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Thursday, January 20, 2011

So the church is holding an International Video Contest: Make Your Own Mormon Message! I've been advertising it in our ward bulletin for quite some time now and I've been wanting to do it. But with the last few weeks before the due date, Sara Deeks happens to post the contest details on my Facebook wall and asks if I want to enter. Ha, of course now that I have someone to do it with I'm GOING to do it. 

Here are all the plans since Sunday. I'd say we did pretty good for planning this in just a few days.

DEVOTIONAL: (1:00pm)
Opening Hymn: As Zion’s Youth in Latter Days #274

Opening Prayer: Sara Deeks
Spiritual Thought: Laura Limas
Overview: Ariana Limas & Sara Deeks
-          What we’re doing
o   Explain the contest and topic
o   Release forms (what happens IF we make it into the finals)
-          The Plan
o   Explain ideally what we envisioned
-          Schedule
o   Overview of set schedule
Closing Hymn: How Gentle God’s Command #125
Closing Prayer: volunteer?


Hey everyone! So first, Sara and I would like to thank you all for allowing us to interview you all. This message is to update you guys on exactly what’s going down on Saturday.

Who: YOU.
What: Filming interviews about Modesty
When: Saturday, January 22nd at 11:00am
Where: Toronto Stake Centre – 24 Ferrand Dr. – corner of Don Mills and Eglinton
Why: Because we want to tell the world why Modesty is so important.
How: Come to bear your testimony. Be filled with the Spirit. Be ready to have fun. 

** Please be on time. We will be starting with a devotional to WELCOME THE SPIRIT **

For now, I will explain BASICALLY what’s going on and how you can prepare.
So if you haven’t heard us explain this already, Sara and I are entering the INTERNATIONAL LDS VIDEO CONTEST (this contest closes Jan 31, which explains why we are doing it in a hurry). This is a contest where people get to make their own Mormon Message. Sara and I have decided to do it on Modesty. Why we need all of you is to interview you about the topic. Below are some questions we have set to ask you. Sara and I want as much footage as possible, so if you have any experiences, examples, or any other in-put on the subject, you are more than welcome to say so during the interview.

-          How have you felt it prepare you to enter the temple?
-          What are some blessings you’ve seen from dressing modestly?
-          How has dressing modestly help make you a more confident person?
-          How does dressing modestly help us in our lives?
-          Teachings: Obedience, Body is a Temple, The Lord’s House, body is borrowed,
-          What would you tell a girl who is struggling to dress modestly?

-          Why is modesty important to you?
-          How do you help girls stay modest?
-          How have you felt being around modest girls help you prepare for a mission?
-          Any input on Modesty as a guy? What are their guidelines for being modest?

Along with the interviews, we are going to have a photo shoot of everyone in different attires to show examples of modesty. These, of course, are for the video. We were thinking it would be fun to do a mock “modest prom” theme. I will be decorating a back-drop so we have something to pose in front of. Also, just warning you, I might just ask you to take some super-cool pictures in the snow. After everyone’s finished the interviews, we would very much like to take some group shots, both video and photo. I hope you’ll wait patiently for that.

So girls, bring a modest:
-          Formal attire (for the Prom shots)
-          Semi-formal attire (for the interview and for  some “church” shots)
-          Casual attire (for more shots)

Guys, bring:
-          Formal attire (for the Prom shots and “church” shots)
o   (also for the interview. Just take off your suit jacket)
-          Casual attire (for more shots)

Last, but not least: we don’t want you to starve. So, POTLUCK, anyone?
Sara’s bringing rice. Laura and I are bringing chicken and brownies. So you guys are in charge of any other munchies you’d like.

We will be bringing a couple board games and our laptops, so while you’re waiting patiently for your turn, you can go right ahead and entertain yourself with one o f those things. Sound good?

Thank you so much for your co-operation and willingness to do this for us last minute; we really, really appreciate it! We put this together real quick but we have faith it’ll work. It’s just that we feel like we really need to do this and we hope you understand.  But with everyone’s co-operation, I’m sure we’ll do fine (:

Much Love,
Ariana Limas & Sara Deeks

1.       Arrive at the church by 10 to start decorating the back-drop.
2.       Photocopy program and interview list for Sara and Laura.
3.       When Sara arrives, do video check on 3rd floor.
o   Set up camera on tripod
o   Explain camera angle
4.       Find a room to hold the devotional in. Most likely Sunday School room on 2nd floor.
5.       Make a sign to show people where to go.
6.       DEVOTIONAL.
7.       Sara and Laura start interviews; I start photo shoot.
8.       After all interviews are done, we’ll eat [?]
9.       After eating [?], we start to take the group photos.
10.   End with closing prayer.
11.   CLEAN UP.
12.   If there’s still time, Sara comes over to start editing video.
13.   Keep a copy of all interviews on both laptops to look at and review during the week.

So yeah, that's that! Wish us luck!
- Ariana Rae Limas ♥ ☮ ♫
live well . laugh hard . love big .
20. o1.11

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