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Monday, March 14, 2011

More, notes. Then others...


Victoria: The prophet is just like a financial advisor. He gives us information in a way we can manage it and use it in the best way possible.

Amy: People have trials. Some harder than you can can think of. But God is there and He knows what you're going through.

Elder Kearon:
- If you get offended, it's because we're human
- "We are not a monastery for the perfect; we are a hospital for the sick"
- We're all works in progress!!
- Ether scripture mastery: If you humble yourself, He will make weak things strong for you.
- We are not meant to be perfect.
- How do you describe how you felt when you converted to the church or had your own personal conversion?
- "It's like taking warm clothes out of the laundry and putting it on"
- In a dry desert, you can drill and eventually find water. We have drilled in the right place.

After the fireside, I went up to Elder Kearon to thank him for his wonderful words that weekend. Him and his wife are amazing speakers. I love the way Elder Kearon talks; he speaks through parables. He is officially one of my favourite General Authorities!

Holly and I with the Kearons!

There weren't any refreshments so we were all talking in the chapel. I saw Pres. Eyre standing by himself, leaning against the pew looking at all the missionaries and smiling. Holly and I went up to him and wished him a happy birthday. Aw, I love the Eyres. 

And of course, a Mission's President Fireside is the best time to catch up with all my missionaries.

I went to Elder Arcilla first and I was asking for advice about the whole school/mission deal. Elder Wheeler headed over and joined in. At one point Elder Arcilla asked me, "do you want to have babies?" HAHAHA Elder Wheeler was like, "buddy, anyone passing by would've thought you meant something else!" 

Off to the side I saw Elder Workman and Elder Duce, so I went to talk to them while Wheeler and Arcilla reminisced their times together (aww, they're like BFF!). Workman and Duce are like BFF too! Aww, it's so good to see them all together. Elder Duce gave me his girlfriend's number so I could text her haha. And Elder Workman taught me a new word: RAZZ. That's what he does to me when he bugs me about my cupcakes being too dry.  

Of course I had to go up to Elder Anderson and talk to him. It was his last Mission President Fireside *tears!*. Funny thing is when I first met him, it was at a Mission President's fireside just like this one: there was a general authority, there were no refreshments, everyone was talking in the chapel.... Oh man, way to make the situation so dramatic! So when I told him that "the last time is like the firs time" he chastised me first for even bringing it up. Then I told him where were talking when we first met. Then he started singing "The Start of Something New" from High School Musical. AGH. Way to make me even sadder than I already am! I think I assaulted him when I said "hey isn't that yo...i mean, the girl?" HAHAHA he gave me this glare that got me so scared! He's like "did you just call her 'my girl'". Dagnabit, Anderson, I stopped before I said it! Then he said "your boy", referring to my creeper. HOW DARE HE. Haha earlier when the new members were introducing themselves, I came in late, but when my creeper stood up, Anderson started looking around. Hahaha, I love how he looks around for me every time my creeper gets up to speak. 

I am going to miss this man. Who else is going to save me from people?!

I ended up talking to Sis. Deeks as well. Aw, I love Sara and Holly's mom! She's so awesome. She was talking to me about school and photography. She's a photographer, so she was giving me tips and encouraging me in my school work. Aw, I love a good chat with one of my friend's parents. I found out from Sara later on in the week: Ariana, my mom loves you! She likes people in general, but she doesn't start really loving them until she's gotten to know them better. And she really likes you after that conversation you had on Sunday. She REALLY wants you to come over. She said she'll take out her old photography stuff from the basement for you. She must really like you". 

Ahahaha that brings a big fat smile to my face :)

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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