Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm 19.
Yeah, it's about time!

It's been a year since my huge debut party. I got to admit, I was having trouble thinking of anything that could possibly beat last year. I make the joke that the next big party I'm ever going to have is going to be at my wedding. Which is true! So within the upcoming hours of my birthday I re-posted some debut videos reminisce.

To be honest, I thought I would have the suckiest day. What are my reasons?

1) I had a History assignment due that day, so that means staying up late the night before. For the record, I was up till 3:30am.

2) I Only got 2.5 hrs of sleep. I had to be at school for 8:30am for my Canadian History lecture.

3) I had a 4 hour break. WHAT.

4) My Children's Lit of my more boring classes.

5) I get out of school at 4:30. It takes me and hour and 15 mins to get home. I would be missing the Temple Trip this night...which SUCKS because A) I haven't been to the temple since May and B) it was supposed to officially be my last youth activity. yea, not happening.

6) Last year my party was on Nov 7th. But on my actual birthday, I was talking to a "friend" about our relationship between each other, and we sorta decided that we officially had a mutual understanding. We liked each other but we couldn't date...this started around my birthday party, but it was only on the actual day of my birthday we discussed the serious stuff. Well, let's just say, it didn't even last a month. I hate bringing back those memories. Not pretty. It took me 3 months to get over it.

so you can understand i wasn't really looking forward to it. know there are so many little things a person can do that make me happy (:

1) My friend since the 4th grade, Rubab Aquil, was up while I was up writing my essay, and she was counting down to my birthday. And she made me this:

She made this her Facebook profile picture right on November 25, 2010 at 12:00am. And she wrote this as her caption:

To:laughing hyena aka skittle lover aka ari aka my best friend since grade 4
Happy 19th Birthday Darling♥
May you have a beautiful day..full of lots of surprises...may God bless you with All His blessings..May you get whatever you want in life...May you keep smiling always and forever♥
My Goodness Gracious how far do we go back..i dont even know (grade 3 lol but i wanted to say it) i can safely say i have more than a hundred memories with you♥:D You're my beautiful sunshine and i love you so much...till now we have kept our friendship firm and strong and etc etc...dude i love you ok thats all lol ..ok you keep commenting on the photo..but im too busy writing this...ahh i had so much to say man..ok well im just very thankful to God for giving me a friend like you<3you're>

Yeah, I have some of the greatest friends!

2) On my way to school, like super early in the morning, Jared calls me after their seminary class to greet me and they all sorta-ish sang me happy birthday. (I was to tired to remember if they did or not. Jezreel had to remind me afterwards).

3) I get to school and nothing interesting happens, but my friend Alex did give me a toonie to buy me a chocolate bar since she couldn't get me the cupcake. LOL.

During break, I guess I used all the time to reply back to everybody's messages on Facebook. It took up pretty much my whole break. Children's Lit starts, so I'm sitting there bored...

4) But near the end of the class my phone starts buzzing. Thank goodness I was able to pick us up because my prof let us go just that second. It was Shanelle, one of my closest friends at church and also a new member. So here's out convo:

S: Guess who called me?
A: Who? Rapper?
S: No...Elder Anderson.
A: Yea, so? What'd he say?
S: He called me asking where you were! He said you're not answering your phone and he's been trying to get a hold of you!
A: OH! (Yeah, YorkU has really bad reception...)

5) So I try to get to the buses ASAP so I could finally get off campus and get some good reception. And low and behold, as we're driving off campus my phone rings and its Elder Anderson! We talked for a while, then he said that he had a choir that wanted to sing to me. I was so confuzzled for a sec. Then he counted to 3 and all I hear are all these people singing (or more like yelling) Happy Birthday to me. This made me smile soooooo much. And i wanted to laugh so hard..but i tried to keep it in. Yeah, i looked like such an idiot on the full-packed bus. Elder Anderson was on switches and he was with Elder Dewey(!) and his companion, and one of the YSA, Aaron, in Churchville. I realized that my uni was in their area and they could have totally visited me, JUST SAYIN'. Then i got to talk to Elder Dewey for a bit (who was a greenie when he served in my ward), and then talked again with Anderson. This totally made my night...I was smiling the whole way home. Seriously, i love my missionaries. And Elder Anderson is the absolute best!

6) Jezreel and I planned to meet up at the subway station so we could take the bus together to my place. So there she was, waiting for me...and she had one of those McCain IceCream pies in her hand. :') i was so touched. No one else bothered buying me a cake!!! I love my twin :D So i told her what happened so far, and she has to admit, she got kilig. She knows she did. Hahaha.

7) We get to my place and my mom has my favourite Congee Star menu waiting for me on the table like promised (: We were originally going to go to Jack Astors cuz i wanted CALIMARI so badly! But I had tons of stuff to do and she had to go to Parent-Teacher interviews, so we decided take-out was best. Jezreel and I enjoyed the food and talked more.

8) Then Rubab calls and she came to stop by for a quick visit. How great is that? Well she just lives across the street, but still. I never usually get people visiting me on my birthday.

9) Right when Rubab knocks on my door, my phone starts buzzing. I pick up and someone starts singing Happy Birthday to me and all I can do was smile. It was Elder Lucero!! (Elder Anderson's companion). It was American Thanksgiving, so i guess that's how he remembered since we were talking about it on Saturday haha. As much as I love my American friends, I'm sorry Lucero, I'm proud to be Canadian!!!

10) I got so many messages from people...i couldn't help but feel being loved. Especially when you get those extra long ones from people you know who extra love Holly Deeks, Christine Laycock, Anthony Gomes, and Jed Layton. (: And these are my friends from far and wide. Christine's moved to Victoria, BC for law school and her message made me very happy. Anthony Gomes, i don't know where that boy is, but he is like my brother since we were in primary, and no matter how distant he is from the church, I'm glad he remembered me. And Jed, he's one of the RMs that had served in our ward...and he remembered my birthday! (':

11) OH YEAH. Christine texted me at midnight on my birthday! SHE HAS UNLIMITED TEXTING NOW!!! I was so happy! And she told me Simmin does too! This made me SOOOO happy. Those two are my closest friends from highschool and I go to a different university, so I never see them anymore. So i barely talk to them. AND NOW WE CAN TEXT. awesomeness.

ANYWAY, yup that's how my day went! I was definitely happy when I went to bed. And a good thing too, because the next day was going to be waaaaaaaay busy cuz of PREF. I only wished I got to see my sister more that day. She was out of the house before I woke up and had already left for the temple when I got home. BUT YEAH, I WAS TRES HAPPPY (:

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