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Thursday, March 3, 2011

On Sunday, Sara, Holly, and Julia all posted up their own little "I am a Mormon" message as their Facebook status. I thought I'd do the same:

I love to blog, write stories, and bake. I teach cotillion choreography and do make-up artistry. I want to travel and can't wait to be a mom and have a family of my own. I'm extremely excited for what the future has in store for me. I'm a photographer, a pianist, an event planner, a missionary, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and a princess of the Almighty. I'm Ariana Limas and I am a Mormon ♥

And I must say, all I was doing was spreading the word, just like the amazing examples Sara, Holly, and Julia are. But I cannot even express the blessings I got from posting that up alone. Within a few days, I was getting pretty good responses. Of course, I don't know which of my non-member friends saw this and stopped to think about Mormonism, but I got a pretty good response anyway. My status got 24 likes and 24 comments. From the comments--and I can't even express how grateful I am for them--I got so many opportunities to practice the things I said I did!!! I couldn't be grateful enough! I totally wasn't expecting it! As Julie Nelson puts it, "it's good you have connections then!" Here's what happened:

1) Julie Nelson said she needed someone to do reviews for CDs on this site: I'm guessing she offered because I said I liked to blog.

2) Julie Nelson also said that she works at a TV station, so if I ever wanted to come with her to watch the people professionally do the make-up, I could tag along whenever I wanted! Do you know how great that is?! I've talked to Julie about her work before and she interviews people to be chosen to go onto the show (I think it's Breakfast Television). Anyway, she told me before during the holiday season that if I wanted to meet some famous people I could just go to work with her. But when she offered me this make-up artistry opportunity I almost died. And she said that she's good friends with the make-up artist so I can hover around her and watch her do her thing. And she said sometimes they get lots of famous people coming in, so she'd let me know when one of those days would be! Once school is over, I'm taking up BOTH her offers.

3) Ceardin Datoon is having her debut party next year and she wants me to do the choreography for her Cotillion!! She said her mom was planning to get a professional, but Ceardin said she rather have me do it. I almost felt unworthy cause I'm not a pro. But I'm so excited to do it!!

4) Michele Hynynen said that she told Tiffany Gelvez that she could talk to me about ideas for activities for her wedding reception!! Woot woot!

5) Ate Desiree said she wants me to be the official photographer for EJ's first birthday party. YESSSSS!!!! My first gig :)

I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THESE OPPORTUNITIES!!!!! I am so excited to go and do this stuff!!! Seriously, if I made a living off of baking things for people/doing people's make-up/planning people's parties/taking photographs/etc I would be one EXTREMELY happy person. 

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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