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Saturday, February 26, 2011

So my friend Stefanie Chen and I were talking photography and she has introduced me to Amelia Lyon Photography, now officially one of my favourites along with Wendy G. She's amazing! Here are a few photos from Stefanie's favourite engagement shot:

And I did a little research within her photo blog and she uses this really cool program to edit her photos. It's called Get Totally Rad. Like Picnik, they have all these super cool effects for photos, but you have to download them to use them in your Photoshop. They provide sample pictures and you can try out what each effect looks like with each picture, which is pretty cool for advertisement purposes. This way I get a sense of what exactly it is I'm using before I buy it. Seriously, the possibilities for photography seem so endless and it just keeps getting me more and more excited to start going to school for it.

Also, yesterday before the FERP dance started, this girl walks in with this pro camera and lens and I start drooling over it. Her name is Nicole and she's from the London stake. She was teaching me a thing or two about photography. She told me if I'm planning to go to school, I should apply to Sheriden. Of course, I still want to go to the New York Institute of Photography, but she said it's totally different when you're actually shown how to do things than when you're learning it yourself. SO my choice in school will be re-looked into.

Her camera is a huge Canon 5D. HUGE and HEAVY i'm telling you ($2000 for the body; $2000 for the lens; a few hundred for the flash...WOA). And she says it's her first ever SLR. I told her I was planning on getting a Rebel. She told me that if I was looking into becoming a professional photographer, I shouldn't buy one and that I should buy my pro camera right away. I agree with her, but the thing is I'm NOT in school for photography yet. I've, of course, thought about buying the huge pro Canon camera the last time I went to Future Shop, but I thought it over and came with the conclusion: what's the point in buying an expensive pro camera when I don't  know how to use it? I've experimented with Stacy Bell's and my Tito Henry's professional cameras..and honestly, I can't get anywhere when taking pictures because I simple don't know how to use its functions.

Anyway, I explained to her that I wasn't planning to go to school for photography until after my mission (and then she gave me a hi5 because she's going on her mission too!!!!), so it would be a smarter idea for me to start off with a Rebel to practice with and do my amateur photography with and then 5 years later when I'm actually in school for photography, THEN I'll spend a fortune on my professional camera. Sounds like a plan? Possibly...

But starting up this photography WILL be expensive: the camera, schooling, all the different lenses, the flashes, the laptop, the editing system and programs....all going to cost a fortune. But I'm SO serious about it. And I AM determined to become a professional photographer.

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
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