Thursday, February 17, 2011

So it's Thursday again and i'm in the midst of my three hour break.
I just want to express how relieved I feel at the moment. This week I had:
[1] Lit Theory essay due on Wednesday
[2] History Quiz on Wednesday night
[3] History proposal on Thursday morning

I knew I was supposed to be working on those from Monday. I kept telling myself that I needed to suck it up the next few days to get it all done. And I could look forward to the reward of preparing for Arielle's Baptism on Sunday and a whole week out of school for reading week.

Unfortunately I still slacked.

On Monday when I got home from my 8:30 lecture, I said that I'd take a short nap, exercise, then work.
What happened?
I took a super long nap, didn't get to exercise, and didn't end up studying either.

On Tuesday I was expecting to work on my essay the whole night.
Did that happen?
Nope. Right when I got home I took a super long nap once again, woke up around 6:30pm and then did my readings in preparation for the essay. But when it came to writing the essay, my mind went completely blank.

What did I decided to do?
Write a quick outline of what I planned to write and decided to finish my essay the next day. Aka the day it was due. And FYI, I did get it done on time.

Wednesday I have a long day. I end school at 6:30 so I wasn't looking forward to the fact that I'd get home late and not have enough time to work on my proposal and quiz. But my Darama tutorial leader let us out early cuz she saw we "weren't into it". Haha thank goodness!

So I get home and I worked on my proposal. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO LOOK THROUGH THE TORONTO STAR ARCHIVES? Holy smokes, I was looking for newspaper articles about The Simpson's shop on Queen and Yonge street being sold to The Bay. Took me forever.

And the quiz... Well, let's just say that went better than expected :)

So now, I am breathing easy. I am so relaxed at the moment, yet a tad fidgety just because I am super tired from staying up late last night.

BUT, all I want to say right now is I'm grateful I was able to handle it, with God's help of course, and get it done and over-with. But I seriously need to learn not to procrastinate. Aya.

AND may I also make mention that the weather is absolutely great outside! Nothing fabulous, but the weather is nice and warm and I ain't shivering, so it's alllllll good :D

AND I finally got my Skype account so I can discuss with the group about planning parties and stuff.

AND since I don't have any more work, I think I'm going to join the Young Women tonight. (I know I shouldn't since I AM 19, but I'm always invited, so I think I'll go and have a little fun.)

I'm feeling happy right now :)

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .


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