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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So it took me a while to get the photos up, but I was able to edit and post them all by Tuesday (the 25th). And let me tell you, I got so many comments from people about the photography! I AM SO HAPPY!!!! I had many people telling me how impressed they were with the photographs and were also asking when the next photoshoot is cuz they want their photos taken as well. You do not even know how much that means to me.


Unfortunately, the camera I used was my Tito Jarom`s Nikon D90 and he`s always very cautious about lending me his baby. So I had to tell everyone that I`d but them on the list for photoshoots and we`ll do it once I get my new SLR (I want the Canon Rebel 2Ti). So what do I do now? I SAVE UP. That`s right....

So I`m not working right now but I did just get my last OSAP installment, so I`ve divided it evenly and put some for my savings for my SLR. 

My Goal: Have the SLR before Laura`s Debut. 

I want to be able to take photos of Laura and her cotillion before her party so I could put them in her slideshow (I needed to think of something different than what she did for my party). So, if I get it a few weeks before her party (let`s say mid-July), then I`ll have enough time to experiment and adjust to it. And for sure I want to be taking the photos at Laura`s party. I ain`t trusting anyone to get proper photos of my sister`s party.  But I definitely want to take it for memory purposes (cuz Laura trusts my photography skills), and it`ll be good practice for me (it is like a wedding, isn`t it?!)

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
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