Trying the moves.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last night after Institute I found that Jared was still lingering around, SO I grabbed him so we could show Jesse Burns, my dance partner in Laura's cotillion, the moves. My choices for Laura's cotillion was either to be with Jared or Jesse. Laura ended up choosing Jared as her escort, and Laura ended up pairing me up with Jesse. HOORAY!

So Jared and I showed the moves to Jesse. I kept knocking Jared in the face with my elbow whenever he tried to do the twist spin. But when Jesse and I practiced it, we surprisingly did really well! I was impressed! And get this, Jesse can actually carry me! I thought I'd be too heavy (you know, me weighing like 123 pounds and all). But to save the boy from poor agony, I will try to lose some weight before Laura's party.

Because I had time to review the Cotillion songs over and over again I was able to get somewhat of a visual in my head of how I wanted the dance to look like. Of course, Laura has her specific moves and stunts she'd like to add, so she has to get those planted in my noggin so I can plan this out properly. But I do have the basic map of how I want things to do. I shared it with Jared and he said it was a tad mind-boggling. Well, it is. This is going to be LEGIT.

I made Jared and Jesse practice the introduction with me. Since I make up the choreo, I often learn all the guys' moves so I can practice them with Laura (to play the girl), so I can see the feel of being lead. So getting practice as "the girl" for the introduction was good for me as well. Jesse and I mastered it :) OH YEA.

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
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