Arielle's Baptism!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

WOOT WOOT my little sister got baptized today!!! It’s been 11 years since I’ve been baptized and 9 years since Laura has. It’s been quite a while. And now my baby sister is finally 8 and able to have the opportunity to get baptized. My dad was the one performing the baptism. When he came down dressed in white it felt so odd! I remember when I got baptized I’d be looking up at my dad thinking he was so big. But when he stood there with my sister they looked so cute and small! I couldn’t help giggle to myself. It was a very busy and memorable day. I mean, I see a baptism almost every Sunday with the missionaries’ investigators and all, but it’s not so often that you see someone related to you get baptized.

Presiding: Bishop Rodrigo Limas
Conducting: Bro. Ryan Johnson
Pianist: Sis. Ariana Limas
Chorister: Sis. Laura Limas

Opening Hymn: I Am a Child of God
Invocation: Elder Tyson Anderson

Talk on Baptism: Sis. Cairine Caughill
Talk on Holy Ghost: Sis. Marie Ann Afu

Musical Number: Daughter of a King – Laura Limas accompanied by Ariana Limas

Musical Number: Baptism – Don Mills Ward Primary

Baptism of Arielle Limas
To be performed by Bishop Limas

Musical Number: When I am Baptized – Arielle Limas

Confirmation by Bishop Limas

Welcome to the Ward by Bishopric and Primary Leader

Closing Hymn: The Holy Ghost
Benediction: Elder Steven Dewey

It was great! I have to admit, I did get very tired from playing the piano at the end of it...BUT, nonetheless, it was awesome. There was a great turn-out and my family and neighbours were all able to make it. I even heard that some of my family is planning to meet with Elder Anderson and Elder Dewey..AWESOME STUFF! It made me very, very happy to hear that.

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