Have a Wonderful Life

Friday, March 25, 2011

Have a Wonderful Life
Everyday good things to do to add more joy to life by papemelroti

1. WRITE A NOTE of appreciation, gratitude, or support for someone who deserves it. Even people in high places need to know they`re doing a good job. Write them, e-mail them--  you`ll be encouraging them to keep on keeping on.

2. PASS THE MESSAGE. Look for a `good news` story to tell. It may be something good someone has done that has gone unnoticed. This is much better than gossip in increasing morale.

3. ENTERTAIN. Amaze a child, amuse a friend. It`s a way to pass the time in a very special way. Learn a new magic trick or tell a clean joke. Sing a song well or recount a story with gusto. Whatever way can bring magic.

4. CAMP OUT. It can be in your own backyard. It can be far out in the middle of nowhere. Just be sure it is under the stars. Experience the beauty of the night sky & let your thoughts lead you where they may. 

5. Give a kind SMILE to a stranger. Pick someone who looks as if he needs it - the street vendor with no customers, the bored guard, the overworked might just make that person`s day. 

6. GIVE A SMALL GIFT to someone who seems to be always moody and sad. A small token of concern may be just what that person needs today.

7. DRAW. DOODLE someone and give it to him. It may amuse, heart-warm, or delight depending on the amount of love you make it with.

8. STRETCH. Get limber- reach your limits whether you can`t touch your toes or have the flexibility of a ballerina, there`s always that extra inch of improvement we can all attain.

9. WRITE A LETTER TO A FRIEND. Everyone loves getting letters. When we send one, the message it carries goes beyond what is written on it but also says, `you`re special because I thought about you and took the time to sit down and write to you my thoughts.`

10. TAKE A WALK WITH YOUR DOG and maybe let him walk you. You never know where he might take you, what new place you can discover. Life is one big adventure we can all enjoy! And, it can start with...your dog. 

11. LAUGH. Watch a cartoon kids love and laugh out loud! We all know how stress and sadness wear you out so imagine what a big laughing session can do for you.

12. Do something for FREE. Whether it be mowing someone`s lawn or caroling at Christmas, giving something without expecting anything in return is an ultimate high.

13. CLEAN YOUR ROOM. Making your surrounding spic and span increases your productivity and efficiency. It lightens your mood as well as your house mates.

14. JOIN A GROUP that supports a worthy cause. If one person can make a difference imagine what people can do together.

15. MAKE FRIENDS with the animals. Try birdwatching, feed your cat, hug your dog. Studies show being with animals give you a longer and gentler life.

16. MAKE A CHILD HAPPY by volunteering at an orphanage or daycare centre. Every child is a precious gift. Their laughter, simplicity and innocence is infectious. When you spend time with them you receive a lot more than what you give.

17. COOK A NEW RECIPE. The challenge of trying something new is one sure energy-boost. It makes an ordinary day special. And whether or not it tastes good-one thing`s for sure- you have made a discovery today! (Ever tried making sushi!?)

18. START SAVING UP for something you really, really want. Put a picture of that shiny bicycle, knockout dress or dream vacation. Whether you need a piggy back or need to make a major investment, it`s good for you to set goals and work hard to attain them.

19. GIVE CLOTHES, FOOD, TOYS TO THE NEEDY. Just look around for the many organization you can give these to. This will be greatly appreciated. 

20. Write a POEM or a SONG about something or someone you are happy about. Let your mind express its joy! You can give it as a special gift to someone.

21. SHOW APPRECIATION. It may be a letter to the makers of your favourite show or a dinner for your parish priest. Whichever way helps to make you a blessing to people around your world. 

22. PRAISE SOMEONE. Sometimes you can`t think of anything good about a certain person. The more that person needs to be praised, and also encouraged. Think hard, be honest and sincere and then give your praise. See what happens. 

23. Leave notes of encouragement and GUM packs of chewing gum on the desk of someone trying to quit smoking. A healthy life is a happy life. 

24. BE A NICE NEIGHBOR. Throw flower seeds in empty neighborhood lots. Instead of weeds growing, soon there`ll be flowers! You can voluntarily cut the unruly grass growing in untended areas and clean up litter.

25. Cook up a BIRTHDAY SURPRISE for a friend or family member`s birthday coming up!

26. GIVE BLOOD. Decide to have one day in a year when you and your friends could go and do this. This sacrifice is something you know can save someone`s life. Be an instant hero.

27. READ POETRY and let it feed your soul. The great poets tried to describe to the full the very essence of life. Relieve their vibrant thoughts and relish what they speak of. 

28. MAKE MUSIC. Learn an instrument or two! And be sure not to just keep it to yourself. Share your music with others. Sure to soothe your spirit and clear your mind of everyday troubles.

29. SAY A PRAYER for someone you know is in need. Prayer is a little thing we can all do but something that has life-changing results. It makes us more loving & sensitive to others`needs. At the same time, God listens, and we see things happen!

30. DRESS UP DIFFERENTLY. Whether it be an adventurous tie, coloured underwear or an outrageous outfit, you can try doing this to add something special to your day. 

31. QUIET PLEASE. Take a trip to a nearby park, secluded garden, tree, or safe rooftop where you can do some major thinking. This will recharge you to face once again the ridiculously fast pace of today`s world. 

32. Offer the mailman or the newspaper boy an ICE COLD DRINK on a hot day as a way of saying thanks.

33. BUY LOCAL. Promoting good quality items made locally helps the economy and benefits you in the long run. 

34. Spend time with your parents, grandparents and senior relative and learn from their WORDS OF WISDOM gathered from years of experience.

35. As a STREETKID his name and how old he is. Widen your world. Look beyond the comfortable. Touch someone`s life with a kind word or two. You`re planting a seed of hope. 

36. TALK TO A PLANT and listen to its quiet wisdom. A plant will keep your secrets and never interrupt. A plant will never turn its back on you and will continue to give you the best it has to give no matter what you say. 

37. FORGIVE someone who`s hurt you in the past. Take a forgiveness test. Pray for that person and wish him all the blessings you can think of. 

38. WISH upon a star and when you do, know your wish was hear and that your answer will come soon enough! Note: only make loving wishes!

39. Say I LOVE YOU in whatever way you can. We all need to hear it and we all need to say it at one point in our lives or in our everyday. This may be a difficult thing to do for some but God always give us the perfect way for us to make it known so long as we look for it hard enough.

40. DONATE old books to school library. You`ll never know just how many kids you`ll be able to help learn! At the same time - you`re lessening clutter and simplifying your life.

41. RANDOM PRAYER TIME. Take our your telephone directory and open it up at any page. Close your eyes and point at the page. Pray for whoever your finger lands on.

42. Spend QUALITY TIME with someone special t you. Eat ice cream together, sing songs, play cards, talk deep. Get to know what is happening with him. Listen well not only to his words but to what is unsaid.

43. Give someone the gift of a HUG. It`s just what is needed in a time of sorrow or a time of joy- it says ``i care``, ``you make me happy`` and it also says ``i love you`` in a quick and simple way.

44. Try to lead a SIMPLE LIFE today...and everyday. As Mr. Eknath Easwaran says...To lead a simple life in reasonable comfort, with a minimum of possessions, ranks high among the arts of living. It leaves us the time, resources and freedom of mind we need for the thing that give life value: Loving, helping, serving and giving.

45. Make a NEW FRIEND. Never think you have too many friends. Each person is a treasure trove of discoveries just waiting to be opened up.

46. MAKE A LIST OF TEN BLESSINGS YOU GOT TODAY. Having an attitude of gratitude is one of the best ways to shoo a bad day away. It reminds us to keep our eyes ever open to the many gifts God continually gives to us!

47. PLANT SOMETHING. There is something very life-giving about seeing something bloom and grow. It gives one a stronger love for life and the virtue of patience takes root.

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