2010 in a nutshell

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2009 was awesome and i didn't think anything could beat it.
But 2010 has been the best year of my life. 
2011 has some pretty big shoes to fill. 

The following events that helped make my year (:
In January,

In February,
  • Saviour of the World auditions! I got called as Chorus and Dance Captain
  • 2010 Olympics begins- VANCOUVER (Canada represent!!)
    "16 days, 14 gold, 7 silver, 5 bronze, 2 Olympic records, 1 Proud Country" yeyuuuh
  • Bryan gets baptized!! 
  • I get my braces OFF. After 3 years, my teeth are finally free of metal!

In March,
  • EJ is born!!!! 
  • ESL Classes start. Tis was tres fun. All thanks to Elder C. Wheeler!

In April,
  • GENERAL CONFERENCE!! I always always always look forward to it (:
  • Rebecca gets baptized!! And Bryan was the one who baptized her. Awesome stuff.
  • Special Musical Mission President Fireside - it was beautiful .
  • Wiffleball with Elder Corkin and Elder Nelson. Hahaha funnest thing everrr.

In May,
  • The Fireside that started it all 
  • I start working again. YES! And the lucky girl I am, there happened to be some pretty good eye-candy as work this year. oh yes. 

In June, 
  • Said good-bye to the best missionaries on earth, Elder Corkin and Elder Nelson. Ok, this wasn't an event that made me happy, but considering I was super sad that they left should let you know we had good times together since 2010 started. 
  • Sundays with youuuu 
  • Camp Orientation 2010. Our ward was in charge of the skit. We made it more epic than they would have ever asked for. 
  • Music Night. ok so the morning of that day was our Ward's openhouse for the Jubilee which nobody came to which was a huge bummer. BUT...I got to meet Clay Christensen. Awesomeness. 
  • I got my first gig for make-up artistry. Kind of. I did Sara's make-up for Prom.
  • Helped plan Bryan and Jared's surprise party. Insane stuff!! Backyard party with a pool and DJ!
  • Mormon Prom!! Fun times with photoshootin!

In July,
  • YW's CAMP 2010! I was sick, had my period, and had allergies...which makes this not-so-good. But still, we had fun (:
  • Palmyra, NY! First time everrrrr! And we got to go with the Milloras YAY. Another amazing spiritual experience! (:
  • Photoshoot. First time setting up the most random photoshoot. Fun times with the Deeks (:
  • YSA Conference. First time ever attending one!

In August,
  • Stake JUBILEE Picnic! The biggest picnic you've ever seen. Funnest day everrr and that was when I realized 
  • Said good-bye to one of THE BEST yw leaders i've ever had, Christine Laycock. (Once again, a sad good-bye means there were many good times before hand)
  • Bishop's Storehouse volunteering. First time ever, and it reminded me of work. So i had fun (:
  • SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD PRODUCTION. The best spiritual  experience I could ever ask for. I felt so privileged to work with such talented people and to perform and testify of my Saviour, Jesus Christ. Best two amazing weeks of my life. 
  • Stake Jubilee Meeting (aka Stake Conference) good times for me ;)
  • NEW CAMERA!!!!! :D it was about time...
  • YOUTH LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2010. My last year, and the most spiritually amazing one I've been to. I loved it and i'm so happy my last year was my best one. 
  • Hangin' with Hermana Martinez and Hermana Crosby (:

In September,
  • Teaching Jeanky with Elder Lucero and Elder Wayne. GOOD TIMES. 
  • BALOT FEST!!!!!! Had all the missionaries over and made them eat balot. Plus i got to try it for the first time. hahahaha oh man. 
  • DANNY NELSON VISITS TORONTO! One of the best missionaries in the world has come back to visit us. YEYUH.
  • YLC Reunion Dnace...not the best dance, but I got to take some photos of the temple for the first time which i really enjoyed. 

In October,
  • GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!! I always look forward to them. Enough said. 
  • The day my heart's desire was answered. So unexpected, but i hoped for it so much that i was too happy that it was happening. And from here till the end of 2010, i have enjoyed my moments with you 
  • Major FAMILY JAMMIN'! Thanksgiving, Tita Mindy's 50th surprise party, Lola Inday's 80th birthday party....Basically a family reunion each weekend. EPIC.
  • Fireside with you you you  and you tried to 'save' me x)
  • Halloween tiingz! SO many Halloween parties! And my make-up was LEGIT!! So basically, October was "Party" month. 
  • more sundays and phone calls with you you you 

In November, 
  • Kriza's Debut! The first debut I've ever attended, minus mine.
  • Lolo's 83rd birthday party. 
  • Stake Jubilee Ball! Ok, so i didn't get to dance as much but i got to help DJ! And some guys were nice enough to come to the stage and call me down to dance, which i thought was really sweet. but my jacket got stolen...bummer. who steals at a church dance?
  • Fireside with you you you you 
  • My brother, Arrius Racioppo, comes back from his Mission!!!!
  • My birthday. I have awesome friends. Nuff said 
  • PREF. I was impressed with how we prepared for our dates.
  • many more days and phone calls with you you you 

In December,
  • Christmas Parties allllllllllllllll around! 
    • Filipino Christmas Party - I GOT TO EMCEE!
    • Ward Christmas Party - Whole lot of piano playing
  • Cookie baking with Saraaaaa for our service project
  • Christmas Eve with the Missionaries
  • Marc Garneau class'09 mini-reunion 
  • many more days and phone calls with you you you ♥ and many more to come in the new year 

2010 has been the best year of my life. i loved it and forever will. 
the spiritual experiences were amazing ;
the fun times were fantabulous ;
i've gotten more practice than EVER with photography ;
and i've had the ups and downs with the drama of liking people. and all though the year didn't start all that great due to the fall of one, it got better in the middle with the welcoming back of a person i have created a spiritual bond with. and although nothing has happened with that person, i feel like he's prepared me fore the one now 

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