13 Articles of Faith

Saturday, February 19, 2011

This morning I went to church for a Stake Primary activity. I’m only the Primary pianist in our ward, but I thought I’d come to help out just to take the opportunity to do so. Turns out the activity was to help the primary kids learn about the 13 Articles of Faith.

There were 13 rooms, each one focused on one of the 13 Articles of Faith. Holly and I went around with 4 kids: Christian, Daniel, Summer, and Holly. Basically, in each room, we’d discuss the article of faith, do a little activity concerning it, then have the kids recite the article of faith, then give them a copy for the ring booklet we were making them.

My parents had my sister and I memorize the 13 Articles of Faith when we were still young and in primary, so it was pleasure to be helping out some of these Primary kids learn it as well. Of course, when I learned them, I was more focused on memorizing them and not really understanding what they meant. But as I grew older, I learned the significance of each, and it was my first time ever explaining them to somebody else and I definitely enjoyed it.

I think I’ve gained a new appreciation for the 13 Articles of Faith. I always knew they were important, but I’ve never expressed my gratitude for them. Joseph Smith made the 13 Articles of Faith to tell people what us, as Latter-day Saints, believe in. I find that they are very helpful in understanding the basis of what I believe.

Our young ones.

They're so cute. They were so interested in the snow that was falling.

7th Article of Faith: "Gift of Tongues" LOL

Holly teaching them about the 8th Article of Faith.

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
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