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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life is going fast and I’m enjoying as much of it as I can.
It’s November 18th and I’m in the middle of my Children’s Literature class. My tutorial leader, Denise, is the guest lecturer, and I’m finding her presentation on Alice in Wonderland very interesting. I have the best tutorial leader and her lectures are just as good! Anyhow...
It’s basically the end of the year. It’s mid November, which means the clash of all things coming together at once. Or at least for me. I find that every year when November comes around, I am drowning with a billion things to do in such a short amount of time! Here’s my school bit:
1. Lit Theory ESSAY – Due Nov 22
2. History ASSIGNMENT – Due Nov 25 (MY BIRTHDAY!!)
3. Fantasy ESSAY – Nov 29
4. Child’s Lit ESSAY – Dec 2
5. Fantasy EXAM – Dec 6
6. Drama EXAM – Dec 8
7. Lit Theory EXAM – Dec 10/12
(It’s on the 12th, but I’m getting permission to write it on the 10th. I’ll explain why later)
8. History EXAM – Dec 20
9. Child’s Lit EXAM – Dec 21
(What is this?! I have an exam only a few days before Christmas? Sigh, that’s University for ya...)
10. Drama ESSAY – Jan 5
...JOY. So that’s just the SHCOOL schedule.
This week alone is driving me nuts, but I’m super excited for everything that’s coming my way. Today’s Thursday, so we’re starting off with our first Flipside practice of the year! But just like any year, we procrastinated. The Filipino Christmas Party is super early this year, December 4th!! We only found out a few weeks ago and we’ve only officially decided on our songs this week. So once again, CRUNCH TIME. So I’m heading to church right after school, one, for dance practice, and two, to see my missionaries that are going home tomorrow morning. Good-bye Elder Wayne, Elder Barlow, Elder Brazeau, and Elder Kim!
Friday. There’s a reason why I only have two 1-hour classes this day. Because Fridays are always so crazy! Everyone else in Flipside gets PA day, so basically they’re all waiting for me to get home and clean and get ready for Institute, then we all head to church for some hard-core Flipside practice. As soon as 6pm comes along, we’re supposed to set up for the SYE Activity, which is a potluck. Hm, I’m technically not supposed to be going to those anymore because I’m turning 19, but since it is being held at the Stake Centre, meh, why not? Right after that it’s Institute, which I haven’t been for two weeks due to family parties (once again, November is CRAZY!). And the YSA activity is Speed Dating. I don’t know if I’m too excited about that. I don’t mind it when we do it at Leadership Conference, but that’s because we don’t call it “Speed Dating”. Now that it’s with the Young SINGLE Adults, the word dating starts to make me uncomfortable. And that’s only because I DON’T want to date anybody at the moment. Or at least anyone here in the Toronto/Ontario region.
Saturday. Lately I’ve been feeling “empty” and it’s because I feel the need to be doing some service. So Laura and I offered to clean the chapel (again), just because we had nothing else to do Saturday morning. So at 9am, our plan is to get to the church and start cleaning those toilets! Right after, once again, another hard-core Flipside practice. And maybe, just maybe, if I don’t pass out from being tired, we’ll be attending Arrius’ open-house. YEAH! Did I mention? My brother came home from his mission last Tuesday!! Two years passed by so quick and I’m so excited he’s home...except he’s not in my ward anymore, so that’s just a tad bit weird.
Sunday. OK. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. I consider it “resting” just because I’m not at school, but I’m running around trying to get things done just like any other day. Is that a bad thing? If it is, let me know. But I promise they’re all church related things! Our service doesn’t start till 12noon, but Laura and I are always there at 9am to do the program. Holly Deeks will be speaking at the Korean Branch this Sunday, so we’re going to go watch her. YAY, no 2 hrs of just sleeping on the couch. Yup, the couch has officially been named the Limas’ couch by the missionaries. They see us napping on it ALLLLL the time. Right after Holly speaks, Arrius and his dad are speaking at my ward! That means their whole family is attending my ward...YAY! It’ll just be like old times! And after church there’s a baptism...WOOT WOOT...which means BF will not be going off to another ward and will be staying at ours. Tis makes me very happy. Then Laura, Daniel, Shanelle, Holly and I will basically just be chilling at the church till 7 when choir starts. OH YEAH. I'm super happy I'm in choir this year cause I’m having an uber-fun time singing. But I’m not just singing with the choir, Sara also picked me to be part of a smaller ensemble to sing a separate piece and I am also playing the piano for a trio my sister is part of. I can’t wait! The performance is Sunday, December 12th at 7pm. (refer back to school schedule). Yea, I’m supposed to have an exam that night. And this is where I’m grateful for the Power of Prayer! Right after my professor announced it I almost cried. I’ve been waiting for so long to finally be part of the Stake Choir, and when I finally get to be in it, I have a dumb exam. I said a quick prayer right after. And so I talked to Professor Valihora after class. OH MY GOODNESS. She agreed with the ridiculous-ness of the date and she gave me permission to write it on a different day. She suggested the 10th, but she did say she’ll get back to me. I hope it follows through!
...wait, so that’s basically my weekend. But um, I have an essay due on Monday. WHERE DO I FIND THE TIME?!?!?!?!?!?!

...Don't even get me started with December.

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