Stake Conference - Adult Session

Monday, March 14, 2011

The purpose for my Media Fast has arrived! This was my first time attending the adult session, and I was so excited. I'll share with you  my notes, then my thoughts afterwards. I've come up with this new thing where I should try to write down at leas one important thing each speaker says.

PRES. BURNS (2nd counselor to Stake President)
- The quality, not the quantity, matters most (home teaching, service, etc.)
1. Become self-reliant
- we need to take care of ourselves and provide for our families
2. Care for the poor and needy
- Fast offerings!; home & visiting teaching
- When we are baptized we are covenanted to do the Lord's work, so do His work!
- We need to be the eyes and ears of the Bishop
- It's our responsibility to help others

SIS. PRIESTMAN (Primary Stake President) 
- Service within the home*
- Always stop to take the time to help another. Don't say you don't have time...the Lord will provide you with it.

BISHOP LATCHMAN (Bishop of Scarborough Ward)
- The church has what we need; we just need to work together.
- Help maintain self-respect and dignity
- Love, compassion, understanding; recognize the potential in others

SIS. HADLEY (Temple President's wife)
- What does the Lord want you to be?
- Do we help our children understand?
- Do they really understand what they are doing as a deacon/teacher/priest/etc. in the Lord's kingdom?

PRES. HADLEY (Temple President)
- All about the idea of rescuing our youth
- Make sure they understand why they're at the temple
- "I'll tell you what my wife is all about...She's all about my children!"
- Do things that bring people together
- "Just so you know, I don't celebrate you only on your birthday, but I celebrate you everyday when I'm sewing, teaching my daughter, etc" - Pres. Hadley's daughter to mom
- Maintain the Spirit by loving each other a little bit more everyday
- Realize your decision go farther...ETERNITY!
- "I do not choose to be a common man; I take every opportunity to be the uncommon"
- It is my heritage to walk with dignity!

SIS. KEARON (Elder Kearon's wife)
- Recognize how many blessings you have and how much love the Savior has for you...It is an HONOUR to serve our brothers and sisters in our Father's Kingdom
- If Heavenly Father is aware of this tiny little bird, then He, for sure, is aware of YOU
- He takes care of His children one by one

ELDER KEARON (Quorum of the 70)
- "A great conference is one that lasts past Tuesday" - Yes it was a spiritual conference. Now what?! Make it last.

- We come to these meetings and we're comforted, uplifted, and taught. Now can we make them count and lasting? What will you do differently?
- When you get that glimpse of shining moment of who you are, HOLD ON TO IT. Strive to be better and continue to become like that.
- We are free to choose how to act and react to our situations.
- Be in the depths of humility. Have the softened heart! Choose to have it. When you have a hard heart, life looks more gloomy. Try to have the softened one and realize it will soften others.
- Alma 62:41
- When a child calls for a parent, we can feel more pain for them than they are feeling for themselves. That's how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know of ours. They have true love for us.
- True doctrine changes behaviour; when we truly understand it, then it changes us. For example: the true words of our hymns.
- Choosing to let this doctrine change us!
- Be ready again to say sorry first; this is your change.
- Take yourself to the depths of humility to come with a resolution for our troubles.
- "It this the fast that we chose to loose the bands?" - use fasting to change
- Reach out to another, ESPECIALLY when you're feeling down
- Great faith has a short shelf life...KEEP IT GOING!
- You have the choice to let go of your burdens. Doesn't matter if it's your fault or not. Humble yourself and do what you need to do. Do your part!! **

Let me tell you, after that conference, I knew I had to do something. I came to conference with two questions in mind. None of them were answered. Maybe the Lord doesn't give us what we want to hear, but what we NEED to hear. 

Earlier today, Elder Anderson and I were talking about a certain someone I was having problems with. I told him I decided I don't "hate" her, because I can't hate someone I prayed for. I entered the chapel today and I saw her. What was the first thing I want to do? I wanted to go up to her and give her a huge hug because I haven't seen her in so long! And then I remembered what she did and what I said and it stopped me. But after conference it was like a huge slap on the face. I knew I had to humble myself and be the first to say something. Sigh. Read next post for what happened!

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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