April Fool's!

Friday, April 1, 2011

It looks a lot like everyone on Facebook all of a sudden became "engaged" or is now "in a relationship". Ha-Ha! So ridiculous! But time to follow the lame-o trend anyway!

Guess what! Sara and I are married!!!! (You know you don't have lives when...)

Hahahahaha! This is a photo we took when we had our first photo shoot. So funny! People actually thought we went into all that trouble just to take this picture. And people were joking around about how the Bishop wouldn't's a good thing he's my dad. BAHAHAHA. Too funny.

Jesse and Daniel ended up coming over. My parents were off to the temple, so it was just Sara, Laura, Jesse, Daniel, Arielle, and I. We watched a Filipino movie: D'Lucky Ones. Jesse's expression towards the cheesiness of it was so funny. We ordered pizza too yum yum. But I must say, I wasn't eating much this week cuz I was so busy/depressed and then I had all this fat at the end of the week....NOT GOOD!

Elder Anderson...I mean...TYSON, was online on Facebook so Laura and I got super excited and I messaged him. And then we made him call us. Woot woot!

He talked to Laura first, so I went to my room to do my make-up because we had to leave for Institute soon. Then Laura start hollering my name cuz he wanted to talk to me. Oh man, I know it's only been a week since we last saw him but hearing his voice on the phone just made me SO freaking happy. My cell phone actually gets pretty lonely with him not calling it anymore (yea, he's like one of the few people who ever do call me -.-"). So yeah he was talking a little bit about his life back home and he just had to bring up the whole dating thing again. But this time instead of me bashing dating, I told him that Sara and I actually wanted to start dating people HAHA. I laugh as I type that. But yeah we were just joking a whole lot and it just made my freaking day and miss him so freaking bad. 

Oh yeah. When I said I missed him he said:
"yeah I talked to Elder Dewey yesterday and he said 'a certain someone doesn't miss an opportunity to tell me she misses you' and I'm like 'oh, ariana!', I knew right away it was you."

...EXCUSE ME? Elder Dewey called me "a certain someone"?! I have a name you know.........sheesh.

Then Laura and Tyson talked to each other again. This I did not like because they were talking about secrets again, which they always exclude me from. Not fair.

But whatevs, I went to  Institute with the fattest smile of my face.

And after Institute we were supposed to watch The Best Two Years! Best movie of life! It was the movie that first made me want to go on a mission. But I ended up talking with Amaru and she was just telling me about her life and her boyfriend. I think this is the first conversation that Amaru and I ever had with just the two of us. Aww, she's so cute :)

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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