Media Fast - Day 2: March 8, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

MEDIA FAST – Day 2: So another day without Facebook gone by, AND I AIN’T DOIN SO SHABBY!  :D So far my family has been pretty supportive. My sister has been extra careful about playing her music while I’m in the same room and my mom has been asking me for my permission if it’s ok for her to watch a show or something while I’m on my laptop doing work. So far, so good. 

So this morning I woke up and did my usual scripture study...but I got to tell you, I was so more into it! I was finding little things here and there and making notes in the margins and in my journal. I’m guessing that not being so distracted by the media is helping me out with my concentration as to what I’m finding in the scriptures. 

The rest of today went pretty well too, surprisingly! I have my Literary Theory readings to finish and I have to submit in two questions for homework. I usually do the day it’s due, but I actually got through my readings and did my questions all in one sitting!! And I also have my Drama 3000-word essay due tomorrow (which I am currently working on), but I’m doing pretty good so far. It’s on love and madness, so for sure I can figure away to expand on the topic of love. Thanks to this media fast, I’ve been so focused on my work! No distractions from Facebook!!! I think I might continue the fast during the last few weeks of school since I have so much work to do and get done haha, it’ll be good for my grades. I did get distracted by one thing though, but it had to do with checking out my courses for next year and planning my last couple years out. That’s been going pretty good as well. WHEW. 

Now on to more Spiritual things...I was thinking about this whole fast and what I would be getting out of Stake Conference. Sara and I decided that we’d open our media fast by fasting about it on Fast Sunday. Along with fasting in preparation for this, I was fasting for two other things: One, help with the power and energy and strength of mind to get all my work done this month for finals; and Two, to know if what I’m feeling is right, to know if he’s the right one (not “the” one, but the RIGHT one). Anyway, I was pondering upon the question last night and I figured, “hey, they usually ask us to come to General Conference with a question in mind, so why don’t I go to Stake Conference with a question in mind too?”. I’ve got to admit though, I’ve never tried it for General Conference. I’ve always just appeared with my journal in hand ready to take everything in. But I guess it’s vital for me to have these questions ready at this point because it’s seriously been something that’s been on my mind for quite some time. 

So YES, I’ve found another purpose for this Media Fast; I don’t just want to be super in-tuned with the Spirit this weekend, but I also want some of my questions answered. The BASIS of the questions (trust me, they’ll lead to more): 1) What am I to do with school and where does going on my mission fit in? 2) I really need to know if what I’m feeling is right. I need to know if those promptings/visions I had was actually revelation. And if it was, what’s the plan with him from here? I can’t even express how desperately I need words of comfort towards those two subjects. I just want my mind to be at an ease for once and I’m hoping to get that comfort this weekend. 

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