Media Fast - Day 1: March 7, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

MEDIA FAST – Day 1: Today the Media Fast had started. I’m not going to lie, when Sara first told me about it, I didn’t think it would be too hard. The rules were to avoid media, so: TV, Facebook, Movies, Music, etc. I don’t watch movies during the school days because I just don’t have time. TV? If the TV’s on, then I get tempted to watch, but other than that, I barely turn the TV on myself to watch something. Music...ok this one might be a tad bit harder just because Laura and I listen to music as we go to sleep. Then there’s Facebook. Facebook was the one that was definitely going to be a real challenge. But as I was thinking over this Media Fast and as to why we were doing it, I realized to myself it wouldn’t be considered fasting if I don’t find laying-off certain things was such a challenge. The purpose of this fast is to prepare ourselves to be more receptive to the Spirit during General Conference this coming weekend. If I was fasting from types of media that I didn’t find challenging to me, then what was the point? So I thought of other things that could possibly keep me away from being receptive to the Spirit (aka some of my tiny habits with other technology) and I am adding to my list of don’ts for this Media Fast.

1.       Sara had said it would be ok for us to check our emails and use the internet, of course, because we have school and other important things that require the web. But I caught myself today checking my email for the sake of checking who wrote on my wall of who sent me a message on Facebook. As soon as I caught myself, I thought I should probably add “checking Gmail” to my list of “don’ts”.

2.       Another one was blogging. Ok, so the purpose of my blog is to solely write about life as a Latter-day Saint. No biggy, right? That can’t possibly be harmful to my Media Fasting. WRONG! As I was typing up my introduction to this Media Fast, I found myself checking stats and other things linked to my blog (which takes a whole lot of unnecessary time), so I decided that I’d fast from blogging as well. (But I am pre-writing these blog posts on Word, then posting them up when this fast is over).

3.       Last, but not least, TEXTING. I have unlimited texting and it is a joy. I don’t consider myself obsessed just because I use it for important things and not just to have a chat. Yes, when I get bored I tend to text people or randomly rant to my sister about my day. But I also do help friends out and give them advice through text (when you’re paying for minutes during the day, texting is the best way to go...) AND I use it for school and discussing work and favours and meet-ups with people at school. But overall I figured texting is a definitely something that would change my week and influence this fast if I disdained from it. So, WORLD, if I didn’t reply back to your texts this week, I’M SORRY!   

So there. I’ve altered my “requirements” to complete this fast.
·         No Facebook.
·         No YouTube
·         No Gmail
·         No Movies
·         No (worldly) Music
·         No TV
·         No Blogging (both My Lovely Chaos and Ariana Rae Photography)
·         No Texting

Here we go.

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