One busy Sunday.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Such a loooooooooooooooong day.

1. Something weird happened to the coding system of the church, so I couldn’t unlock the library last night to photocopy the program. So Laura and I went with my dad super early this morning just to do it. We were at church around 7:30am. Ayaaa. Thankfully, I got to nap for a pretty long time before people started trickling in.

2. There was a ward correlation meeting so Tita Imee let us babysit Ezra while she was inside. She’s soooo cuteeeeeeee!! Honestly, I can’t wait till I have my own kids! 

3. It was Ward Conference today, so my dad was supposed to give a talk. The stake’s theme is “For the Strength of YOU” so he was talking about stuff from the Strength for Youth pamphlet. He put quite a lot of emphasis on dating and how sometimes the teens are too young to date and whatever. What does this have to do with me? I’ll tell you. During the intermediate hymn is the best time to go for a washroom break. By the time I finish up in the washroom, the congregation is already sitting down. I’m there thinking, “woa, did I take that long?” , but what I didn’t realize is that since we were short on time, they only sung one verse. Anyway, as I sat down, President Burns had already started his talk. When I sat down, Jezreel was like “did you hear what he said?”. I’m like “no...I was in the washroom”. So APPARENTLY, when Pres. Burns stood up to talk he was:

The Bishop has two beautiful daughters. And I have two sons. I think I need to tell them to stay away from the girls until they turn 25.
There are two things SOOOOO wrong with this statement.

-          JUST BECAUSE my dad said he thinks 16 is too young to start dating doesn’t mean I can’t date until I’m 25. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!

-          Pres. Burns’ sons, Jesse and Jason, are like mine and Laura’s brothers. We don’t date each other!

Jezreel said the whole congregation was laughing. Oh my. You don’t even understand, we didn’t hear the end of it after sacrament meeting. People were coming up to us and making such a big deal about it. My old primary Sunday school teach, Sis. Dalgleish, warned me jokingly that if Laura or I were ever to date she’d put us into big trouble. Pres. Burns came up to me afterwards and was reminding me I wasn’t allowed to date. Elder Anderson came up and made fun of me too going, “well there goes my chances”. WHAAAAAT?! 

4. I finally got to meet Shanelle’s grandmother!! She attended church today!! I totally love her! Now I know where Shanelle gets her socializing skills from! Her grandma is so cool. And she told Shanelle afterwards that she loved me. Aw, I feel special.

5. After church I didn’t get to stay for the ward social because I had to go play the piano at a funeral. Cairine Caughill’s grandmother had passed away the previous week and she had asked me to play for her. I didn’t know the family too well, but of course I was willing to do it. 

6.  Her grandmother wasn’t LDS, so the funeral service was different from what I’ve seen before, but I enjoyed it. I really liked Cairine’s mother’s speech. Attending the funeral made me wish I had met Cairine’s grandmother. Cairine was telling me all about how amazing she was on the way to the funeral and she sounded like such a spunky lady! I know I would have totally loved her if I met her when she was alive.

7. After the funeral, Cairine was showing me her grandmother’s teacup set. She had said that her and her sisters were sharing what her grandmother had left behind. She then asked me which teacup I liked the best. Her grandmother was from England, so tea was a big thing. I pointed to which one I liked and she said that was the one I would get to take home. As dramatic as this sounds, I felt completely honoured. I’ve never met this woman in my life yet I thought she was amazing and I got to take one of her teacups on display home. Wow. This is it: 

Ain't it a beaut?

8. Cairine wasn’t able to take me home because she wanted to stick around with her family. But one of her friends offered to drive me home. I thought she was pretty cool...and she happens to be the sister of someone from my own ward! Cool beans! 

9.  I got home with roses, the teacup, and a bunch of dessert goodies. I don’t usually like coconut in my desserts, but those cookies at the funeral were so good. Cairine let me wrap a whole bunch to bring to my family. After a while of eating, we headed out for the first choir practice of the year for March’s Stake Conference.

Busy day? Yes yes. But I loved it. 

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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