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Monday, February 14, 2011

YUP. Valentine's Day. Or like I say, HAPPY SINGLES AWARENESS DAY. I stole that from Robert Swalberg, and I don't like saying it, but it's funny. Ok so I don't have a Valentine this year...yet again...but NO BIGGY. I did what I do every something for someone else :)

Valentine's celebrations started on Saturday. Started off with a dinner party at Tita Portia's for her birthday. During dinner, I got asked about the boys I'm into...of course...because that's what Filipinos do...they pry into your love life (lucky for me at the moment, I don't have one that's made to expose yet). I left the dinner early to help Daniel set up the DJ stuff for the Valentine's Dance.

The gym looked pretty amazing! I remembered last year's Valentine's Dance..SO BORING. The decorations in the gym made it look like the dance would be fun. So I did a little photography just cause they looked that good.

Before the dance started I was supposed to help Elder Anderson and Elder Dewey teach Bobby. Shanelle calls me to come to the 3rd floor cause that's where they were teaching. I enter the room with a surprised look because the person wasn't Bobby, but some other dude. His name is Amaron (sp?) and he's pretty cool. After the lesson, we all ended up playing fuse ball together. 
[1] Ariana & Elder Anderson VS. Amaron & Shanelle - We won.
[2] Ariana & Elder Dewey VS. Amaron & Shanelle - We won.
[3] Ariana & Elder Dewey VS. Amaron & Elder Anderson - They won. And that was end of it haha.

We went downstairs and we all tried to convince Amaron to stay at the dance with Shanelle and I. The Elders brought him around to the food table while Shanelle and I went to check up on the DJ. Somehow Shanelle was able to get him on the dance floor, so I got off the stage and came to dance with them. I was surprised at all these random moves he was pulling, so the three of us had a good time. 

Sunday was the actual day I started to celebrate. I made cupcakes Saturday night. They were quite a fail, bytheway. I made 2/3 of the cupcakes and had to save the last batch for when I got home from the dance. I think because I left the batter out, my cupcakes ended up being very dry (as Elder Workman said -.-"). The icing was a fail too. I tried to make Royal icing but it was really drippy on the dome-shaped cupcakes. I brought a big of them to church on Sunday, and to my disappointment, someone ended up eating 6 of them when I came to give them out to Flipside. Seriously, just cuz the pan says "Ariana Limas" doesn't mean it's ok for people to touch it without my permission! Anyway, I gave them out to Flipside and to the few other people that were there. 

Later on Jared, Laura, Jezreel, and I were chilling in the gym and ended up trying stunts for Laura's cotillion waltz. I know I shouldn't be proud about dancing on Sunday, but we totally came up with really good moves! I'm so excited to put the moves into parts of the song. REALLY EXCITED. My body ended up hurting afterwards, which I don't understand since Jared was doing all the carrying haha. 

Speaking of Jared, Shanelle and I ended up bringing Amaron to Priesthood and when Elder Anderson saw me the first thing he asked was "are you and Jared together". I went O______O WHAT?! Turns out Elder Dewey saw us linking arms earlier so he thought we were together. NO. We're not. You know what that's called? That would be called incest cause Jared is like my brother, and my brother only. 

We came back to church around 6ish because there was the Mission President Fireside and Stake Choir Practice. As usual, I only attended 30 mins of the fireside so I could get to choir on time. But the 30 mins were enough. I got to listen to the Hermanas do a musical presentation which was beautiful. And we got to sit with the APs investigators, who I was really happy to see. 

We got 4 new songs for choir to practice for Stake Conference. I'm pretty happy about it. They're all songs from the Hymn book but each of them have a special twist on how we sing it, and I'm really excited about that :)

After choir I rushed downstairs to talk to some of my missionaries. Elder Wheeler (the missionary that used to teach us ASL) and Elder Duce (the newbie missionary who was here for only 6 weeks) were both there. I was pretty happy just cuz Wheeler was actually talking to me this time and I was surprised Duce even remembered us. Usually when Elders come and go they're kinda like "oh yeah hey..." but Duce was fully like asking how things were going and we were reminiscing and it just made me super happy. Elder Workman, a missionary serving in my ward right now, was talking with us and I didn't realize he was so cool! I fully told him: "Elder, I didn't know you were this cool! How come we don't talk at church?!" Haha yeah. Elder Arcilla was there too! My Filipino sibling! Funny thing is Laura and I are super close with him just cuz he's Flip, so his companion felt all iffy about leaving him with us (HAHAHA, this makes me laugh just cuz of course we never would do anything inappropriate).  So yeah I gave my cupcakes out to my missionaries as well (and Elder Workman made fun of them. maybe he's not as cool as i though. haha kidding!)

And of course, there was the new creeper. So Duce and Workman were about to depart and apparently their like BFF, so I told them to hug each other cuz it was Valentine's Day. So they did. And then some random guy comes up beside me and starts singing "And I-ee-I will always love you-UuuUuuu" with a passion. I had to turn around and walk away because it made me laugh. So I went to Elder Anderson. THEN this dude follows me, says "you can't sing that song for companions, you can only do it with a couple." He then looks at me and says "i like girls", puts his arm around me so i can't escape and starts singing "And I-ee-I will always love you-UuuUuuu" with a passion. Again. My face expression was a mixture of "help, get me out of here" and "i'm trying to hold in my laugh so i won't seem rude". So I was pretty much whimpering at Anderson. Thank goodness for him, he took the dude into a buddy hug so he'd let go of me and I darted to hide behind Anderson, who then said "where are my nun-chucks?!". Good question. Sheesh, you'd think you'd use them and save me from the creepers like you're supposed to, right? The creep starts claiming that I said"I love you" to him...which I certainly DID NOT. I don't say "I love you" to anybody, especially random people I've never met (not to sound rude...). 

Anyway, that's my little Valentine story for ya. 
The actual day of Valentine's Day? I went to school to watch a horror film...Psycho. And I liked it just because it reminded me of an episode on Criminal Minds. But after that I ended up going home and taking a looooooooong nap.

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .


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