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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is going to be a little smash-up of a whole bunch of topics in one. Sorry!

Yesterday was Hababo's 20th birthday so we decided "surprise party" once again. Christo and I met up and headed to Simmin's place to decorate her basement. Of course, I was in charge of baking the cake (who else...).


Simmin, Christine, Amrah, and I did our girly thing and got ready, putting on little finishes to out outfits, before we went to meet up with Hababo. Simmin all of a sudden starts yelling at the top of her lungs, calling her sister saying, "APUUUUUUUUU!!!!! DO THE SMOKEY-EYE LOOK ON MEEEEEE". All I could do was shout and chase after her saying "I'll do it! I'll do it! I'll do it!" An opportunity to practice the smokey-eye look on somone other than myself? Yes Please! With not much surety in her voice, she allowed me to. I didn't have much to work with; she only had two colours, but I tried my best. I loved her make-up brushes: MAC. Reminder to self: get myself a few of them.

When I finished her make-up I suggested she put on mascara but she dully said she doesn't wear it. Then she looked into the mirror and got all excited because she loved it! I was so happy!! She then decided to take my suggestion and did put mascara on. Then she let me take a photo of her eyes so I could post it. You can't really see it in this photo though...

After doing Simmin's make-up I noticed Amrah was having a tiring time straightening her hair. So I offered to help her. When I was done she was so impressed..."wow! my hair has never been this straight before!". I know, surprise surprise, I actually did someone's hair (for once). But let's face it, it was something simple. But still.

While we were on the bus I got compliments from both girls once again,
Simmin: Ariana, you are so doing my make-up from now on.
Amrah: I should just keep Ariana at my place to do my hair. 
Awesome stuff! It made we so happy to hear all that.


As I was putting on my coat to leave Simmin's place, Simmin's sister, Apu, says, "hey Ariana, I want to go to church with you one time." (ok i don't know what her real name is, but we all call her that. it's sorta like how everyone calls me "Ate"). Anyway, you can imagine my mouth dropped open when I heard this. Apu starts laughing at me because she said that's exactly how Simmin said I would react. I then put the biggest smile on my face and started squealing and doing like tip-toe jumps on the spot (yup, that's me for ya). She said that she's never been to a church meeting before and she's really like to attend one to just see how it is. And she said something about having some questions. PERFECT OPPORTUNITY OR WHAT?! I was so happy!!!!! I thought the best time to bring her to church would be this coming Sunday, it's ward conference and I'd be able to be with her the whole time plus we were going to have a potluck afterwards. Slight problem though, I'm being picked up right after church to play the piano at a funeral. But this is where Laura and Elder Anderson kick it, because I'll just get them to stay with her until I return. Sounds like a plan? I think so!


We met up with Hababo downtown and headed towards a little restaurant called Ali Baba. I was wondering why we were there and what we were eating. They described it to me to be like Subway. And it was! One of the best tasting things ever! It was like Subway, but with an Eastern twist on it. Instead of bread they used pita and stuffed it with chicken, lettuce, spices, tomatoes, ranch dressing, and hot sauce. Oh my goodness, I love wraps in general, but that Shawamara made my taste-buds tingle. I am definitely going back there to eat it again sometime. 

My Chicken Shawamara

Simmin snapping an unattractive picture of me eating...


After eating we headed back to Eaton's. On the way there I happened to see a familiar figure! It was Sayeed! He was like best friend in the 7th and 10th grade and I haven't seen him since my debut party. So I went to talk to him while the rest of my friends ditched (let's just say my friends aren't all that "OK" with him, especially Christine...). We just did a little catching up and ended up talking about photography. I told him how I wanted the Canon Rebel t1i  and he told me to go for it. Apparently that was the SLR he used when he road-tripped it to British Columbia..(which his pictures were AMAZING bytheway). So I guess that finalizes it, eh? Canon Rebel t1i, here I come!

I did some research later on that night and found some Rebel t1i kits on Amazon for a REALLY good price. I guess I'll aim for those. It won't be much of a problem once I start working in the summer :)


After talking with Sayeed I found out that my friends were spying on my from inside H&M. We decided to head there because Hababo's mom told her to go buy something for herself. I've always thought H&M clothes were pretty nice, but I could never find anything that would look good on me. I have finally found something I wanted, and trust me, I was sooooooo tempted to buy it. But I didn't cause, well, let's just say I have a habit of shopping I had to control myself. It was so hard to watch everyone else go buy stuff while I just looked. But anyway, I found this really cute (and MODEST!) outfit. It was cute little vintage dress (which is immodest by itself, but of course I would wear tights or jeans underneath) which sorta looked like this:

Cute, vintage, flowery dress....yes, I like VERY much.

And on top with a belt, a long dark blue cardigan that sorta looks like this:

So yeah, try to picture this blue cardigan on top of the flower dress. Cute, right?

Well, they were about $30 each, so I didn't get them just cuz I can't afford to spend my money on that at the moment. Boo. I can't wait to start working again.


So I had to ditch my friends early because I needed to get home to do things. Jezreel ended up texting me and came over because she needed help with her Compare & Contrast essay. Yipee. Not all that thrilled to do work, but if I were to write an essay, Compare & Contrast or Narrative would be my choices to do. Wow, i'm a NERD. Anyway, Jezreel and I worked pretty well for not having much information about what I was helping her with. And I once again got praised for my work, yay :)


When my dad got home, we went to visit Manong (my uncle Romeo) in the Emergency Room. He's been pretty sick and the doctors can't find anything wrong with him. The day before my parents went to the hospital with him and my mom said he saw her the first question he asked was "where are the kids", which totally broke my heart. So I decided to come visit today. We brought my grandpa along because my dad wanted to give him a Priesthood blessing. Of course, my uncle is of a different religion so we had to get his consent. When my dad explained it to him, my uncle said "i'm OK", so I thought he was rejecting the offer. I tried smiling at him (but I was wearing a mask, so you couldn't really see my expression -.-"), trying to encourage him to let my dad give him a blessing. When my dad asked him again, he said of course I want one. I was so happy!!!!!! I mean, it's nothing big, but I'm super glad my uncle let my dad perform a blessing on him. I have faith it'll help make him better. 


And yea, that was pretty much my whole day! I was so pooped out by the end of it, I don't even know why. But life is grand, that's all I'm going to say with a big, fat smile on my face :D.

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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