Sunday, December 26, 2010

I had the best Christmas Eve everrrrrr! Our usual tradition is to have my mom's parents and brother come up and join us for a late dinner and then we open up our presents from each other that night. But this year we decided to do something a little different.

A few weeks before Christmas my mom gave a lesson in Family Home Evening about feeling the Christmas Spirit and doing service during the holiday season. We were reading example stories from the Ensign which were really touching. My mom then asked us what we could do as a family to get into the Christmas Spirit of giving. My dad suggested that as a family we could go visit one of the less active families. He had a family in mind and we planned to make them dinner and drop it off at their place on Christmas Eve. My mom then said she had another idea: to have all the missionaries over for Christmas Eve dinner. Laura and I obviously thought that was a fabulous idea. My dad has been Bishop of the Don Mills ward for about a year now and we only found out a few months ago that we were allowed to have any of the missionaries over whenever we wanted to because my dad is the Bishop. We wanted to do both, but my mom said it would cost too much money, so we had to stick with one.

I don't know what happened, but she definitely changed her mind. Together, we decided that we'd have the all the missionaries over for 6pm, tell them the plan, then drive to the inactive family's house together. We thought it was brilliant. The family wouldn't answer the phone/door to any missionaries, so we were hoping this project would get them to come back to church or to at least have the missionaries talk to them.

The night of Chirstmas Eve, I was busy finishing up the missionaries' Christmas Cards and keeping in touch with all the missionaries to confirm times and stuff. Elders Lusk and Sjoblom were the first to arrive. I had to run and hide in my room so I could finish up their homemade cards. Hermanas Tillet and Wheeler were next to arrive. Elders Smith and Cabral weren't able to make it because they had prior appointments, so we were just waiting for the APs, Elders Lucero and Anderson. They were coming from Trent, so they were going to be late, so we planned they would just meet us at the family's place. Before we left our apartment, we had a group prayer and piled into the van.

We got to the apartment and my dad let us all out first while he went and found a parking spot. There we were, 6 missionaries and a family of 5, practicing singing and excitedly talking about Christmas. Many people passed by the lobby thanking the Elders for being so polite and holding the door open and stuff. We got into an elevator and took it up to the family's apt. We knew they weren't going to open up to the missionaries and my dad had a feeling they wouldn't open up to the Bishop either, SO, they sent Laura and I to knock. It was so funny. It looked like mission impossible, Laura and I knocking on the door as bait, then have my parents and the missionaries jump out from down the hall way to attack. Hahaha. Laura and I knocked and waved the presents in front of the peephole to grab their attention. AND THEY OPENED!!!!! All you could hear were the missionaries whispering "YES!!!" to each other. Laura and I greeted them Merry Christmas and everyone hiding down the hall came out and excitedly greeted them as well. They let us in and we sat there chatting to each other. They had two kids in primary so since I have a calling in Primary, I went over to talk with them. We sang them two Christmas songs: Angels we have Heard on High and Away in a Manger. Not to sound conceited or anything, but we sounded AWESOME. It was a legit choir! You had the Sopranos, Altos, and Bases goin' on!! I wish I could've recorded ourselves; we just sounded THAT good. They gave us some chocolate chip muffins and then we were off to my place.

Instead of going with my parents, Laura and I went in the car with the Hermanas. SO. MUCH. FUN. I can't believe I never used to be close with the sister missionaries...they are SO COOL. Earlier, right before we left my apt, Hermana Wheeler was complimenting my little sister's matching jacket and boots and said "loooooooooove it". Laura was like, "why does that sound familiar?". Then i gasped, "DRAGON TALES!!!". We all started shrieking like girls. Hahaha she couldn't believe we knew what it was. So while we were driving home the only thing we were talking about was The Swan Princess and Barbie movies. We were singing the opening song of The Swan Princess, "This is My Idea", in the car. I was so happy they knew what it was! Lucero and Anderson met us outside the building and as we went up in the elevator together, we asked them the same question: Do you know what SWAN PRINCESS is? And they both said yes!! Then I asked, "All three?". Anderson's like "chyeah". My face lit up and i'm like NO WAY GIMME HI FIVE. All Hermana Wheeler could say was "I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship". Hahaha, she got that right. As we got into the apt, the only thing we could ask each other was if we knew a list of other old movies/tv shows. Talk about blast from the past.

We sat and enjoyed spicy buffalo chicken wings, my mom's famous baked macaroni, ice cream and apple pie and fruit salad. YUM. Tis was fun times. We all agreed that it felt really good to do that bit of service for someone else and also serving the missionaries as well who work so hard to serve us all the time. So it was settled, we decided we'd make that our new family tradition. (:

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥ ☮ ♫
live well . laugh hard . love big .
dec 24, 2010

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