Happy Birthday Xtine!

Monday, January 4, 2010

To my Cousin from another Island;
To my fellow EuroAsian;
To a very special friend;
HAPPY 19th Birthday Christine!
Oh man, so right now I'm sitting down at break
and I'm totally missing you and Simmin.
Sorry I couldn't send this earlier, but with the break and my parents home,
I couldn't sneak on to post something on to my blog.
Anywho, I want to wish you the best birthday wishes ever!
I hope you had a great birthday!
Simmin emailed me and said we're going out next week to celebrate!
Once she gives me the details, I will ask and I'm crossing my fingers that I can come!
So Christine,
I want you to know that you are a very special person to me.
What I am about to mention is a lot of stuff I
mentioned in your yearbook and our letters to each other for our Magazinelet.
But I need to repeat because that is how I feel.
You are an extra-special friend to me because
when I first saw you enter Mr. Rupert's science class,
you were the only person I didn't recognize.
And then I saw this random chick again in my Drama class.
Then again in my English class.
Due to my confuzzlement, I was anxious to know when I would get the chance
to meet you (since you were an unfamiliar face).
Then the day Darama class...
where we had to make up random handshakes!
After that, the next day in Science class
I went up to you and asked if I could sit beside you
hoping to get to know you better
(sounds like im such a creeper now, don't it?).
But I'm so glad I did!
Dude, we've been together since the
1st period of the 1st semester of our 1st year of highschool
until the
last period or our last Semester of our last highschool year!
OMGSH the memories!
You don't even know how m u c h I miss you.
I'm so jealous that you and Sims can still go do your
boy hunting with each other....WITHOUT ME!
How is that even possible?!
Well it is, cause you guys are doing it HAHA.
But yeah, I know I'm totally missing out there at UofT
where all of you guys are at! sighs
Never ever ever change!
Do you remember that one time in Writer's Craft
when we had a supply and she left a note commenting about
"the loud girl and her friends"
Haha it's a wonder everyone knew it was you
Stay you, be you,
because that's how I know my Cousin from another Island :D
I don't know her any other way
love you ! (L)

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