Photos by Wendy G.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wendy G.

Officially my absolute most favourite photographer!

I love her creativity. I'd have to say that it's my most favourite part of her work. As an (amateur) photographer, I like to take my photos in a specific style. I actually admitted to some friends that if I were to get a photographer for my engagement or wedding photos, I might have trouble not bossing the person around that I want my pictures taken a certain way. BUT NOT WITH WENDY G. I don't care...if I have to go all the way to Utah (which won't be a problem for me cuz i love utah) to get my engagement photos taken, THEN I WILL. And if I have to pay a fortune to have her for my wedding, THEN I WILL. She's just THAT good.

Here's a link to her photo blog:

I love just browsing though and looking at her photography. Its amazing and I get addicted to looking at them. Mostly just because I hope to be as good as her one day :D

There are SO MANY i like. I wish i could copy and paste the pictures here, but her website doesn't allow that. So here are links to a few of my most favourite photoshoots she had done:

Kaci's Bridal photoshoot: Kaci is absolutely gorgeous. And I love how she was dressed for her this photoshoot. Really romantic stuff. I love the black and white photography, it looks so classic!

Goldhardt Kids photoshoot: I think this is the photographer's nieces and nephews. They're so cute!

Shane & Krista Preece wedding: One of my absolute favourite weddings. Everything about this couple's photoshoots I amazingly adored:
  • Engagement shoot 1: i love love love the one with the polaroid camera shots),
  • Engagement shoot 2: oh my goodness. theses are just beautiful. i love the silhouette dance photos. those are so LEGIT! I had this one photo of my silhouette taken at the temple...and i loved it. I LOVE THESE EVEN MORE
  • Bridal shoot 1: i love how she gets to put her ballet shoes into this.
  • Bridal shoot 2: i just love nature shots. i would personally go for a different looking garden, but meh, these are still good. I like the scenes with the waterfall and rocks a lot better though (:
Cate (baby shoot): OH MY GOODNESS. This is like the cutest baby alive!

Nielson Family shoot: This family is just too cute!!


Anyway yeah, those are some of my favourites. Check out her website and blog cause she has a ton more. I think another reason why she's one of my favourites is that she pays attention to detail. And i love detail (I'm an English major, it's what I do :P). Especially with the temple, every single detail of the temple is there to symbolize something. As I am not yet endowed or married, I do not know all the meanings of these symbols of the temple, but when I do get married I would very much like a photographer like Wendy G, because she takes your photos with the beauty of the symbolic meanings of the temple with it. I don't think I could ask for more.

And here's that photo of myself with my silhouette by the temple (:

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