Christine Laycock

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This is C h r i s t i n e .

She is one of the most AMAZING people I have ever met.
Our ward got split and we had the Beaches ward merge into ours.
And that was when she got called as our YW 1st Counsellor!
That Sunday, she ended up teaching my Sunday School class, and let me tell you, my first impression of her right away was that she was a w e s e o m e ! Don't get me wrong, my past two Sunday School teachers were tons of fun. But sometimes we'd get a little off topic. But Christine, right away she had a smiling and friendly face and just had so much interesting stuff to say. When she asked us to introduce ourselves, I couldn't help but telling her how awesome i already thought she was and how excited i was for her to be in YW's with us.

And my first impression was never wrong. Christine could be described as, like Kimberly Amaya says, the "YW leader every young women has always wanted". Seriously, i love the way she emulates her love for the Gospel. It shines through her eyes and smile and when she talks about things, whether it be church doctrine or dating or how much she hates cats, she talks with passion. And i LOVE it. There's no holding back. She says everything that needs to be said and i love that about her. And she writes the coolest emails ever! Every week I enjoy getting a lengthy email full of information about what's going on in YW and a list of things we got to do to prepare. It makes me smile when i see them, and i save ALL of them. She has an incredible personality, and i find myself lucky to have gotten to know her, no matter how short our time was together.

I've had so much fun with her being in Young Women's. I have definitely learned a lot from her and she is such an amazing exmaple to me. I can really see the love she had for the people around her. I had an incredible time with her and our other two YW leaders, Derrice Bell and Tarah Buchan, at YW Camp. I felt so lucky to have such a great and fun YW ward leaders to be with us there. We had an absolute blast! Sharing things about our day at night in the tent and laughing so ridiculously loud in the morning, waking everyone else on the site.

And now Christine is off to continue her journey to be in Law School in Victoria, British Columbia. I'm going to miss her so so so so so much! My sister and I spent the evening with her yesterday to get some last moments with her. She started off with giving us a tour of the place and the wreck of trouble she had with packing things. Me being the bookworm i am took all her books to take back home with me. Later on, we headed to Gerard Square to get e.l.f make-up for Christine so I could show her how the "smokey eye" look is done. I ended up finding really cute sandals i could use for the Saviour of the World production coming up this week. Then we headed for Food Basics to get the ingredients for the cake we were going to make for ourselves. And since we were all starving to the point of fainting, she treated us all to McDonalds. We headed back to her place, ate up and talked the whole night away. I can't even describe the fun time we had with her last night. I had a blast. I hadn't laughed that hard since the last time I saw her last Thursday.

She is someone I will truely miss, but will be kept in my heart forever.

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