Stake Conference - Sunday Session

Monday, March 14, 2011

My notes, again.

PRES. WONG (Stake President)
- Show interest in others + talk to shy people
- Sometimes we make things a lot more complicated than it actually is
- It's not about the money alone, it's about our relationship with God (tithing)
- Do we give Heavenly Father His proper authority?
- Learn from our children
- It's important to me and only me on how I live my standards.
- We need to make a difference
- Human relations is a challenge
- It's a difficult world to live in. Take a different perspective! We look at the world differently and we need to shine that light for others. The smallest things make a difference. We have to choose to make that difference. If the world is a challenge, don't make your own human relations a challenge. Fix yours. You can't expect the big to change if you don't change the small first.
- Let's make a difference in our relationship with our friends, families, people, etc.

- Liberate, free, respect = standards
- Not a fence to keep us in, but standards to keep us protected.
- It's not about the rules; it's about the choice to keep the Holy Ghost with us.
- Conferences are filled with the strongest spirits of teens who have testimonies in these last days
- "Straight is the gate and narrow is the path"
- FUNNEL = choices. The more we follow our standards, the more choices we have (funnel with small opening facing up). If we start with the big opening, we find that our choices are limited and chosen for us.
- We are stronger than Satan! We have the spirit.
- Small and simple actions show the restoration.
- Little slips make us numb to what is wrong.

SIS. ROSA JONES (a member)
- You can't be  motivated without the question WHY (read the 1st presidency's message in Strength For Youth)
- Subject to temptations that seem attractive. We are the future leaders of the church and Satan tries to attack us.
- We are living in Eternity! It is not something to come...we are already in it. We are working towards our eternal progression.
- He knows of our possibility to come.
- We have scriptures because the Lord loves us and wants to give us a guide while in this world.

SIS. EYRE (Mission President's wife)

- Crowning blessings of sealed families
- Let us all be the Lord's missionaries 

PRES. EYRE (Mission President)
- It's amazing to see the love of our Lord for His people around the world. OUR STAKE IS A REPRESENTATION OF THAT.
- Invite the missionaries over and ask them to teach a lesson.
- Members + Missionaries + Spirit = CELESTIAL TEAM!

SIS. KEARON (Elder Kearon's wife)
- Hold FHE = unite families
- "I know that my Savior loves me" - Primary song 2010
- One person following the commandments can make a difference.
- It's the temptations that we want to grab and not let go.
- BE LIKE THE INCREDIBLES! As a family, use your powers to protect each other. Be a super family living in a normal world.
- Put on the Armour of God. Shield of faith is started with home and family. Each shield of faith has to be different; it's not a one-size-fits- all.
- Be an Army of Helaman mother!
- Good mothers allow less...
- Mother's role is to prepare the army of God and bring up future mothers and fathers to continue to work
- Bring the Father's children back to Him.

ELDER KEARON (Quorum of the 70)
- We speak quietly, but our message is strong.
- Secure foundations against the earth quakes and tsunami's of life.
- Our leaders are the naughty men under the power of the Lord
- You have to respond to the Strength of You
- Pitch our tents closer to the center of the campsite of the doctrine of the Lord. You only realize the warmth the closer you are to the fire.
- Even if you've drifted a foot away, GO BACK!
- Whatever we are holding on to, the Atonement is there to heal us.
- Our misfortunes, our refuges, our unluck, is burned and something magnificent comes from it
- Thank the Lord for opportunities for fresh starts
- We lose the sense of contrast when we've drifted to far
- Choose to return, choose to go with faith.
- Just because the world is drifting doesn't mean you should allow your children to do the same.
- Good job on your progressions. Be happy, but not satisfied. There's always more to do! Don't be satisfied with what was good yesterday because it will not be good enough for tomorrow*****
- EFY Medley!
- We need to step up!
- Accept every sense that we are children of a God who loves us for everything
- None of us is less cherished by our Father. He cheers us on reminding that the race is against Satan, NOT against each other.
- Don't leave without committing to be a little closer to a whole soul devotion. 

Hymn: GO FORTH WITH FAITH (my new favourite hymn!)

Go forth with faith to tell the world of Jesus Christ the Lord. Bear witness He is God's own Son; Proclaim His wondrous word. Go forth with hope and courage strong to spread the word abroad that people of all nations are children of our God.

Go forth with love to tell the world the joy of families; that we may be with those we love thru all eternity. Go forth to serve and do your best with no thoughts of reward; then you shall know the boundless joy of serving Christ, the Lord.

Go forth with power to tell the world the gospel is restored, that all may gain eternal life thru Jesus Christ, the Lord. Go forth to preach His glorious truths of peace, of joy and love. That all who need His holy word may praise the Lord above.

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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