brought. So for about an hour and a half, we were all over the place, running all over the church trying to find some stuff to help out with the decorations. We had to borrow things from here and there: tables, scissors, decorations, chairs, and trees. Haha the trees w
ere the funniest. They were located in the 3rd floor recreation room that's connected to the CES Room. The thing is, all the missionaries had a meeting in the CES Room, so when Shanelle and I were taking the trees from the room beside it, they could see us through the window...hahahahahahaha they had the weirdest looks on their faces! So putting our creative minds to work, we came up with a pretty decent set-up.

Don't you love the bouquet of flowers on the chalkboard? I totally made that. All out of streamers and chalk (:

After decorating we really wanted our missionaries to check it out and give us their opinion...but because they were in a meeting, we ended up just texting them about it. They called us later on to tell us they loved it :D YAY! When we came back into the room later on, we even found one of their pass-a-long cards stuck in one of our paper lanterns that said *heart*/ the missionaries. Haha.

So after decorating, Shanelle and I had to scoot on over to my place and try to get the grocery shopping done ASAP. We were grateful the Lord was on our side cuz the lights and the bus worked and arrived all according to our accommodation. YES! So we get to Food Basics..and I'd say the shopping was pretty easy. Minus finding the right chicken breasts. But that was the first thing we did, so everything else was easy breezy. I think I very much liked shopping for cooking. Especially with a friend. But holy cow, those prices. The only reason I didn't mind was cause the three of us were splitting it. But oh man, I can't imagine having to do this shopping all the time to feed a family. WELL THEN, i guess that's just something I'm going to have to get used to because being a mom is top priority on my list (:

Shanelle and I had the hardest time carrying all that stuff back to my place...and my place was just a few buildings away! They were heavy...and I'll admit, my shoulders still hurt a little from carrying them. Wow, i'm so soft.

Right when we got to my place the first thing we did was dash on into the kitchen (well wash our hands first, THEN go to the kitchen. Our menu for that night was Zesty Italian Chicken, Fried Rice and Cupcakes. I made the cupcakes the night before and had iced them before I went to help decorate, so that was one thing already checked off our menu list. And a good thing to because we were WAY behind schedule. Cooking the chicken was actually pretty fun.

When we finally popped the chicken into the oven for baking, Laura started to work on Shanelle's hair, and I got started on the fried rice. I barely got anywhere. The hot dogs had to be cooked, the egg had to be scrambled, the frozen vegetables had to be defrosted, the rice had to finish cooking, and the extra chicken had to be cooked before we put it all together. I was attempting to do this all at once. I'm there thinking I still have time, when I don't. We told the guys to meet us at 6:30, so we were supposed to arrive at 6:00 to do some last minute stuff. It was 5:10. The rice wasn't fried and I still had to take a shower and get dressed and all dolled up. Not happening. Thankfully my parents offered to finish doing the fried rice while I got ready. YAY FOR PARENTS!!!! By the time I was finished with showering, getting dressed, and make-up done, my dad had all the food packed up and ready for us to go. YES! Success! Minus my hair. I didn't get to do anything fancy with it. Oh well.

So we're driving to the church, which is 5 mins away from my place. But the traffic is so bad that it takes us so much longer. To make it worst, the lights weren't working at Don Mills and Overlea, which is pretty much the biggest intersection between my place and the Stake Centre. I get a call from Jezreel telling me she just saw my date run upstairs thinking he was late. But in the end, it all turned out pretty good. By the time we entered the room, it was pretty dark outside and when we opened up the door, we were all pretty amazed with what we saw. It looked nothing like this when Shanelle and I set it up that morning.

I was so flipping amazed when I saw this! It was so cool! The lights from the street below were shining through the window and into our room. SICK TIINGZ!!!!! While waiting for the rest of our dates, we just chilled on the ledge. It was just that good looking.

Laura and Jezreel did a FABULOUS job with waitering our dinner.

The dance was pretty good. I loved the fruit salad they served...yum yum.
I wasn't expecting my date to dance. #1, he just got back from his mission, so he was feeling pretty intimidated by the dance. #2, even before his mission, he wouldn't dance to like every song. So i wasn't expecting much. But when the first slow song came on, he found me (yes, pigging out at the food table), and asked me to dance (:

A lot of the night the rest of my friends and I just took pictures in front of the photography back-drop. Fun stuff!!

On Saturday, we didn't really have anything planned. But the night before, as we were driving to PREF, Shanelle was talking to Elder Anderson on the phone and I told him that we made extra food for him and Elder Lucero (because I love my missionaries that much, I do anything for them.) He told us to leave it in the kitchen, but then he wanted to eat it with us. So he invited me to come to the church for Saturday so we could eat it together (even though I specifically just made it for him and Lucero...he said we could "share" because they needed to less for their 6 packs LOL). So Laura and I went to the church, with the dinner for the missionaries, and we listened in to a very nice discussion with Shanelle and her mom (her mom is being taught by the Elders) and we watched a video about the Temples. It was really touching. I just love the temple and that is absolutely what I am striving for. Everything I do is focused on just being able to have a worthy temple marriage and be sealed to my future family forever. It was touching to hear both Shanelle's and Elder Anderson's testimonies about how they felt about the temple. I love spiritual moments :') We didn't get to eat with the Elders because they ended up giving someone a blessing, so we went into the kitchen to go eat ice cream and get hyper. They shooed us away to the gym because we were being loud LOL. So Shanelle and I were waaay hyper and we were partying it up in the gym while listening to Party in the USA. We were dancing like maniacs. Then Elder Lucero walks in. I had already stopped, but Shanelle just kept going. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!! Now Lucero keeps making fun of her for it ;D

Oh man, Sunday is busy..i was everywhere! I woke up Sunday morning beside my sister. She was having a troubling night, so I offered to sleep beside her. Whatever, I know we're 19 and 17, but she's my little sister, and I don't mind. I wanted to make her feel better. And it brought me back to when we were 5 and 7 and we'd sleep next to each other if one of us was scared or something hehe. Anywho Laura and I went early with my dad, as usual. After making the program, our plan was to fix my hair. OBV, i have to look good the Sunday after i turn 19. And it was the Primary Presentation so i'd be up at the front doing stuff...i gots to make myself look good. My sister loves hairstyling. She's so talented in it. The only problem is she has trouble doing hairstyles on herself because she can't see/reach her own hair, so she likes to play with mine, especially because it had grown out pretty long. We decided that we'd try out a French Twist which she found as one of Miley Cyrus' hairstyles. This is what it turned out to look like:

Pretty hot, eh? I LOVED IT. And so did everyone else. I got so many compliments...and of course the credit all went to Laura!! (:

The Primary Presentation went very well. But i must say i did get very nervous at times because I did make mistakes. After that i was torn between going to primary, going to yw, and going to RS. Sometimes I feel like I don't know what to do with the sunday school hours. Sigh. I need to be everywhere at once. It's pretty hard to take in. But I ended up going to RS for the last 20 minutes. I had to play the piano for the RS because we had to practice the song for the Ward Christmas party on the 11th. Oh man, I made so many mistakes and it's so hard playing with the metronome.

Right after that i had to dash back into the chapel for the baptism. OH VERY HAPPY TIINGZ. As I entered, Jezreel caught someone staring at me. Hahaha, as usual. Its still very flattering...especially cuz i like him. But i try not to make a big deal, because after all, he is a CM. If you know what that means, good for you. If you don't, too bad. (My friends and I have our codes...what can you say, we're girls!). Anyway, that made me smile the way my friend described it. My sister actually caught him doing it again a while after. You that stare, someone looks at you and they smile. Then they look back down and whatever they were doing but they continue smiling. That makes me smile. Hehe.

After the baptism I got to play with ASHER!!! One of the cutest babies on earth! He always cries, but for once he wasn't because we were playing tunes on the piano with him on my lap. It was so funny cuz i was trying to play nursery rhymes by ear, and everyone who walked into the room was giving me looks (because they all know i can play much more complicated than that). But i would just lift up Asher and say that he was playing (: (: (: SO CUTE.

Elder Darner was at the baptism, thank goodness. He's one of our favourite missionaries and he just recently got transfered. We didn't get a chance to take pictures with him before he left, so we got our chance then :D

We chilled after the baptism and I told Stacey all about...well the person who was looking at me. No i didn't tell her just that, I had to tell her the whole past with him. (: Sigh, i wish i didn't like him so much.

Holly came later with birthday cake for me and nathan! :D YAY!!!!

Choir was fun stuff, as always :D

And yeah, that was my tres busy weekend.
Next weekend:
1) Filipino Christmas Party (I'm EMCEEING!!!!) So this week all i'm doing is helping organize everything for it.

2) Another baptism

3) Last choir practice

4) General Presidency Christmas Devotional!!!

5)...3 exams the weekdays after that.

Hopefully i can pull it all off!! (:

What a doozey...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life is going fast and I’m enjoying as much of it as I can.
It’s November 18th and I’m in the middle of my Children’s Literature class. My tutorial leader, Denise, is the guest lecturer, and I’m finding her presentation on Alice in Wonderland very interesting. I have the best tutorial leader and her lectures are just as good! Anyhow...
It’s basically the end of the year. It’s mid November, which means the clash of all things coming together at once. Or at least for me. I find that every year when November comes around, I am drowning with a billion things to do in such a short amount of time! Here’s my school bit:
1. Lit Theory ESSAY – Due Nov 22
2. History ASSIGNMENT – Due Nov 25 (MY BIRTHDAY!!)
3. Fantasy ESSAY – Nov 29
4. Child’s Lit ESSAY – Dec 2
5. Fantasy EXAM – Dec 6
6. Drama EXAM – Dec 8
7. Lit Theory EXAM – Dec 10/12
(It’s on the 12th, but I’m getting permission to write it on the 10th. I’ll explain why later)
8. History EXAM – Dec 20
9. Child’s Lit EXAM – Dec 21
(What is this?! I have an exam only a few days before Christmas? Sigh, that’s University for ya...)
10. Drama ESSAY – Jan 5
...JOY. So that’s just the SHCOOL schedule.
This week alone is driving me nuts, but I’m super excited for everything that’s coming my way. Today’s Thursday, so we’re starting off with our first Flipside practice of the year! But just like any year, we procrastinated. The Filipino Christmas Party is super early this year, December 4th!! We only found out a few weeks ago and we’ve only officially decided on our songs this week. So once again, CRUNCH TIME. So I’m heading to church right after school, one, for dance practice, and two, to see my missionaries that are going home tomorrow morning. Good-bye Elder Wayne, Elder Barlow, Elder Brazeau, and Elder Kim!
Friday. There’s a reason why I only have two 1-hour classes this day. Because Fridays are always so crazy! Everyone else in Flipside gets PA day, so basically they’re all waiting for me to get home and clean and get ready for Institute, then we all head to church for some hard-core Flipside practice. As soon as 6pm comes along, we’re supposed to set up for the SYE Activity, which is a potluck. Hm, I’m technically not supposed to be going to those anymore because I’m turning 19, but since it is being held at the Stake Centre, meh, why not? Right after that it’s Institute, which I haven’t been for two weeks due to family parties (once again, November is CRAZY!). And the YSA activity is Speed Dating. I don’t know if I’m too excited about that. I don’t mind it when we do it at Leadership Conference, but that’s because we don’t call it “Speed Dating”. Now that it’s with the Young SINGLE Adults, the word dating starts to make me uncomfortable. And that’s only because I DON’T want to date anybody at the moment. Or at least anyone here in the Toronto/Ontario region.
Saturday. Lately I’ve been feeling “empty” and it’s because I feel the need to be doing some service. So Laura and I offered to clean the chapel (again), just because we had nothing else to do Saturday morning. So at 9am, our plan is to get to the church and start cleaning those toilets! Right after, once again, another hard-core Flipside practice. And maybe, just maybe, if I don’t pass out from being tired, we’ll be attending Arrius’ open-house. YEAH! Did I mention? My brother came home from his mission last Tuesday!! Two years passed by so quick and I’m so excited he’s home...except he’s not in my ward anymore, so that’s just a tad bit weird.
Sunday. OK. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. I consider it “resting” just because I’m not at school, but I’m running around trying to get things done just like any other day. Is that a bad thing? If it is, let me know. But I promise they’re all church related things! Our service doesn’t start till 12noon, but Laura and I are always there at 9am to do the program. Holly Deeks will be speaking at the Korean Branch this Sunday, so we’re going to go watch her. YAY, no 2 hrs of just sleeping on the couch. Yup, the couch has officially been named the Limas’ couch by the missionaries. They see us napping on it ALLLLL the time. Right after Holly speaks, Arrius and his dad are speaking at my ward! That means their whole family is attending my ward...YAY! It’ll just be like old times! And after church there’s a baptism...WOOT WOOT...which means BF will not be going off to another ward and will be staying at ours. Tis makes me very happy. Then Laura, Daniel, Shanelle, Holly and I will basically just be chilling at the church till 7 when choir starts. OH YEAH. I'm super happy I'm in choir this year cause I’m having an uber-fun time singing. But I’m not just singing with the choir, Sara also picked me to be part of a smaller ensemble to sing a separate piece and I am also playing the piano for a trio my sister is part of. I can’t wait! The performance is Sunday, December 12th at 7pm. (refer back to school schedule). Yea, I’m supposed to have an exam that night. And this is where I’m grateful for the Power of Prayer! Right after my professor announced it I almost cried. I’ve been waiting for so long to finally be part of the Stake Choir, and when I finally get to be in it, I have a dumb exam. I said a quick prayer right after. And so I talked to Professor Valihora after class. OH MY GOODNESS. She agreed with the ridiculous-ness of the date and she gave me permission to write it on a different day. She suggested the 10th, but she did say she’ll get back to me. I hope it follows through!
...wait, so that’s basically my weekend. But um, I have an essay due on Monday. WHERE DO I FIND THE TIME?!?!?!?!?!?!

...Don't even get me started with December.

the most beautiful love confession i've ever heard .

Thursday, November 11, 2010


"You know when I said I knew nothing about love?
That wasn`t true. I know a lot about love.
I`ve seen it; centuries and centuries of it,
and the only thing that made watching your world bearable.
All those wars, the pain, lies, hate...
made me want to turn away and never look down again.
But to see the way mankind love.
You could search the furthest reach of the universe and never find anything more beautiful.
So yes, I know love is unconditional,
but I also know it can be unpredictable,
and strangly easy to mistake for loathing.
And...what I`m...I`m trying to say, Tristan, is I think I love you!
My heart, it feels like my chest can barely contain it,
like it doesn`t belong to me anymore;
it belongs to you.
And if you wanted it,
I`d wish for nothing in exchange.
No gifts, no goods, no demonstrations of devotion.
Nothing, but knowing you love me too;
just your heart, in exchange for mine." - Stardust♥


Thursday, October 21, 2010

you can't make someone love you .

all you can do is be someone who can be loved .

the rest is up to the person to realize you are worth it .


Monday, September 27, 2010

Lindsay Lohan, 24, is all over the news because she's a celebrity drug addict. While Justin Allen, 23, Brett Linley, 29, Matthew Weikert, 29, Justus Bartett, 27, Dave Santos, 21, Chase Stanley, 21, Jesse Reed, 26, Matthew Johnson, 21, Zachary Fisher, 24, Brandon King, 23, Christopher Goeke, 23, and Sheldon Tate, 27 are all Marines that gave their lives this week, no media mention. Honor THEM by reblogging.


I am amazed that while there are some people you can see everyday and not say a word to, there are other people whom you see once a year, or once in life, and say anything
....BP vs. BF gives me hope (:

Friday, September 24, 2010

Only a Prayer Away by Margo Edgeworth

In my home up above such a short time ago
I prepared for my mission on Earth
Such a faraway land, what a strange foreign place,
Was I ready for my chance at birth?
There would be trials ahead, time for learning and growth
I'd experience sadness and pain
"Dear Father," I cried, "will you stay by my side?"
Then lovingly came this refrain:

"Child I will always be near you
To watch you and guide you back home.
I know of your fears, your heartaches and tears
But with me you are never alone
At times the way won't be easy
You'll see many choice souls go astray
But be patient and strong
And I"ll help you along
For I'm only a prayer away"

Once again I prepare for a mission on Earth
With a call sent from Father above
Faraway I will go, far from people I know
Am I ready to leave those I love?
I'll be serving the Lord, bringing souls back to Him
On His arm I must always rely
"But Father, what if they don't listen?", I asked
Then He spoke this loving reply:

"Child I will always be near you
To watch you and guide you back home.
I know of your fears, your heartaches and tears
But with me you are never alone
At times the way won't be easy
You'll see many choice souls go astray
But be patient and strong
And I"ll help you along
For I'm only a prayer away"

YLC 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Arriving at YLC!!!!

The ADAM Branch! WOOT!
My people ever<3
A tree on campus. Haha it looks like the Tree of Life ;D
The ADAM boys waiting for us (:
Me and Felisha with the best escort ever, Jake!
The Formal Dance

My house leader, Maria! Love her<3>

Seriously, it was the BEST year ever! I didn't think any year could beat my first year in 2007....but this has OFFICIALLY. I'm so glad my last one went off with a blast. I have no regrets, the Spirit was SOOO strong, and I met some of the best people ever <3>

Be Strong and of Good Courage
Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed
For the Lord thy God is with thee
Withersoever Thou Goest
- Joshua 1:9


“She doesn’t say ‘I love you’ like a normal person. Instead, she’ll laugh, shake her head, give you a little smile, and say.. ‘You’re an idiot’. If she tells you you’re an idiot, you are a lucky man.”

“You’re an idiot.”

Excerpt #5 - August 16

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I remember every look upon your face
The way you role your eyes, the way you taste
You make it hard for breathing
‘Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everything’s okay
And finally now, believing...

As the chorus started to play, Avalie rolled onto her stomach and furiously dug her face into her pillow. She slightly lifted her head and gave the radio the cut-eye. “You just had to play that song, didn’t you”. Avalie realized she was talking to an inanimate object. She was officially going crazy. She rolled back and stared at the ceiling. She was still thinking about what Roo had said to her the night before.

Axel had thrown a huge party for her 20th birthday bash at her cottage up in northern Ontario. Everyone who was anyone was there. Avalie enjoyed herself inside for a bit, but as the night grew longer she found herself strolling alone in the field out back. Beyond the partying beat, Avalie had found a peaceful serenity with the moon just peaking through the tops of the trees and breathing in the fresh forest air. She closed her eyes to savour the moment. All of a sudden she heard a snap of a twig. Someone had followed her outside. She cautiously turned around and saw a familiar figure. It was Roo. “Oh, it’s just you”, Avalie said relieved. “I didn’t know you were in there.”“I wasn’t. I just got here. Axel told me you went for a walk outside, so I came to look for you. Mind if I join?”

Avalie and Roo strolled along, the moonlight guiding the pathway, leading them deeper in the forest. Roo cleared his throat, “I’ve been meaning to talk to you about what happened a while back.”
Avalie had to think before she realized he was referring to their adventure at High Park. Since then, they had spent so much more time together.

He paused for a moment, then hesitated, “ I know how people look at me, Ava. People see me as the guy who doesn’t want to settle with a girlfriend cause I go around giving attention to what seems like every girl in the world.”
It was true. Avalie had noticed how friendly Roo was with the ladies. But as a friend, she had been able to look past that.
“But lately, there’s only been one girl on my mind.”Avalie froze.
“Roo, wait.”
“Ava, just let me finish. I know you still think about James ok. I know you’re not completely over him. But I love spending time with you. You make me laugh like no one else does. You make me realize that you can find joy in the little things in life. You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever met”, he slowed down, “...and you look at me like no one else does. You see a different side of me that no one has ever tried to look for.”
Avalie stared at him.
“Ava, I want you to be mine. I want you to be my girlfriend.”
Avalie looked away as she blinked the tears from her eyes.
“Roo, we should really start heading back to the party...”
“Roo, I can’t.”
Roo didn’t like Ava pushing him away so quickly. “Ava, I know its cause of James. I get that. But why can’t you just let it go and move on? Everyone’s been telling you that he’s not coming back. And you tell me all the time how much you doubt him. You’re too busy waiting for someone who’s not coming back! I don’t think you realize that you build a wall around yourself so no one else can come near you!”

She could not believe what she was hearing. She trusted Roo with all that, but she didn’t expect him to use it against her.
“Well it's not like I built this wall to keep people out! At first it was cause I didn’t want anyone else but James! But now it’s just there ...just waiting for someone who cares enough to try and knock it down!”, Avalie shouted back, tears running down her face.

Roo calmed himself down. “Ava, what do you think I’m doing.” He pulled her in and wiped the tears from her face. “Okay, let’s go back to the cottage.”

As they re-entered the party, the DJ had already slowed everything down. Two Is Better Than One played through the speakers. Roo led Avalie to the dance floor. They slowly swayed around without speaking to each other. With the last few moments of the song, Roo spun Avalie and pulled her close. He had her caressed under his chin. “Ava”, he whispered. “ I’m sorry about before. But I meant everything I said. You’re incredible. And you don’t need James to prove that you are. It kills me to see that you don’t see how much you’re worth. Earlier I said that people see me paying attention to what seems like every girl in this world. Ava...I promise, I won’t leave you like he did. I want you to be the only girl in my world. You’re like my best friend. I love you.” He kissed the top of her head. Avalie closed her eyes trying to hold back from crying.

She was still staring at the ceiling, but now tears were streaming down her face. She didn’t know why it was so hard to let go. She sat up on her bed and wiped her face. She took a deep breath. She still had hope James was coming back. But she had let that take control of her life. She missed out with Ryder because she was too caught up with thinking about James. And now there was Roo. She had spent so much time with him the last few months. Once again, she had flashed back to the time at High Park. She smiled as she thought back to how she felt that day; that there was someone who actually took her mind off of James. She didn’t want to lose her opportunity like she did with Ryder. Roo meant so much more to her.

Avalie stood on the line between giving up on James and holding on just a bit longer. She had to make a decision. She grabbed her phone and texted Roo. “I need to see you.” It was about time she decided which side she wanted to be on.
6 lives . 3 promises . 1 risk & 1 story . It's going to be AMAZING .
James Calvin . Derek Night . Tyson Skye .
Avalie Lavista . Axel Chase . Mallorie Adams .
Photocred: Holly Deeks
Location: Church parking lot
Hair: Messy bun and hairspray
Sunglasses: $20 American Eagle
Earrings: $7 Multi-Accessories
Necklace: $3 Ardenes
Cardigan: $5 Stiches
Skirt: $17 Smart Set
Sandals: $18 Gerard Square

(C) Ariana Rae Limas

Excerpt #4 - August 8

Avalie lowered her sunglasses and looked at Roo, “are you serious?”
He kneeled down and started splashing the fountain water towards her. His eyes glistened up at her, just like the first time they had met.

She had met 20 year old Mr. Aruiso at a special conference a few months ago and it had been quite a while since she last saw him. Avalie smiled to herself when she thought about their last encounter. Surprisingly she had been able to trust him with everything about her, including everything she was feeling about James’ departure. Soon enough, Aruiso turned into Roo, a nickname only Avalie used for him. For some reason, Roo liked to mysteriously keep his first name a secret.

Now here they were, ditching the picnic, and taking a nature walk through Toronto’s High Park. He had walked her past the Adventure Playground, smiling at the little children running around; he speedily brought her through the zoo, laughing at each other’s scrunched up faces due to the smell of the animals; he strolled her alongside Grenadier Pond and they watched the geese take off in flight, their wings lightly gliding against the water; and he led her up the wooden staircase towards the Hillside Gardens. There, Avalie stood in awe at what looked like the most beautiful arrangement of flowers she had ever seen. As she turned around, she saw Roo standing near a large area of sculpted hedges lined up near the edge of three enormous pool-shaped fountains.

“C’mon Ava, it’s so hot out. It’ll make you feel better.”
Avalie wiped off the water he had splashed onto her face. She had to admit the cool water felt pleasant against her heated skin.
“But what if we get into trouble? We’re not supposed...”.
Too late. Roo grabbed her hand and pulled her into the fountain. Avalie squealed as she fell in. She sat there, mouth open, water spilling from the fountain and on to her head. Roo was standing next to her laughing.
“Oh, you’re going to get it!”
Roo laughed into her face, “haha yeah, we’ll see”.

Avalie got up and started chasing Roo through the fountains, him occasionally stopping to tickle her to slow her down. She chased him to the last fountain and back onto the garden. She grabbed his t-shirt and he fell back, taking her down with him. Soaking wet, they lay on the grass laughing, looking up towards the clouds in the sky. Avalie breathed in deeply. This was the most fun she had all day.

By the time they got back to the picnic site the sun was starting to set. All of a sudden someone tugged Avalie’s shirt.
Axel had a smirk on her face, “so, what was that all about?”
“What are you talking about?”, Avalie said with a smile on her face.
Suddenly Avalie’s parents called out that it was time to head home.
“Haha okay, I get it, we’ll talk when you’re not too busy”, Axel winked.
Avalie turned back towards Roo. He was walking ahead, clothes still damp and hair softly spiked up from the water.
“Ava!!”, her parents called.

She quickly ran to catch up to Roo and pulled on his shoulder from behind. As he swerved around, she looked cheerfully at his silhouette against the sunset. She tip-toed and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks.”
With that, she happily fleeted away towards her parents with the biggest smile on her face. And for the first time in a long while, Avalie had someone else other than just James on her mind.
6 lives . 3 promises . 1 risk & 1 story . It's going to be AMAZING .
James Calvin . Derek Night . Tyson Skye .
Avalie Lavista . Axel Chase . Mallorie Adams .
(C) Ariana Rae Limas

the Apple store.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Christine Laycock

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This is C h r i s t i n e .

She is one of the most AMAZING people I have ever met.
Our ward got split and we had the Beaches ward merge into ours.
And that was when she got called as our YW 1st Counsellor!
That Sunday, she ended up teaching my Sunday School class, and let me tell you, my first impression of her right away was that she was a w e s e o m e ! Don't get me wrong, my past two Sunday School teachers were tons of fun. But sometimes we'd get a little off topic. But Christine, right away she had a smiling and friendly face and just had so much interesting stuff to say. When she asked us to introduce ourselves, I couldn't help but telling her how awesome i already thought she was and how excited i was for her to be in YW's with us.

And my first impression was never wrong. Christine could be described as, like Kimberly Amaya says, the "YW leader every young women has always wanted". Seriously, i love the way she emulates her love for the Gospel. It shines through her eyes and smile and when she talks about things, whether it be church doctrine or dating or how much she hates cats, she talks with passion. And i LOVE it. There's no holding back. She says everything that needs to be said and i love that about her. And she writes the coolest emails ever! Every week I enjoy getting a lengthy email full of information about what's going on in YW and a list of things we got to do to prepare. It makes me smile when i see them, and i save ALL of them. She has an incredible personality, and i find myself lucky to have gotten to know her, no matter how short our time was together.

I've had so much fun with her being in Young Women's. I have definitely learned a lot from her and she is such an amazing exmaple to me. I can really see the love she had for the people around her. I had an incredible time with her and our other two YW leaders, Derrice Bell and Tarah Buchan, at YW Camp. I felt so lucky to have such a great and fun YW ward leaders to be with us there. We had an absolute blast! Sharing things about our day at night in the tent and laughing so ridiculously loud in the morning, waking everyone else on the site.

And now Christine is off to continue her journey to be in Law School in Victoria, British Columbia. I'm going to miss her so so so so so much! My sister and I spent the evening with her yesterday to get some last moments with her. She started off with giving us a tour of the place and the wreck of trouble she had with packing things. Me being the bookworm i am took all her books to take back home with me. Later on, we headed to Gerard Square to get e.l.f make-up for Christine so I could show her how the "smokey eye" look is done. I ended up finding really cute sandals i could use for the Saviour of the World production coming up this week. Then we headed for Food Basics to get the ingredients for the cake we were going to make for ourselves. And since we were all starving to the point of fainting, she treated us all to McDonalds. We headed back to her place, ate up and talked the whole night away. I can't even describe the fun time we had with her last night. I had a blast. I hadn't laughed that hard since the last time I saw her last Thursday.

She is someone I will truely miss, but will be kept in my heart forever.

Stake JUBILEE Picnic!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It was a civic holiday, and I was ready to have some fun!

Destination: High Park.
I looked at the map before we got there. It was pretty nice place with so much to see. I was set out and determined to visit all these cool-sounding places.

My parents wanted to get a good parking spot, so we ended up arriving at the park around 8:15...and the picnic started at 10. Obviously, we had to kill some time. First place up: The Zoo, choice by moi. Laura started making fun of me by the way i was getting all excited. Hey, can you blame me? I haven't been to the zoo since the 1st grade. This was the closest thing next to an actual Zoo.

After visiting the interesting-but-not-so-many animals, we strolled along the park a bit. Near the gardens, the green-house, the water fountains, the was absolutely beautiful. I don't know what's been up with me lately, but I've been taking many nature photos this summer. I've gained a whole new appreciation for the world. No matter how dirty and noisy it seems to be sometimes, I can simply just look up to the sky and remember how beautiful our world actually is.

So after that hour or so walk, we headed back to the picnic site. To my surprise, there were actually many Mormons on time. Ha, that's not something you see everyday.
The Stake Jubilee picnic was in commemoration for Toronto Stake's 50th Anniversary. There was tons to do! We were allowed to do whatever we wanted for a while. Then YUM YUM, it was eating time! BBQ and snacks and delicious desserts, all brought by the members of the stake. After eating, everyone was allowed to continue what they wanted, plus there were games being held for people who wanted to participate. There were watermelon eating contests, egg & spoon races, volleyball, at least 3 soccer games, ultimate frisbee, oh and i shouldn't forget, the most INTENSE round of tug-of-war i've EVER seen!

Our stake should really do this more often. Usually we'd just have our own picnics within our ward, but being with the whole stake was just SO MUCH FUN. There were tons of people; some people I see almost everyday, and some people I haven't seen in forever! It was an absolutely great way to kick-off the beginning of the last month of my summer (:

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