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Friday, February 11, 2011

So I didn't end up going to class today because I'm feeling super sick, SO I though it would be a good chance to start on my photography scrapbook album. I've been having difficulties with making up a Photography Portfolio for myself, so I did some research, but I don't have anything that I'd quite like to organize in one book just yet. SO what I did instead was use my creativity skills and turn my photo showcase into a normal scrapbook. That way I can enjoy myself having fun with decorating and people can enjoy my photography in a nice-looking album.

I started off with buying just one scrapbooking album, but my photography wouldn't fit in there. So I though that I would have to go off to buy another one (which I was disappointed about), but I remembered that Alanna Cassells bought me a really nice scrapbook for my Debut and I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet! PERFECT! I get scrapbooks from people and I never get the chance to use them because I'm always attempting to use them for something special. And I think it's about time I've found that something.

So I was to divide my photography up between Landscape/Nature photos, People, and Creative shots.

So these are the 4 scrapbooks I have and intend to use.
The Orange one was given to be by Alanna and it's a pretty legit scrapbook which probably cost a lot of money.
The black one is the one I bought.
The red one is an already decorated scrapbook that Tita Rona bought me for Christmas a few years ago.
The purple one is a semi-decorated scrapbook that Tita Angie got me for Christmas a few years ago as well.

And the supplies. I ended up finding a really nice collection of black and white paper and stickers for around $10. I also had that small scrapbook paper pad that Alanna bought me. 

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