Excerpt #6 - November 30, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

“Look at me. You’ll get over it ok? Trust me, you will. He doesn’t matter. What matters is that you try your best to fix that heart of yours. You can’t make anyone love you; all you can do is be someone who can be loved and the rest is up to the person to realize you’re worth it.”

Avalie played Mallorie’s advice over and over again in her mind. It’s been three years since Mallorie first said those words to her; when Ava decided to finally walk away from Vince. And she had used that advice all throughout the years. She thought that James would be that person. But once again she was wrong. And now Roo was here for her. He told her how much he loved her and how much she was worth. Roo was there for her, her best friend, the person she always confined in, the person who knew everything about her, and sometimes even knew her better than herself...but why was it so hard for her to allow herself to love him? She knew she did, but she was so scared to admit it.

*** meanwhile...***

Tanner turned toward Mallorie with a concerned look on his face. He struggled to get the words out, “you’s really hard to wait around for something that you know might never happen.”

As much as Mallorie loved Avalie, she didn’t like to see Tanner so stressed out either. “If you know you can’t have her, then why don’t you just let her go? What’s the point?”

Tanner looked down, then back up at Mallorie, this time with a smile on his face. He let out a little chuckle, “’s even harder to give up on something that you’ve always wanted”.

Touched, Mallorie’s solemn face brightened up in an instant. “If that’s how you really feel about Ava, then tell her.”

“I let her know all the time. I don’t think she realizes that as she’s been waiting for James, I’m been waiting just as patiently for her.”

Close to tears, Mallorie tried to comfort him, “just keep trying Tanner. Trust me, she does love you. It’s just hard for her to fully allow herself to”.

“But why?”

Mallorie heaved a sigh, “she’s just a little scared, I guess. She’s scared to get too close to anyone because everyone that promised to stay left”.

“Well she’s already broken half that statement of yours. She let me get so close. Maybe even too close. Do you know what that feels like? Every smile from her is torture because it’s a taste of something I can’t have.”

“I don’t know if this helps, but she truly does love you Tanner. She really, really does. I can tell. Ever since you guys became friends, she’s never been happier. With James gone, all she’s done was worry about him. But you have made a serious difference in her life.”

“You really think so?”

“I know so. And you know what confirms that? When you’re not around her there’s definitely something missing from her smile.”

Mallorie knew all Avalie had to do was allow herself to trust her own heart. Mallorie knew how Avalie felt deep down inside. “I’m not saying that I’m in love, I’m just saying that lately he’s all I’ve been thinking about”. Those were the words Avalie had said when Mallorie first approached her about Tanner. Maybe it was about time she helped her friend realize how she really felt.

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