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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today was the Stake Young Womne’s Leadership training. I totally forgot that I was only the “forwarder” of these messages that I get, so when I received the invitation to come, I went! I thought I wanted to be called to Young Women’s before? Wow, after the meeting, my desire to be called in the Youth was even greater. I loved being a youth, sometimes I still feel like I’m part of the youth, I love the youth still, and I would LOVE to be a leader to help the youth out. Yes I love the youth that much! Anyway, in this meeting we discussed Personal Progress (yippee for me, I was one of the few that had completed mine). The other leaders in the stake were discussing how they encouraged their young women to be more enthusiastic about the program and shared their activity ideas with us. I LOVED them! They were so genius!!! Don Valley ward had made these Temple Time Capsules and inside the Young Women would but things like a letter to their future husband, a promise to be worthy to enter the temple, a picture of the temple they want to be married in, a picture of their dream modest wedding gown, how many kids they want, etc. THAT IS LIKE MY DREAM ACTVITY!!!! SO LEGIT!!!!

Here’s a little info-bit on myself: If you ever want to make me mad, tell me I’m never going to get married or have kids. Tell me that and I’ll bite you. I’ve wanted to get married in the temple since forever and it’s only been a couple years since I’ve really seen the significance of being sealed in the temple, which of course made me want it SO MUCH MORE!. So I’m super excited to do this activity!! And Derrice said I could help her out and participate, which is getting me even more excited for it!! WOOT!

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
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