Testimony Meeting

Sunday, March 6, 2011

So it's testimony meeting again. I remember the last on in February was a really great one. A lot of people went up again this Sunday. I should say that the YSA in my ward are extremely good examples. They always go up and bear their testimony...I wish I could be brave as them. I was surprised to see Elder Anderson get up and bear his testimony again. But let me say it made me want to cry...

He got up there and he said that as he was sitting there during sacrament meeting he realized it would be his last testimony meeting as a missionary and it was like a huge slap to his face. When he said that, it hit me so hard. I was so close to tears! He is one of the best missionaries ever and he would be leaving us soon. It makes me SO SAD!

After testimony meeting I was talking to Elder Workman and he was making fun of my cakes (what else?). Elder Anderson came up to us and I told him his testimony wanted to make me cry. He smiled at me and asks,

Anderson: Did you hear my shout-out to you?
Ariana: What?
Anderson: I said "keep on keeping on"
Ariana: Haha, yeah, I laughed quietly to myself.
Anderson: I couldn't look at you or else I would've started laughing.

Hahaa aww :)

And then I just put my hands at my face and groaned and said "Aghhh this is SO sad!".
He looked at me and said "don't start or else you'll get me started".

Boooo, yeah thanks a lot. Like that helps in making me feel any less sad. FAIL.

Oh and after church, we were in the mood for taking some photos :]

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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