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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yesterday I was in a completely good mood because of Sunday. And i got everything I wanted to get done, DONE!

1. I went to school and finished my readings (for once).
2. I finally bought the rest of the books I needed for this term.
3. I organized the rest of the money in my bank so I could withdraw some for my SLR savings.
4. I got my photography printed so I could put it in my showcase album.
5. I thought I gave a pretty good lesson on the Holy Ghost to prep Arielle up for her baptism in two weeks.

...Then at night while I was reading I get a phone call around 8:50. Now I`m thinking who could that possibly be? Cuz the only people that ever call me on a weekly bases is either Elder Anderson or Sara Deeks. As weird as this sounds, I know what times Elder Anderson calls so I didnt think it was him. But it was. He called to thank me for what I wrote to him in his journal and he said it made him happy. AWWWWWWWWW. Yea yea, it`s not much, but its transfer week, and as assistant to the President he`s super I just appreciated the fact that he took a few minutes to call and say thank you. Aw, he`s the best!

...Then Sara ended up calling me too! Hahahaha what a coincidence. The only two people I actually talk to on the phone and they end up calling me on the same day. (Ok, let me just explain myself a bit: I hate talking on the phone. If you`re not calling for something important, I rather you just send me a message or wall post...cuz I suck at multi-tasking and I can`t talk on the phone and do other work at the same time. SO, when I say that Sara and Elder Anderson are the only ones I talk to, they basically are. Cuz Sara and I only talk when there`s something important to discuss and Elder Anderson only calls me if he has a question, which apparently is every week hahaha). ANYWHO. Sara thought I sent a bunch of notifications of Facebook to everyone in the group, so I had to explain to her that it was a separate group for the two of us to keep track of who we talk to about the book.


- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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