PREF..and other weekend tid-bits (:

Monday, November 29, 2010

PREF went better than expected, thankfully. Here's a little background on that. So PREF is the Girls' preference dance where all the girls have to ask guys to this formal dance at church. The way we YSA do it is we gots to do something CREATIVE. Ok creative? Yeah, you got it. You know what crazy creative thing I did? Well, one of my friends, Arrius Racioppo, who I also call my big bro, was still on his mission...but he would be returning home two weeks before PREF. So I thought I'd send him a little package, in it includes a tie wrapped around a piece of paper with a rap on it asking him to PREF. Crazy, I know. Cuz whenever people hear what I did, they get a little shocked. Anyway...

So Friday, the plan was for Shanelle, Malkia, and I to meet up at the Stake Centre and start decorating the room. Malkia didn't show up and Shanelle and I had to work with whatever Shanelle brought. So for about an hour and a half, we were all over the place, running all over the church trying to find some stuff to help out with the decorations. We had to borrow things from here and there: tables, scissors, decorations, chairs, and trees. Haha the trees w
ere the funniest. They were located in the 3rd floor recreation room that's connected to the CES Room. The thing is, all the missionaries had a meeting in the CES Room, so when Shanelle and I were taking the trees from the room beside it, they could see us through the window...hahahahahahaha they had the weirdest looks on their faces! So putting our creative minds to work, we came up with a pretty decent set-up.

Don't you love the bouquet of flowers on the chalkboard? I totally made that. All out of streamers and chalk (:

After decorating we really wanted our missionaries to check it out and give us their opinion...but because they were in a meeting, we ended up just texting them about it. They called us later on to tell us they loved it :D YAY! When we came back into the room later on, we even found one of their pass-a-long cards stuck in one of our paper lanterns that said *heart*/ the missionaries. Haha.

So after decorating, Shanelle and I had to scoot on over to my place and try to get the grocery shopping done ASAP. We were grateful the Lord was on our side cuz the lights and the bus worked and arrived all according to our accommodation. YES! So we get to Food Basics..and I'd say the shopping was pretty easy. Minus finding the right chicken breasts. But that was the first thing we did, so everything else was easy breezy. I think I very much liked shopping for cooking. Especially with a friend. But holy cow, those prices. The only reason I didn't mind was cause the three of us were splitting it. But oh man, I can't imagine having to do this shopping all the time to feed a family. WELL THEN, i guess that's just something I'm going to have to get used to because being a mom is top priority on my list (:

Shanelle and I had the hardest time carrying all that stuff back to my place...and my place was just a few buildings away! They were heavy...and I'll admit, my shoulders still hurt a little from carrying them. Wow, i'm so soft.

Right when we got to my place the first thing we did was dash on into the kitchen (well wash our hands first, THEN go to the kitchen. Our menu for that night was Zesty Italian Chicken, Fried Rice and Cupcakes. I made the cupcakes the night before and had iced them before I went to help decorate, so that was one thing already checked off our menu list. And a good thing to because we were WAY behind schedule. Cooking the chicken was actually pretty fun.

When we finally popped the chicken into the oven for baking, Laura started to work on Shanelle's hair, and I got started on the fried rice. I barely got anywhere. The hot dogs had to be cooked, the egg had to be scrambled, the frozen vegetables had to be defrosted, the rice had to finish cooking, and the extra chicken had to be cooked before we put it all together. I was attempting to do this all at once. I'm there thinking I still have time, when I don't. We told the guys to meet us at 6:30, so we were supposed to arrive at 6:00 to do some last minute stuff. It was 5:10. The rice wasn't fried and I still had to take a shower and get dressed and all dolled up. Not happening. Thankfully my parents offered to finish doing the fried rice while I got ready. YAY FOR PARENTS!!!! By the time I was finished with showering, getting dressed, and make-up done, my dad had all the food packed up and ready for us to go. YES! Success! Minus my hair. I didn't get to do anything fancy with it. Oh well.

So we're driving to the church, which is 5 mins away from my place. But the traffic is so bad that it takes us so much longer. To make it worst, the lights weren't working at Don Mills and Overlea, which is pretty much the biggest intersection between my place and the Stake Centre. I get a call from Jezreel telling me she just saw my date run upstairs thinking he was late. But in the end, it all turned out pretty good. By the time we entered the room, it was pretty dark outside and when we opened up the door, we were all pretty amazed with what we saw. It looked nothing like this when Shanelle and I set it up that morning.

I was so flipping amazed when I saw this! It was so cool! The lights from the street below were shining through the window and into our room. SICK TIINGZ!!!!! While waiting for the rest of our dates, we just chilled on the ledge. It was just that good looking.

Laura and Jezreel did a FABULOUS job with waitering our dinner.

The dance was pretty good. I loved the fruit salad they served...yum yum.
I wasn't expecting my date to dance. #1, he just got back from his mission, so he was feeling pretty intimidated by the dance. #2, even before his mission, he wouldn't dance to like every song. So i wasn't expecting much. But when the first slow song came on, he found me (yes, pigging out at the food table), and asked me to dance (:

A lot of the night the rest of my friends and I just took pictures in front of the photography back-drop. Fun stuff!!

On Saturday, we didn't really have anything planned. But the night before, as we were driving to PREF, Shanelle was talking to Elder Anderson on the phone and I told him that we made extra food for him and Elder Lucero (because I love my missionaries that much, I do anything for them.) He told us to leave it in the kitchen, but then he wanted to eat it with us. So he invited me to come to the church for Saturday so we could eat it together (even though I specifically just made it for him and Lucero...he said we could "share" because they needed to less for their 6 packs LOL). So Laura and I went to the church, with the dinner for the missionaries, and we listened in to a very nice discussion with Shanelle and her mom (her mom is being taught by the Elders) and we watched a video about the Temples. It was really touching. I just love the temple and that is absolutely what I am striving for. Everything I do is focused on just being able to have a worthy temple marriage and be sealed to my future family forever. It was touching to hear both Shanelle's and Elder Anderson's testimonies about how they felt about the temple. I love spiritual moments :') We didn't get to eat with the Elders because they ended up giving someone a blessing, so we went into the kitchen to go eat ice cream and get hyper. They shooed us away to the gym because we were being loud LOL. So Shanelle and I were waaay hyper and we were partying it up in the gym while listening to Party in the USA. We were dancing like maniacs. Then Elder Lucero walks in. I had already stopped, but Shanelle just kept going. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!! Now Lucero keeps making fun of her for it ;D

Oh man, Sunday is busy..i was everywhere! I woke up Sunday morning beside my sister. She was having a troubling night, so I offered to sleep beside her. Whatever, I know we're 19 and 17, but she's my little sister, and I don't mind. I wanted to make her feel better. And it brought me back to when we were 5 and 7 and we'd sleep next to each other if one of us was scared or something hehe. Anywho Laura and I went early with my dad, as usual. After making the program, our plan was to fix my hair. OBV, i have to look good the Sunday after i turn 19. And it was the Primary Presentation so i'd be up at the front doing stuff...i gots to make myself look good. My sister loves hairstyling. She's so talented in it. The only problem is she has trouble doing hairstyles on herself because she can't see/reach her own hair, so she likes to play with mine, especially because it had grown out pretty long. We decided that we'd try out a French Twist which she found as one of Miley Cyrus' hairstyles. This is what it turned out to look like:

Pretty hot, eh? I LOVED IT. And so did everyone else. I got so many compliments...and of course the credit all went to Laura!! (:

The Primary Presentation went very well. But i must say i did get very nervous at times because I did make mistakes. After that i was torn between going to primary, going to yw, and going to RS. Sometimes I feel like I don't know what to do with the sunday school hours. Sigh. I need to be everywhere at once. It's pretty hard to take in. But I ended up going to RS for the last 20 minutes. I had to play the piano for the RS because we had to practice the song for the Ward Christmas party on the 11th. Oh man, I made so many mistakes and it's so hard playing with the metronome.

Right after that i had to dash back into the chapel for the baptism. OH VERY HAPPY TIINGZ. As I entered, Jezreel caught someone staring at me. Hahaha, as usual. Its still very flattering...especially cuz i like him. But i try not to make a big deal, because after all, he is a CM. If you know what that means, good for you. If you don't, too bad. (My friends and I have our codes...what can you say, we're girls!). Anyway, that made me smile the way my friend described it. My sister actually caught him doing it again a while after. You that stare, someone looks at you and they smile. Then they look back down and whatever they were doing but they continue smiling. That makes me smile. Hehe.

After the baptism I got to play with ASHER!!! One of the cutest babies on earth! He always cries, but for once he wasn't because we were playing tunes on the piano with him on my lap. It was so funny cuz i was trying to play nursery rhymes by ear, and everyone who walked into the room was giving me looks (because they all know i can play much more complicated than that). But i would just lift up Asher and say that he was playing (: (: (: SO CUTE.

Elder Darner was at the baptism, thank goodness. He's one of our favourite missionaries and he just recently got transfered. We didn't get a chance to take pictures with him before he left, so we got our chance then :D

We chilled after the baptism and I told Stacey all about...well the person who was looking at me. No i didn't tell her just that, I had to tell her the whole past with him. (: Sigh, i wish i didn't like him so much.

Holly came later with birthday cake for me and nathan! :D YAY!!!!

Choir was fun stuff, as always :D

And yeah, that was my tres busy weekend.
Next weekend:
1) Filipino Christmas Party (I'm EMCEEING!!!!) So this week all i'm doing is helping organize everything for it.

2) Another baptism

3) Last choir practice

4) General Presidency Christmas Devotional!!!

5)...3 exams the weekdays after that.

Hopefully i can pull it all off!! (:

What a doozey...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life is going fast and I’m enjoying as much of it as I can.
It’s November 18th and I’m in the middle of my Children’s Literature class. My tutorial leader, Denise, is the guest lecturer, and I’m finding her presentation on Alice in Wonderland very interesting. I have the best tutorial leader and her lectures are just as good! Anyhow...
It’s basically the end of the year. It’s mid November, which means the clash of all things coming together at once. Or at least for me. I find that every year when November comes around, I am drowning with a billion things to do in such a short amount of time! Here’s my school bit:
1. Lit Theory ESSAY – Due Nov 22
2. History ASSIGNMENT – Due Nov 25 (MY BIRTHDAY!!)
3. Fantasy ESSAY – Nov 29
4. Child’s Lit ESSAY – Dec 2
5. Fantasy EXAM – Dec 6
6. Drama EXAM – Dec 8
7. Lit Theory EXAM – Dec 10/12
(It’s on the 12th, but I’m getting permission to write it on the 10th. I’ll explain why later)
8. History EXAM – Dec 20
9. Child’s Lit EXAM – Dec 21
(What is this?! I have an exam only a few days before Christmas? Sigh, that’s University for ya...)
10. Drama ESSAY – Jan 5
...JOY. So that’s just the SHCOOL schedule.
This week alone is driving me nuts, but I’m super excited for everything that’s coming my way. Today’s Thursday, so we’re starting off with our first Flipside practice of the year! But just like any year, we procrastinated. The Filipino Christmas Party is super early this year, December 4th!! We only found out a few weeks ago and we’ve only officially decided on our songs this week. So once again, CRUNCH TIME. So I’m heading to church right after school, one, for dance practice, and two, to see my missionaries that are going home tomorrow morning. Good-bye Elder Wayne, Elder Barlow, Elder Brazeau, and Elder Kim!
Friday. There’s a reason why I only have two 1-hour classes this day. Because Fridays are always so crazy! Everyone else in Flipside gets PA day, so basically they’re all waiting for me to get home and clean and get ready for Institute, then we all head to church for some hard-core Flipside practice. As soon as 6pm comes along, we’re supposed to set up for the SYE Activity, which is a potluck. Hm, I’m technically not supposed to be going to those anymore because I’m turning 19, but since it is being held at the Stake Centre, meh, why not? Right after that it’s Institute, which I haven’t been for two weeks due to family parties (once again, November is CRAZY!). And the YSA activity is Speed Dating. I don’t know if I’m too excited about that. I don’t mind it when we do it at Leadership Conference, but that’s because we don’t call it “Speed Dating”. Now that it’s with the Young SINGLE Adults, the word dating starts to make me uncomfortable. And that’s only because I DON’T want to date anybody at the moment. Or at least anyone here in the Toronto/Ontario region.
Saturday. Lately I’ve been feeling “empty” and it’s because I feel the need to be doing some service. So Laura and I offered to clean the chapel (again), just because we had nothing else to do Saturday morning. So at 9am, our plan is to get to the church and start cleaning those toilets! Right after, once again, another hard-core Flipside practice. And maybe, just maybe, if I don’t pass out from being tired, we’ll be attending Arrius’ open-house. YEAH! Did I mention? My brother came home from his mission last Tuesday!! Two years passed by so quick and I’m so excited he’s home...except he’s not in my ward anymore, so that’s just a tad bit weird.
Sunday. OK. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. I consider it “resting” just because I’m not at school, but I’m running around trying to get things done just like any other day. Is that a bad thing? If it is, let me know. But I promise they’re all church related things! Our service doesn’t start till 12noon, but Laura and I are always there at 9am to do the program. Holly Deeks will be speaking at the Korean Branch this Sunday, so we’re going to go watch her. YAY, no 2 hrs of just sleeping on the couch. Yup, the couch has officially been named the Limas’ couch by the missionaries. They see us napping on it ALLLLL the time. Right after Holly speaks, Arrius and his dad are speaking at my ward! That means their whole family is attending my ward...YAY! It’ll just be like old times! And after church there’s a baptism...WOOT WOOT...which means BF will not be going off to another ward and will be staying at ours. Tis makes me very happy. Then Laura, Daniel, Shanelle, Holly and I will basically just be chilling at the church till 7 when choir starts. OH YEAH. I'm super happy I'm in choir this year cause I’m having an uber-fun time singing. But I’m not just singing with the choir, Sara also picked me to be part of a smaller ensemble to sing a separate piece and I am also playing the piano for a trio my sister is part of. I can’t wait! The performance is Sunday, December 12th at 7pm. (refer back to school schedule). Yea, I’m supposed to have an exam that night. And this is where I’m grateful for the Power of Prayer! Right after my professor announced it I almost cried. I’ve been waiting for so long to finally be part of the Stake Choir, and when I finally get to be in it, I have a dumb exam. I said a quick prayer right after. And so I talked to Professor Valihora after class. OH MY GOODNESS. She agreed with the ridiculous-ness of the date and she gave me permission to write it on a different day. She suggested the 10th, but she did say she’ll get back to me. I hope it follows through!
...wait, so that’s basically my weekend. But um, I have an essay due on Monday. WHERE DO I FIND THE TIME?!?!?!?!?!?!

...Don't even get me started with December.

the most beautiful love confession i've ever heard .

Thursday, November 11, 2010


"You know when I said I knew nothing about love?
That wasn`t true. I know a lot about love.
I`ve seen it; centuries and centuries of it,
and the only thing that made watching your world bearable.
All those wars, the pain, lies, hate...
made me want to turn away and never look down again.
But to see the way mankind love.
You could search the furthest reach of the universe and never find anything more beautiful.
So yes, I know love is unconditional,
but I also know it can be unpredictable,
and strangly easy to mistake for loathing.
And...what I`m...I`m trying to say, Tristan, is I think I love you!
My heart, it feels like my chest can barely contain it,
like it doesn`t belong to me anymore;
it belongs to you.
And if you wanted it,
I`d wish for nothing in exchange.
No gifts, no goods, no demonstrations of devotion.
Nothing, but knowing you love me too;
just your heart, in exchange for mine." - Stardust♥
my lovely chaos © . QUINN CREATIVES DESIGN .