Youth Temple Trip

Friday, February 25, 2011

YES! Hallelujah for meeeee! Because I get out of school at 4:30pm on Thursdays, I never have enough time on my hands anymore to go to any youth activities, including the youth temple trips. But LUCKY DUCKY me, the youth temple trip happens to fall on my reading week!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! This makes me extremely happy!

So last night, I finally got a temple interview after the longest time. The last time I went to the temple was May 2010 for the Filipino Family Temple Day. I was still put on the youth list back then, but now that I'm 19 I get to keep my own recommend for a whole year.

You know what that means? Striving more to be worthy to enter the temple at any time.

We rode in the van with Stacy and Derrice (a couple of the coolest people on earth!) and Laura, Kim, Rouzine, and I talked the whole way there about many things. It made me miss girl talk.

We got to the temple and we were doing a session with the Peterborough Ward (apparently someone booked our sessions late, so now we got to share all our sessions with them this year). But it's ok, meeting new people is always fun!

Just a couple funny tid-bits from while we were in the waiting room
- Someone locked themselves in the washroom and there was a huge fuss trying to get the person out. It was Bro. Millora. Now you can imagine Laura, Rouzine, and I bursting into laughter (we were the only other Filipino people there, so we had every right to since we are all family friends!)

- Before we left the room I hear Miguel say "Elder Anderson". I saw that he was reading the New Era magazines and it just clicked in my mind that he probably saw that one article about Service on Wheels with Elder Anderson on it. So I go back and I'm like "what?" He just said, "oh nothing, but doesn't this look like an Elder from our ward?". I looked at it and I started laughing and said "that's cause it is!!" HAHAHA I specifically remember reading that article the first time. I remember reading over the guys'  names and stuff, but never did I ever think I would ever meet one of them. Ever since Elder Anderson told me that he was one of the guys in the article, I tried looking for my copy to get a closer look, but my parents had them down in the basement and there was no way I got it back. So I just found it funny that the young men had found the copy at the temple.

Baptism session was GREAT. It felt so good to be back inside!!

After the temple we went to Wendy's, as usual. Funny thing again, we happened to bump into Peterborough ward. We walk in and they were all already in line and looked at all weird. Hahahaha.

Yes, but tis was a fun night. I love the temple :)

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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