Excerpt #5 - August 16

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I remember every look upon your face
The way you role your eyes, the way you taste
You make it hard for breathing
‘Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everything’s okay
And finally now, believing...

As the chorus started to play, Avalie rolled onto her stomach and furiously dug her face into her pillow. She slightly lifted her head and gave the radio the cut-eye. “You just had to play that song, didn’t you”. Avalie realized she was talking to an inanimate object. She was officially going crazy. She rolled back and stared at the ceiling. She was still thinking about what Roo had said to her the night before.

Axel had thrown a huge party for her 20th birthday bash at her cottage up in northern Ontario. Everyone who was anyone was there. Avalie enjoyed herself inside for a bit, but as the night grew longer she found herself strolling alone in the field out back. Beyond the partying beat, Avalie had found a peaceful serenity with the moon just peaking through the tops of the trees and breathing in the fresh forest air. She closed her eyes to savour the moment. All of a sudden she heard a snap of a twig. Someone had followed her outside. She cautiously turned around and saw a familiar figure. It was Roo. “Oh, it’s just you”, Avalie said relieved. “I didn’t know you were in there.”“I wasn’t. I just got here. Axel told me you went for a walk outside, so I came to look for you. Mind if I join?”

Avalie and Roo strolled along, the moonlight guiding the pathway, leading them deeper in the forest. Roo cleared his throat, “I’ve been meaning to talk to you about what happened a while back.”
Avalie had to think before she realized he was referring to their adventure at High Park. Since then, they had spent so much more time together.

He paused for a moment, then hesitated, “ I know how people look at me, Ava. People see me as the guy who doesn’t want to settle with a girlfriend cause I go around giving attention to what seems like every girl in the world.”
It was true. Avalie had noticed how friendly Roo was with the ladies. But as a friend, she had been able to look past that.
“But lately, there’s only been one girl on my mind.”Avalie froze.
“Roo, wait.”
“Ava, just let me finish. I know you still think about James ok. I know you’re not completely over him. But I love spending time with you. You make me laugh like no one else does. You make me realize that you can find joy in the little things in life. You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever met”, he slowed down, “...and you look at me like no one else does. You see a different side of me that no one has ever tried to look for.”
Avalie stared at him.
“Ava, I want you to be mine. I want you to be my girlfriend.”
Avalie looked away as she blinked the tears from her eyes.
“Roo, we should really start heading back to the party...”
“Roo, I can’t.”
Roo didn’t like Ava pushing him away so quickly. “Ava, I know its cause of James. I get that. But why can’t you just let it go and move on? Everyone’s been telling you that he’s not coming back. And you tell me all the time how much you doubt him. You’re too busy waiting for someone who’s not coming back! I don’t think you realize that you build a wall around yourself so no one else can come near you!”

She could not believe what she was hearing. She trusted Roo with all that, but she didn’t expect him to use it against her.
“Well it's not like I built this wall to keep people out! At first it was cause I didn’t want anyone else but James! But now it’s just there ...just waiting for someone who cares enough to try and knock it down!”, Avalie shouted back, tears running down her face.

Roo calmed himself down. “Ava, what do you think I’m doing.” He pulled her in and wiped the tears from her face. “Okay, let’s go back to the cottage.”

As they re-entered the party, the DJ had already slowed everything down. Two Is Better Than One played through the speakers. Roo led Avalie to the dance floor. They slowly swayed around without speaking to each other. With the last few moments of the song, Roo spun Avalie and pulled her close. He had her caressed under his chin. “Ava”, he whispered. “ I’m sorry about before. But I meant everything I said. You’re incredible. And you don’t need James to prove that you are. It kills me to see that you don’t see how much you’re worth. Earlier I said that people see me paying attention to what seems like every girl in this world. Ava...I promise, I won’t leave you like he did. I want you to be the only girl in my world. You’re like my best friend. I love you.” He kissed the top of her head. Avalie closed her eyes trying to hold back from crying.

She was still staring at the ceiling, but now tears were streaming down her face. She didn’t know why it was so hard to let go. She sat up on her bed and wiped her face. She took a deep breath. She still had hope James was coming back. But she had let that take control of her life. She missed out with Ryder because she was too caught up with thinking about James. And now there was Roo. She had spent so much time with him the last few months. Once again, she had flashed back to the time at High Park. She smiled as she thought back to how she felt that day; that there was someone who actually took her mind off of James. She didn’t want to lose her opportunity like she did with Ryder. Roo meant so much more to her.

Avalie stood on the line between giving up on James and holding on just a bit longer. She had to make a decision. She grabbed her phone and texted Roo. “I need to see you.” It was about time she decided which side she wanted to be on.
6 lives . 3 promises . 1 risk & 1 story . It's going to be AMAZING .
James Calvin . Derek Night . Tyson Skye .
Avalie Lavista . Axel Chase . Mallorie Adams .
Photocred: Holly Deeks
Location: Church parking lot
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Excerpt #4 - August 8

Avalie lowered her sunglasses and looked at Roo, “are you serious?”
He kneeled down and started splashing the fountain water towards her. His eyes glistened up at her, just like the first time they had met.

She had met 20 year old Mr. Aruiso at a special conference a few months ago and it had been quite a while since she last saw him. Avalie smiled to herself when she thought about their last encounter. Surprisingly she had been able to trust him with everything about her, including everything she was feeling about James’ departure. Soon enough, Aruiso turned into Roo, a nickname only Avalie used for him. For some reason, Roo liked to mysteriously keep his first name a secret.

Now here they were, ditching the picnic, and taking a nature walk through Toronto’s High Park. He had walked her past the Adventure Playground, smiling at the little children running around; he speedily brought her through the zoo, laughing at each other’s scrunched up faces due to the smell of the animals; he strolled her alongside Grenadier Pond and they watched the geese take off in flight, their wings lightly gliding against the water; and he led her up the wooden staircase towards the Hillside Gardens. There, Avalie stood in awe at what looked like the most beautiful arrangement of flowers she had ever seen. As she turned around, she saw Roo standing near a large area of sculpted hedges lined up near the edge of three enormous pool-shaped fountains.

“C’mon Ava, it’s so hot out. It’ll make you feel better.”
Avalie wiped off the water he had splashed onto her face. She had to admit the cool water felt pleasant against her heated skin.
“But what if we get into trouble? We’re not supposed...”.
Too late. Roo grabbed her hand and pulled her into the fountain. Avalie squealed as she fell in. She sat there, mouth open, water spilling from the fountain and on to her head. Roo was standing next to her laughing.
“Oh, you’re going to get it!”
Roo laughed into her face, “haha yeah, we’ll see”.

Avalie got up and started chasing Roo through the fountains, him occasionally stopping to tickle her to slow her down. She chased him to the last fountain and back onto the garden. She grabbed his t-shirt and he fell back, taking her down with him. Soaking wet, they lay on the grass laughing, looking up towards the clouds in the sky. Avalie breathed in deeply. This was the most fun she had all day.

By the time they got back to the picnic site the sun was starting to set. All of a sudden someone tugged Avalie’s shirt.
Axel had a smirk on her face, “so, what was that all about?”
“What are you talking about?”, Avalie said with a smile on her face.
Suddenly Avalie’s parents called out that it was time to head home.
“Haha okay, I get it, we’ll talk when you’re not too busy”, Axel winked.
Avalie turned back towards Roo. He was walking ahead, clothes still damp and hair softly spiked up from the water.
“Ava!!”, her parents called.

She quickly ran to catch up to Roo and pulled on his shoulder from behind. As he swerved around, she looked cheerfully at his silhouette against the sunset. She tip-toed and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks.”
With that, she happily fleeted away towards her parents with the biggest smile on her face. And for the first time in a long while, Avalie had someone else other than just James on her mind.
6 lives . 3 promises . 1 risk & 1 story . It's going to be AMAZING .
James Calvin . Derek Night . Tyson Skye .
Avalie Lavista . Axel Chase . Mallorie Adams .
(C) Ariana Rae Limas

the Apple store.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Christine Laycock

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This is C h r i s t i n e .

She is one of the most AMAZING people I have ever met.
Our ward got split and we had the Beaches ward merge into ours.
And that was when she got called as our YW 1st Counsellor!
That Sunday, she ended up teaching my Sunday School class, and let me tell you, my first impression of her right away was that she was a w e s e o m e ! Don't get me wrong, my past two Sunday School teachers were tons of fun. But sometimes we'd get a little off topic. But Christine, right away she had a smiling and friendly face and just had so much interesting stuff to say. When she asked us to introduce ourselves, I couldn't help but telling her how awesome i already thought she was and how excited i was for her to be in YW's with us.

And my first impression was never wrong. Christine could be described as, like Kimberly Amaya says, the "YW leader every young women has always wanted". Seriously, i love the way she emulates her love for the Gospel. It shines through her eyes and smile and when she talks about things, whether it be church doctrine or dating or how much she hates cats, she talks with passion. And i LOVE it. There's no holding back. She says everything that needs to be said and i love that about her. And she writes the coolest emails ever! Every week I enjoy getting a lengthy email full of information about what's going on in YW and a list of things we got to do to prepare. It makes me smile when i see them, and i save ALL of them. She has an incredible personality, and i find myself lucky to have gotten to know her, no matter how short our time was together.

I've had so much fun with her being in Young Women's. I have definitely learned a lot from her and she is such an amazing exmaple to me. I can really see the love she had for the people around her. I had an incredible time with her and our other two YW leaders, Derrice Bell and Tarah Buchan, at YW Camp. I felt so lucky to have such a great and fun YW ward leaders to be with us there. We had an absolute blast! Sharing things about our day at night in the tent and laughing so ridiculously loud in the morning, waking everyone else on the site.

And now Christine is off to continue her journey to be in Law School in Victoria, British Columbia. I'm going to miss her so so so so so much! My sister and I spent the evening with her yesterday to get some last moments with her. She started off with giving us a tour of the place and the wreck of trouble she had with packing things. Me being the bookworm i am took all her books to take back home with me. Later on, we headed to Gerard Square to get e.l.f make-up for Christine so I could show her how the "smokey eye" look is done. I ended up finding really cute sandals i could use for the Saviour of the World production coming up this week. Then we headed for Food Basics to get the ingredients for the cake we were going to make for ourselves. And since we were all starving to the point of fainting, she treated us all to McDonalds. We headed back to her place, ate up and talked the whole night away. I can't even describe the fun time we had with her last night. I had a blast. I hadn't laughed that hard since the last time I saw her last Thursday.

She is someone I will truely miss, but will be kept in my heart forever.

Stake JUBILEE Picnic!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It was a civic holiday, and I was ready to have some fun!

Destination: High Park.
I looked at the map before we got there. It was pretty nice place with so much to see. I was set out and determined to visit all these cool-sounding places.

My parents wanted to get a good parking spot, so we ended up arriving at the park around 8:15...and the picnic started at 10. Obviously, we had to kill some time. First place up: The Zoo, choice by moi. Laura started making fun of me by the way i was getting all excited. Hey, can you blame me? I haven't been to the zoo since the 1st grade. This was the closest thing next to an actual Zoo.

After visiting the interesting-but-not-so-many animals, we strolled along the park a bit. Near the gardens, the green-house, the water fountains, the was absolutely beautiful. I don't know what's been up with me lately, but I've been taking many nature photos this summer. I've gained a whole new appreciation for the world. No matter how dirty and noisy it seems to be sometimes, I can simply just look up to the sky and remember how beautiful our world actually is.

So after that hour or so walk, we headed back to the picnic site. To my surprise, there were actually many Mormons on time. Ha, that's not something you see everyday.
The Stake Jubilee picnic was in commemoration for Toronto Stake's 50th Anniversary. There was tons to do! We were allowed to do whatever we wanted for a while. Then YUM YUM, it was eating time! BBQ and snacks and delicious desserts, all brought by the members of the stake. After eating, everyone was allowed to continue what they wanted, plus there were games being held for people who wanted to participate. There were watermelon eating contests, egg & spoon races, volleyball, at least 3 soccer games, ultimate frisbee, oh and i shouldn't forget, the most INTENSE round of tug-of-war i've EVER seen!

Our stake should really do this more often. Usually we'd just have our own picnics within our ward, but being with the whole stake was just SO MUCH FUN. There were tons of people; some people I see almost everyday, and some people I haven't seen in forever! It was an absolutely great way to kick-off the beginning of the last month of my summer (:

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