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Friday, December 3, 2010

December is a little too over-whelming for me...hear me rant.

[1] Filipino Christmas Party (Dec 4)
I'm emceeing this party, so basically I have everyone coming to me for tasks. I've been emailing and discussing with people over the phone about certain assignments, meet-up times for set up, decorations, food, games, music, etc. It's a whole lot of work. You think being the emcee is just to entertain during the party?...not even. And during this party I have to find time to grab my sisters and our missionaries to take pictures for the surprise we do for them every year. If we don't, then I'm going to have to plan nice outfits for the rest of the month both for Sundays and regular days because i just don't know when I'll be able to grab people for the pictures (yeah, that's how much I'm wanted. i'm being called over the place that sometimes i don't get to be calling people to get my own things done -.-")

Things I'm missing because of this even:
- Holly's surprise 17th birthday party
- Tita Minday's Christmas banquet
- Aryana's YSA gathering (which is when we were supposed to celebrate mine and Nathan's birthday)
- Study Time.

[2] SUNDAY (Dec 5)
What's my to-do list on this day?
- Photocopy program
- Attend the 3 hrs of church
- Practice "Sing for Christ is Born" with Ida
- Play "Sing for Christ is Born" to practice the Relief Society
- Baptism
- Practice playing "Believe" for the Young Women
- Practice playing "O Holy Night" with the Trio
- Choir practice
- General Presidency Christmas Devotional
- Practice singing "'Twas a Silent Night" with Ensemble

[3] Modes of Fantasy EXAM (Dec 6)
...wait, when did i have time to study for this? O___O

[4] Drama EXAM (Dec 8)
...oh wow, ONE day to study -.-"

[5] Literary Theory EXAM make-up (Dec 10)
I've mentioned this before. I was supposed to have this exam on Sunday the 12th, but because of the Stake Christmas Musical Fireside I got permission from my Prof to write it on this day instead.


[6] Ward Christmas Party (Dec 11)
So I don't really know what's happening here. But I'm playing the piano for the Relief Society to "Sing for Christ is Born" and "Believe" for the Young Women. Do I have these piano pieces down? NOPE. For some reason, my fingers aren't working with me. I'm practicing them and they sound so flipping horrible >.<>

[7] SUNDAY (Dec 12)
To-do list?
THANK GOODNESS, NO MORE PLAYING THE TWO SONGS!!!! The Ward Christmas party is done and I won't have to practice them anymore!! YAY! But I still need to practice "O Holy Night" on the piano and practice singing "'Twas a Silent Night"...because TONIGHT IS THE STAKE CHRISTMAS MUSICAL FIRESIDE!!! :D I'm soooooooo excited for it. The music is going to be so amazing! Anyone reading're invited to come. Its FREE to come here the Spirit of Christmas (: Oh yeah, and one of my closest friend's boyfriend is being baptized this day. YAY! (but that means more work because I promised her to help out..aka musical presentation).

[8] FREE WEEK (Dec 13-17)
Ok. That's a lie. I'm only calling it a "Free Week" because I don't have any exams or school. But do you know what I need to accomplish this week?!?!?!?!
- Christmas shopping with Laura
- Baking Christmas cookies with Sara for our service project
- Finish up ALL the missionaries' Christmas cards (let me tell you, each one has so much detail, it usually takes a lot of time)
- Finish my Lit Theory essay due on the 17th (yeah, i have to travel ALL the way to school just to hand that in -.-")
- Make the Flipside Tshirts for the Missionaries
- Deliver Christmas cards to the missionaries that are either RMs or the ones abroad.

[9] Primary Christmas Party (Dec 18)
I'm in Primary...i HAVE to go.
But a bit of good news!!! Caleb and Jenna, aka Mary and Joseph from our Saviour of the World production this summer (I didn't blog about that experience...i probably should!) ARE GETTING MARRIED :D :D Congratulations to them! Its going to be such a nice story to tell their kids one day..."we met playing Mary and Joseph" hehe cutee (:

[10] Canadian History EXAM (Dec 20)
OH BOY. I don't even know how I'm going to survive this. I like my lecture, I hate those reading he makes us print out. blah.

[11] Children's Lit EXAM (Dec 21)
Yeah I better study well for this one. It's a term course so I have to pass this exam...there's no making up for it. This is the last thing ever from this class, then I'm done....until part II that is.

[12] SERVICE PROJECT (Dec 22 or 23)
Sara and I need to choose a day to give out those cookies we plan to deliver for our service project!!

[13] CHRISTMAS EVE!!! (Dec 24)
Ok, so UGH, Christmas is on a Saturday. So that means Laura and I got to give the missionaries our surprise the day after. This makes planning very difficult because I obviously won't have ANY time whatsoever on Christmas day to bake their cookies or finish up their cards. SO we have to do it on Christmas eve's DAY. And i emphasize day because on Christmas EVE we're going to be helping dad set up for Christmas Eve dinner....

[14] CHRISTMAS!!!!!
You know, the regular tradition....see the fam fam for lunch and dinner :D YAY!

[15] Sunday (Dec 26)
So Boxing Day happens to be on a Sunday. But oh well. I can't complain because A) I'm not tempted to go plan where we're going shopping and B) I can't afford to spend anymore money. But today's the day we give out all the missionaries' surprises!!! I hope I'm not getting too old for this. LOL. we've been doing it since 2007 (i was 16 back then) and now its so weird cuz the missionaries are now around my age, so its like me making things for people in my year. gross. hahaha. but i know the missionaries need to be cared and loved for, so that's why we do it. laura and i call it our little christmas service project. it might not seem much, but we put a lot of effort into those home-made cards. and seeing their reactions are always so priceless (:

[16] FREE WEEK!!! (dec 27-jan 2)
So YAY! I'm finally free!!! Kinda...
So no plans for this week but people want me for things. So this is the "almost planned, but not official" list for this 'free week':
- I have a Drama essay due Jan 5. But i most likely will be writing it like the night usual.
- It's Christine's birthday on jan 2...most likely i'll be called to do something for it
- Sara and I need to start getting together to talk about this book....
- I need to catch up on writing for my own book
- Head start on readings? IF POSSIBLE?
- New Year's Eve/Day: Obviously traditions of New Year's eve dinner (that means no YSA New Year's Eve dance for me), and another busy Saturday on New Year's Day.
- Simmin moved into a new place. They've been bugging me to come see it. Probably this week...

I'M SO SAD THIS YEAR IS OVER! It went by so fast (and its going by even faster with all the stuff for December). Good-bye 2010, you have been SO good to me :')

So clearly this list is really over-whelming. And this is only the stuff that is irregular from my schedule. This doesn't include: chores, baby-sitting, family time, church, piano, reading, scripture study, Institute, YSA, and all that other jazz. Its really hard. I like to talk to people to, and because I don't get to see many friends during the school days, when I see some of them on Sunday all we want to do is TALK. And sometimes I barely get time for that because I'm too busy running around trying to get things done. Here's an example:

Last Sunday i did the regular of doing the program. but instead of resting after, laura did my hair, and then we ended up attending the Korean ward cuz they had their primary presentation as well, and there are a few of the Korean kids that i love (Wendy, Eric, and Benjamin), so we went to watch them. when there's was done, we had to set up for ours and i had to get a little practice in. then i had to clean up the decorations from PREF night because i heard they were STILL up. thankfully nathan and bobby helped me take the stuff down. i got back down just when our meeting started. then la la la i had to play the piano for the primary. when Sacrament meeting was done, I was playing the prelude music as people were exiting the chapel. Elder Jung interrupts me because he needs me to open up the library. Its gone around that I'm one of the very FEW who has a code to get into the library, so whenever someone needs it opened, especially the missionaries, they come straight to me. I run up stairs, find that its already open, run back down to tell him, about to head back to the piano, interrupted by a friend's mom visiting the ward and you know, you gotta talk to she was complimenting me on my playing, so i didn't want to be rude. So i'm about to head back to the piano AGAIN, but some guy (who was hitting on me) starts talking and stuff. I'm not rude, so I talk nicely to the guy. By the time he's gone, my mom comes to me asking me what that was all about. When she's done talking, Laura, Rebecca, and Kim are already there about to talk to me. I don't even get the chance to talk long (which is horrible because I barely ever get to see Rebecca). I attempt to go play piano, but everyone exited so NO POINT. I get upstairs to Primary where everyone's already enjoying treats (which i partly missed). Then I forgot I had to make Elder Baker his bday card. I went to head down to Relief Society, but ended up talking to some of the adult filipinos outside. I then realize that i can't come back upstairs for primary for closing exercises because I have to be in Relief Society for closing exercises to practice the song. So i had to run back upstairs and ask the primary president for permission to stay in RS. I enter RS and they don't end early enough, so we DONT get to practice it as the closing him. But i had to stay to practice for it afterwards. (Mind you, that was the first time in a little while that i got to stay in ANY class for over 10 mins). After playing i had to dash back into the chapel for the baptism, which ALREADY started. Thank goodness for little secrets here and there because Jezreel told me she caught a certain someone staring and smiling at me (which eased my day up a bit..cuz, well, i barely got to talk to him that day cuz i was all over the place). after the baptism i was playing with baby asher on the piano and waht not. then after we had to go put away the trees and tables from the room we used for pref. Then FINALLY i got to sit down and just chill. OH MY GOODNESS. i got to use that chill time to talk to Stacy about the guy mentioned above (: then yeah, i had to go practice with the trio for O Holy Night. then run back out of the gym to the primary room where choir was. then we had to go down because we switched rooms. then after choir we had to stay extra long cuz all the ladies' learned a new song separate from the guys. then i had to stay longer to practice the ensemble with sara and the others. then i got to go home. my goodness, i DID NOT want to go to school the next day.

yeah that's my little rant. I'm just thankful for those people who recognize that i need to be many places at once, like Tita Imee, the Primary President, cuz they make my burden a little more easier and take some of the load off of me. I'm not complaining, cuz i like what i do, but i just needed to let out a little steam...its stressful.

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