Stake JUBILEE Picnic!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It was a civic holiday, and I was ready to have some fun!

Destination: High Park.
I looked at the map before we got there. It was pretty nice place with so much to see. I was set out and determined to visit all these cool-sounding places.

My parents wanted to get a good parking spot, so we ended up arriving at the park around 8:15...and the picnic started at 10. Obviously, we had to kill some time. First place up: The Zoo, choice by moi. Laura started making fun of me by the way i was getting all excited. Hey, can you blame me? I haven't been to the zoo since the 1st grade. This was the closest thing next to an actual Zoo.

After visiting the interesting-but-not-so-many animals, we strolled along the park a bit. Near the gardens, the green-house, the water fountains, the was absolutely beautiful. I don't know what's been up with me lately, but I've been taking many nature photos this summer. I've gained a whole new appreciation for the world. No matter how dirty and noisy it seems to be sometimes, I can simply just look up to the sky and remember how beautiful our world actually is.

So after that hour or so walk, we headed back to the picnic site. To my surprise, there were actually many Mormons on time. Ha, that's not something you see everyday.
The Stake Jubilee picnic was in commemoration for Toronto Stake's 50th Anniversary. There was tons to do! We were allowed to do whatever we wanted for a while. Then YUM YUM, it was eating time! BBQ and snacks and delicious desserts, all brought by the members of the stake. After eating, everyone was allowed to continue what they wanted, plus there were games being held for people who wanted to participate. There were watermelon eating contests, egg & spoon races, volleyball, at least 3 soccer games, ultimate frisbee, oh and i shouldn't forget, the most INTENSE round of tug-of-war i've EVER seen!

Our stake should really do this more often. Usually we'd just have our own picnics within our ward, but being with the whole stake was just SO MUCH FUN. There were tons of people; some people I see almost everyday, and some people I haven't seen in forever! It was an absolutely great way to kick-off the beginning of the last month of my summer (:

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